How To Get Approved At CPA Networks

By | October 12, 2023
What is a CPA Network?

A cpa network is an online advertising network that connects advertisers with a large pool of publishers. Advertisers can use cpa networks to promote their products or services by creating ads and then targeting specific audiences. Publishers on the other hand can use cpa networks to generate revenue by displaying ads on their websites or apps. 

If you are looking for the best CPA networks for beginners, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss some of the best networks to get instantly approved for those who are just starting out in the world of affiliate marketing.

One of the best things about CPA networks is that they are very beginner-friendly. Most of them have simple easy sign-up processes if you follow the guidelines, and they offer a wide range of promotional materials that you can use to get started. They also have a wealth of information available on their advertising networks, so you can learn as much as you need to know about CPA marketing before launching your campaigns.

cpa networks instant approval
CPA Networks Instant Approval Guide & Reviews

In This Post We Provide Beginner And Newbies Tutorial Guide For Getting Much Quicker Acceptance Into CPA Affiliate Networks.

Learn How To Get Approved Instantly At CPA Networks With Rather Simple Tips And Tricks.

The Business Of CPA Affiliate Marketing Has Changed Dramatically Over The Past Decade, And Gone Are The Days Of Just Quickly Signing-Up To Affiliate Networks And Only Expecting Instant Approval To Run Offers. Getting Accepted Into Networks And Getting High Converting Offers Is Getting Harder And Much More Tougher. 

As A Powerhouse Affiliate Member We Offer A Simple Solution To Getting Approved. Affiliati CPA Network Has Been In The Game For Over A Decade & They Have Exclusively Agreed To Ease Up Their Requirements For Our Paid Members. So  Follow The Guidelines Below To Get In And Running And Stay Running.

When Applying To Any Reputated CPA Affiliate Networks Like MarketCall Or MaxBounty, You Should Always Be Totally Honest And Upfront About Your Marketing Intentions. Not Doing So Can Result In Total Rejections. 

In case you don’t know who MAXBOUNTY (Affiliate Network Based In Canada) are, they are one of the biggest mainstream CPA affiliate networks on the planet. (Our Top Recommended CPA Network) They provide:

Instant Approval Tips: 6 Steps To Follow

1 – Be Professional With Good Intentions

It Is Really Important To Look And Act Professional When Applying To Affiliate Networks. It May Not Be Required, But Having A Website For Your Business Can Help With Getting Approved. A Simple Site Outlining Your Business Can Help You Get Approved To Affiliate Networks And Even Traffic Sources.

2 – Get To The Focus Point

Be Clear In Your Answers To Any Questions Asked Of You. If You Are Asked For Your Marketing Plan To Be Submitted, Give Them Whatever They Are Asking For. Many Times The Network Has Long-Standing Or High-Volume Traffic That Can Be Ruined By New Or Fraudulent Traffic. When Asked For Your Marketing Plan It Is To Ensure Your Traffic Is Compliant And Everyone Is Happy.

3 – Use Proper Professional English Grammar

If You Use Sentences Like “Dear Kind Sir. Me Bring Good Traffics Approve Me All Offers” Or “I Is Approved For Big Networks” You Will Get Denied.

4 – Don’t Lie Or Make False Statements

I Can’t Stress The Need For Transparency And Honesty. If You Lie To Your Affiliate Network Or Manager It Will Catch Up To You Every Time. The Traffic Rules Are There To Maintain A Long Lasting Relationship With All Parties Involved. If You Say You Are Sending Paid Social Media Traffic But You Are Spamming Your Facebook Friends And Pages You Will Get Caught.

5 – Build A Reliable Trusted Relationship

Affiliate Networks Are An Invaluable Resource For Most Affiliates. Don’t Ask When Your Payment Is Coming If You Don’t Hit The Required Threshold Or If You Haven’t Built A Relationship. If The Minimum Payment Is 150 Dollars Don’t Send 60 Dollars In Traffic And Constantly Bug Your Manager Or Network For Payment. On That 60 Dollars Of Traffic You Sent They Probably Have About 6 Dollars Of Gross Profit. It’s A Good Way To Waste Their Time And Get Your First And Last Payment From Them Ever.

6 – And Simply Just Follow Through It Naturally

Cost Per Action Affiliate Networks And Most Managers Earn Money Through Flowing Traffic Only. If You Request A New Offer You Need To Send Traffic. If You Are Requesting Offers And Not Sending Traffic You Are Wasting The Network’s Time. Expect To Get Ignored After Failing To Send Traffic After Requesting Access To Several Offers. 

Conclusive Expert Advice

Beginners to CPA Marketing often think to themselves why CPA networks are so strict in approving applications – why don’t they accept easily? 

