Spendge Review: Tool to Leverage Finance Management for Marketers

By | September 18, 2023

RichAds team decided to dive into the issue by testing Spendge payment service. In the article we’ll explain its concept, the advantages it provides and a short instruction on creating your first card.

Spendge service: what is it?

Before getting down to the benefits of the tool for marketers, let’s briefly define the service for a better understanding.

Basically, Spendge is a service of virtual cards and payments aimed at simplifying the work of webmasters, marketing agencies and media buying teams.
Due to the tool anyone can issue an unlimited amount of virtual cards in three currencies — USD, EUR, and GBP while providing multiple functions to simplify the payment process.

Why test the Spendge platform? 8 solid reasons

We’ve tested the service and identified several undeniable reasons to try this finance management tool.

Learn what drew our attention and makes the service stand out in the market, with all of the peculiarities listed below!

  1. Easy to use and top up.
    The process of creating a card is actually fast and takes only several steps that do not require any specific knowledge. The commissions for top-up are quite transparent — 2 USDT + 1% when topping up with crypto on Fiat wallets, and 2 USDT for topping up on Crypto wallets. If you wish to transfer cryptocurrency to your Fiat wallet from Crypto one , the commission wil be 1%.  And, most importantly, there are no limits on your spendings!
  2. Affordable price and discounts.
    While the price of card creation and service is only 5, using cashback and referral programs you can decrease the sum to 1. Such conditions are quite profitable for marketers with any budget.
  3. Multifunctional toolkit.
    The service takes into account the needs of both teams and individual marketers and provides features that can assist in various tasks:Multiple actions with cards: provides an ability to issue several cards at the same time, as well as manage them en masse.

    Cards transfer between accounts: offers a great opportunity for farmers who want to delegate accounts without losing the trust.

    Crypto invoices: opens a possibility to accept and send payments from customers and partners around the world.

    Cross-currency transactions: allows marketers to transact money between different currencies inside the platform.

  4. Own OTC desk.
    Due to this feature, marketers get access to fast conversions of cryptocurrencies and the most popular fiat currencies, with more than 30 crypto options available.The main advantages include a transparent transaction process (each stage can be tracked in the personal account), a manager who assists in the conversion as well as an opportunity to transfer money between legal entities worldwide. This provides a possibility to deal with partners and contractors, for instance, you can send fiat payments while your partner’d get it in crypto.
  5. Safety and reliability.
    The service BINs are completely risk-free and the Spendge team guarantees that you will not get banned while applying the service, they do care about the customers safety.
  6. User-friendly stats.
    For the convenience of users the service provides all the payments analytics and statistics inside the system. It increases the level of transparency and allows to optimize the spendings with greatest ease.
  7. Special conditions for teams with big budgets.
    Apart from being a helping hand to individual market players, Spendge has special conditions for teams who need to handle huge budgets. The service allows your team to issue a card for 1, while the commission for such payments will start with just 1%.
  8. Fast support and bonus system.
    The support team is available from 9 to 6 (GMT+3), ready to help you solve any issue. What’s more, apart from the special conditions mentioned, Spende offers referral program bonuses €1 for each referral card and 0.1% of its turnover.

Now that you know why the service is worth a try, let’s get down to the process of your first card creation!

Step-by-step guide: issue a virtual card with Spendge

As we’ve mentioned before, the service is an easy-to-use one, so we’ll shortly guide you through the process of account and card creation.

Step 1. Sign up

On the platform it’s dead easy — just leave your email address and create a password.

In a few seconds you’ll get a confirmation email, then write some of your personal information: name, surname and telegram contact for the support team, as well as referral code if you have one.

Step 2. Top-up your account

Before actually creating a card you need to top up your account with the desired currency.

To do this, you need to choose the “Top-up” section on the top of your dashboard.

Then, you will be redirected to the money transfer page.
There you can choose any currency of your choice and get it delivered to your account.

Tap to zoom

Note: crypto transfers from external wallets have a minimum amount of money that needs to be sent – 300 USDT, otherwise the payment won’t be possible. In case of a test, Spendge is ready to give a refund if you’re not satisfied with the service.

After that, your Balance on all the wallets and cards can be seen in the “Balances” section.

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Step 3. Buy slots

Slot is an opportunity to issue a card, it’s active for 45 days. To add a slot, you need to go to “Cards” section and choose the “Add slots” button.

Then, you need to either buy a custom quantity of cards or the fixed amount, depending on your needs.

Step 4. Create a new card

Finally, you have an opportunity to add a new card, to do this you need to go to the “Cards” section and choose the “New Card” button.

Then, all you have to do is fill in all the necessary information — choose the number of cards and BIN, write the owner name, comment and title to personalize it.

That’s it, your card is ready to go and use!


If you’re looking for a service to simplify your payments flow and speed up the whole process, Spendge is totally a decent option.

Taking into account its affordable price, multiple toolkits on various needs, proven safety and support as well as many referrals and discounts, it’s definitely worth trying, make sure you create the first card today and check out all the opportunities yourself.

To get a free card for a test, use promocode “RICHSPEND” when registering on the platform!

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