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25 Creative Tips for Increasing Your Affiliate Income

Affiliate marketing is one of the more convenient forms of online money-making, simply because you can do everything from the comfort of your own home. That said, there’s a difference between making some money with affiliate marketing and making a living with it. To reach the latter, you need to be creative, aggressive, and varied… Read More »

My Black Friday Picks for Small & Medium Businesses

Every year Black Friday rolls around and I get giddy with excitement exploring all of the different tools I can use to take my business to the next level. This year is no different and rather than create another “ultimate” list, I thought I’d simply share some of my favourite offers that I’ve picked up… Read More »

A Beginner’s Guide to Promoting on Apple Search Ads

As a marketer I’m often found talking about the intricacies of Google’s search algorithm and how to get your website discovered and ranked highly in the search results. What I’m not usually talking about is the other search engines you might encounter when promoting your business. The truth is, while Google dominates the market for… Read More »

Landing Page vs Homepage: Which One Should You Promote?

If you want people to visit your website, it’s a good idea to pay for some advertising. The trouble is, you need a goal beyond “visiting my website” for that traffic. You can get people on your pages through a thousand different channels, but the ones you pay for need to be special. Otherwise you’re… Read More »

How to Find the Ideal Cost Per Action on Google Ads

There are a ton of different acronyms and abbreviations involved in paid advertising, and one of the most important is CPA, or Cost Per Action. CPA is a metric that measures how much an action costs. So if you’re paying to get new email subscribers, you’d be calculating the cost per subscriber. If you’re paying… Read More »

How to Remove FBCLID From Your Analytics

Cleaning Up Facebook Tracking Tags From Your Analytics If you spend enough time in your analytics and you receive traffic from Facebook you will inevitably start seeing duplicate page results with a strange fbclid parameter attached. In this article you’ll get a brief overview of what it is and then ultimately how to get rid… Read More »

The AD-MACE Process for WordPress GDPR Compliance

If you run a website then the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) should be on your radar. The rules cover how personal data is collected and controlled by organisations and there is a useful infographic on it’s core components here. The rules come from a European privacy directive however they impact businesses around the world… Read More »