The answer is rather simple – bad affiliates send low quality traffic and leads to offers (sometimes fraudulent) and this results in poor performance for the offer owners. This potentially poses a big risk to the network – because it could result in non payment from the offer owners. 

Before you apply to any CPA Network, it is very important that you have a clear understanding of how you will be promoting the offers available within the CPA Network. 

Most top networks like to work with seasoned and experienced marketers within the affiliate industry, so it’s going to be important that you do not appear to be a newbie when it comes to marketing. You’ll need to understand certain basic concepts.

If a network just accepts you without knowing anything about you – I would consider that fishy.

The first step before applying for any CPA Network is to have a professional website setup. 

If you have an old domain name just sitting around, then it’s wise to make use of that domain name, the older the domain name the better, as it can appear to be a site that was in existence for a long time.

Also create an email address based off that domain name; that is the email address you’ll be using to contact them, as it’s more professional.

Never use a free email address as your mode of contact via email. 

The easiest thing to do is set up a blog. 

You can use WordPress for free. 

The reason you are setting up the site as a blog is simply because it’s a quick and painless process and with some of the great free themes available through wordpress, it can look professional without you having to do a lot of work. 

Once you have your WordPress setup and installed on your site, and a nice theme – set up some articles. 

Common sense would say If you are planning on running diet offers then your articles should be about weight loss and diet. 

This is quite easy since you are not setting up this blog to be a site that is going to make you money necessarily, but simply to show the CPA networks that you have a professional site that will allow you to get approved quickly. 

Later on, you can work on posts or landing pages specifically for the CPA offers you’ll be promoting. The role of this site is just to have a “dummy” site more or less that you can use to get accepted by any CPA network. 

You should have at least 5 to 10 articles on your blog and have it setup in a very neat format. 

Be sure to have a privacy policy and contact form on your blog. 

One more thing you should have is some promotional page that people would generally use on a pay per click campaign. (so called a landing page) 

This is because the easiest way to get accepted is to tell them you are running paid traffic.  

If you tell them you are doing SEO they will ask for an example of one of your RANKING websites, and if you aren’t ranking – you will be denied based on suspicion. 

Do not overlook this stage, since it is very important that you have a nice and professional site with good content to present to the CPA network for approval. 

With your site setup, you will now also need to be prepared for a phone call. 

Important – when you apply to the network do not use a VPN or try to fake your ip address. 

Be honest where you live. Any fake IP will be detected and you will be auto denied. 

In many cases if you do not input a real telephone number that you can be reached at you will not be approved by the CPA network. 

The most popular and reputable CPA networks all require telephone verification. 

An affiliate manager from the CPA network will call you and ask you a few basic questions regarding your modes of promotion.

At this stage you need to sound extremely confident and sure of yourself regarding your promotion methods. I would stick with the pay per click story and tell them you are planning to run paid ads. 

Simply inform the affiliate manager that you will be developing landing pages that cater specifically to CPA offers available within their network. 

The first site which is your “dummy” site should be the example of such a site. 

If you’ve listed PPC as one of the options, more than likely you’ll be asked about your experience with PPC. 

Do not make it seem like you are new to PPC. 

Simply inform the specialist that you will be using Google Adwords, and Microsoft ads, to promote a variety of offers. 

Do not ramble into un-necessary detail, keep it simple and to the point regarding the answers. 

In most cases, the networks just want to know that a real legitimate person is behind the application. 

Also, they are looking for their next “top affiliate” so they are basically “testing  you out” to see if you will be a a good fit to them. 

That’s why it’s important that you have a professional website, and appear as if you have a ready plan on promoting the offers available within their network.

CPA Affiliate Network Spotlight: – expedited approval process for: 

Powerhouse Affiliate Premium Members

Marketcall is a Pay Per Call (PPC) and lead generation affiliate network built on solid in-house tracking technology. Established in 2015 and works with CPA offers from the United States and Europe. The network welcomes affiliates and publishers for calls and leads marketing campaigns.

Our Pay Per Call verticals include: Insurance (Health, Medicare, Auto, Life, Home), Finance (Debt, Tax Debt, Credit Repair), Home Services and Home Improvement, Travel.

Our LeadGen (CPL) verticals include: Insurance (Health, Auto), Debt Settlement, Home Warranty, Home Improvement, Nutra, Keto, Solar. 

Here is an example case study on auto insurance offer using facebook ads.

Best converting traffic sources for our cpa offers: Paid search (Google Search Ads, Bing (Microsoft Ads), SEO, Social (Facebook Ads, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat), Display Ads, Native Ads, Email, SMS, Call centers.

