CpaRoll Uncovered: Why Join Multi-Vertical Affiliate Network?

By | October 6, 2023

In the article we’ll have a closer look at the network and discuss all the peculiarities — from top offers to payouts and advantages for affiliates.

What is CpaRoll?

CpaRoll is an affiliate network founded in 2021 by RollerAds team. It has offers in such hyped niches as Antivirus, Sweeps, Soft, Finance, VPNs, Dating, Mobile Content and even more. The amount of GEOs they work with is 80+, including all the Tiers. 

In terms of traffic they focus on push and pop sources, while having 100+ advertisers and 20k conversions daily.

How does CpaRoll stand out among other networks?

We’ve decided to check out and analyze CpaRoll not in vain — it does differ from other networks and has several luring opportunities for affiliates.

There are 7 main reasons to test this affiliate network:

  • 250+ exclusive and in-house offers in multiple verticals. They cater from Sweepstakes and Antivirus to VPNs, Software, and Finance niches.
  • Field-tested creatives and landing pages for each offer.
  • All the possible mainstream payment solutions. There are such methods as Wire, ACH deposit, Capitalist, WebMoney, Coins, Payoneer, PayPal.
  • Low minimum payout — it starts with 50$ for net 30.
  • Collaboration conditions can be modified for an affiliate specifically, for instance, daily payouts are possible.
  • Unique features such as detailed analytics, reporting and customized postbacks.
  • Highly efficient support team helping on any issues.
  • Referral and bonus systems for affiliates.

Getting started with CpaRoll: essential steps

Now that you know why the offers from this affiliate network are worth trying, let’s have a closer look at the registration process and the overall dashboard.

Step#1: Register at the network

Choose “register as an affiliate” and fill in all the necessary information such as name, email, company, mailing address, billing and additional information.

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Step#2: Choose an offer

To pick the most suitable offer, you need to visit the “Offers” section in your personal dashboard. They can be sorted by visibility, category, payout, revenue and conditions. Links for public offers can be taken at one, while for others you need to apply.

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In order to see more detailed info before choosing an offer, just click on the link, and you’ll see all the data like caps, stats, and targeting on a separate page.

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Step#3 Take a tracking link

In order to have a tracking link for one or multiple offers, you simply need to visit “Tracking&Asset Generator” and specify your parameters.

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Step#4: Manage postbacks

In the “Postbacks” section you can create your own tracking links to analyze the campaign results. To do this, you just need to choose “+ Postback” button and fill in all the necessary info — type, level, and delivery method.

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Step#5: Analyze the results 

First, you can go to the “Reporting” section. You can see the performance on a specific offer or SUB id on a daily or hourly basis by clicks, conversions, events, evaluate postbacks and smartlinks performance, as well as see your referrals and saved reports.

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Then, you need to visit “Analytics” to actually evaluate the performance of campaigns. There’s a possibility to check several metrics in one report, like clicks, conversions, EVR, CVR, events and more. You can also create custom reports there!

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That’s all you need to understand to start with CpaRoll! As you see, everything is quite simple — just take an offer, analyze it and gather your profit.

Most converting offers from CpaRoll

As a bonus for our readers, we’ve talked to the support team of CpaRoll and gathered four burning offers to try this autumn.

They are:

  • Surfshark Antivirus 
    GEO: TW 
    Desktop DTC 
    1 week EPC: $0.42
  • McAfee MTP5 
    GEO: US 
    Desktop DTC 
    1 week EPC: $0.72
  • TotalAV
    GEO: UK 
    Mobile CPS 
    1 week EPC: $0.46
  • $1000 to CashApp Account 
    GEO: US
    1 week EPC: $0.31


It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a professional in affiliate business, working and exclusive offers on different verticals can be hard to find.

If you’re struggling with identifying a wide range of highly converting offers while surfing a real user-friendly platform, our sincere recommendation is to test CpaRoll.

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