List of 9+ Top CPA Affiliate Networks To Consider In 2022 With Short Reviews

Shareasale affiliate network has been in the industry for nearly 20 good years, and they’ve worked diligently to become one of the best names in the affiliate business space.

They’re consistently making vast upgrades and improvements to their marketing program, and provide excellent opportunities for making both merchants and respected affiliates successful.

In fact proudly claim of holding a strong reputation as an honest, ethical and fair company, and their actions simply justify those words. 

They provide world class customer service, highly efficient business tools and perfect data reporting.

Good CPA Networks

Here is a list of good cpa networks carefully researched and selected by us.

Admitad is a recognized global IT company that develops and specializess in advertising and monetization technologies, partner and financial services, media buying and innovative shopping solutions. 

The network helps brands and online platforms to increase sales and attract new clients, and for publishers to monetize it, collaborate with thousands of advertisers. 

Admitad platform includes a number of sub businesses: Admitad Affiliate, Pampadu, Tapfiliate, Admitad Monetize, Admitad ConvertSocial, Admitad WhiteLabel, Admitad Pay. 

The company’s offices are located in 9 countries: Germany, USA, Holland, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, India, UAE. The headquarters are located in Germany in the city of Heilbronn. More than 900 people work for Admitad worldwide. 

They will Instantly Approve You Into Their Network – Even Without A Website. 

The best verticals on Admitad are: e-commerce, travel, financial offers, mobile, online gaming. 

They also have an excellent selection of offers in these niches: 

Top Cost Per Acquisition Offers From The USA – Shein, AliExpress, FarFetch, Adobe, iHerb, Walmart, Gearbest, Skyscanner, Endclothing, Airnbnb, Adorama, Mariott, Hostinger. 

  • Bulkcpa: It works in Casino, Dating, Health and fitness, gambling & betting niches and offers a lot of profitable CPA and Revenue sharing deals. 

Once you signup, they provide you offer-scripts having ad-rotating systems so the banners keep on rotating on your site/blog automatically and gets your more probability of conversion. 

This way, you will be able to get the best of your traffic.

Their top 8 CPA offers include:

1) 1xBest – 27% Revenue Share

2) Aussie Play – $160 CPA

3) iLUCKI – $180 CPA

4) King Billy – €160 CPA

5) Pokerdom – $45 CPA

6) RedDog Casino – $160 CPA

7) 1Win – 50% Revenue Share

8) 1Win CPA – $45 CPA

They have many more active offers at the moment that you can get and promote through your assets.

Affiliate Networks For Beginners: How To Choose An Affiliate Network?

There are couple of affiliate network sites out there as mentioned above where a handful of brands come together and let you promote affiliate products under one platform. Before you consider to sign up to one of these marketing platforms you will want to decide if you are going to focus on one category or one brand. 


If you decide to focus on a broad category or industry, look for an affiliate network to join where you can promote multiple brands and keep track of them all in one dashboard. That will help you increase your revenue faster. 

There are several affiliate networks out there, so find the one that works and blend well with your niche category. You may want to explore ShareASale, which is one of the biggest and well respected networks of this type, and see if they have any particular brands that match your focus. 


If you choose to work with one brand, you can work directly with the company without joining any affiliate network. For example, promoting Bluehost would be one affiliate brand, while promoting multiple clothing items companies would be an example of an affiliate network. 

Maxbounty Review: Push Ads Video Tutorial

Brand Affiliate Programs: 

Helping beginners, individuals, and entrepreneurs to start, build, and scale their online affiliate marketing businesses quickly and efficiently by recommending high value products that will help you compete on a level playing field with top affiliate marketers.

This means you can stop wasting money on courses and services that simply don’t work. And you can leverage our expert recommendations to scale your online business much further ahead. 

PRO TIP: Why Having a Mentor Can Make The Difference

It really helps to have a mentor when it comes to starting an affiliate marketing business.

​A mentor can help you save tremendous amount of time and start earning so much faster than if you tried to learn affiliate marketing on your own.

​I’ve learned a lot from my mentor, Liam James.

​Liam is a 7-figure income earner and has been doing affiliate marketing/digital marketing for about a decade.

​Three of my top takeaways that I’ve learned from Liam include:

There are several more things that I’ve learned that have helped me tremendously in my online business.

​Liam’s training is what helped me to generate my first $1K in affiliate commission.

​Having a mentor can make a significant difference in how you progress in your online business.

​You can have Liam as your mentor as well. I recommend checking his training:

7-Figure Affiliate Marketing Secrets

​Liam shares a TON of value in his Loadedlab group within his posts and live events and much more.

​It’s the exact same course I followed that helped me learn how to make my first affiliate commissions which are recurring.

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