Learn How YeezyPay Solves Banned Account Issues for Affiliates on Google Ads

By | August 31, 2023

Google Ads has become increasingly complex and restrictive for affiliate marketers and online advertisers over the past few years. Many affiliates are now abandoning Google Ads altogether, flocking to alternative platforms like Facebook and TikTok where they can more easily run their ads.

The main problems affiliates face with Google Ads include overly complex policies, limited payment options, difficulty getting accounts approved, and restrictions that make it hard to scale campaigns. These challenges have made Google Ads untenable for many small and mid-sized affiliates.
However, those few affiliates who have stuck with it and found solutions to deal with Google Ads’ complexity are now enjoying less competition and reaping big ROIs.

In this article, we’ll look into a service called YeezyPay that solves these major pain points for affiliate marketers on Google Ads. We’ll cover the key benefits of using YeezyPay, how to get started, tips for account security, verticals you can promote, and more.

What are Google Ads restrictions that marketers face?

Google Ads wasn’t always so challenging for affiliate marketers to use. But over the past few years, Google has implemented a raft of policies, settings, and restrictions that make the platform unwieldy for smaller advertisers.

Some of the main issues affiliates now face are:

  • Complex account setup and campaign configuration: Google Ads has so many settings, advanced features, and parameters to tweak that it’s easy for beginners to become overwhelmed. There’s a steep learning curve.
  • Strict payment restrictions: Google now only allows debit/bank cards as payment methods for new accounts. No alternative online payment options are permitted. This locks out many affiliates.
  • Difficulty getting approved: Google has made account approvals for affiliates much tougher. Some even have their accounts suspended before even getting started.
  • Bans and restrictions: Affiliates frequently get banned or limited for minor or unclear violations, sometimes losing campaigns overnight.
  • Lack of support: Google provides little customer support or guidance to help affiliates resolve issues.
  • Limited country targeting: Google restricts certain countries like Russia and China where affiliates may want to run localized campaigns.
  • Agency limitations: Google often shuts down entire agency accounts if one client violates policies, hurting other innocent clients.

These frustrations have pushed many affiliates to use other advertising channels instead of Google Ads.

How does YeezyPay help to avoid Google Ads bans and other issues?

YeezyPay is an online service that gives affiliate marketers simple access to fully operational Google Ads accounts.

The accounts provided are under YeezyPay’s agency status, meaning they have passed Google’s rigorous approval process. This means affiliates skip the hardest parts of setting up a compliant Google Ads account themselves.

Some of the key benefits YeezyPay provides compared to creating your own Google Ads account include:

  • Agency-level accounts with higher ad spend limits: You get higher monthly spend permissions, making it easier to scale campaigns. This doesn’t happen if you choose to start by using a new regular Google Ads account outside of YeezyPay.
  • Multiple payment methods: You can top up your balance with cryptocurrency (USDT), credit cards, bank transfers, etc.
  • Very low minimum budget: YeezyPay’s minimum top-up budget is only $200.
  • Free deposits with cryptocurrencies: You can top up your balance with cryptocurrencies for free, only Google Ads will take 10%.
  • No VAT charges: They help you legally minimize costs by exempting VAT in supported regions. This saves you money which you can instead use to run your ads.
  • Priority support and issue resolution: YeezyPay’s team will quickly help you resolve any account issues 24/7.
  • Avoid payment verification hassles: YeezyPay handles all payment verification so you can start spending faster.
  • Prevent sudden account bans: Agency accounts are less likely to get suspended without notice.
  • Access despite past bans: Get approved even if banned previously from Google Ads under your own account. Just use a new email address.
  • Global targeting: YeezyPay accounts allow you to target most countries, not just the limited locations allowed for new individual accounts.
  • Run multiple accounts: You can request multiple agency accounts from YeezyPay for different campaigns or niches.
  • Dedicated account manager: Get personalized support from an account manager for any issues.

As you can see, a YeezyPay agency account essentially allows affiliate marketers to bypass most of Google Ads’ restrictions, roadblocks, and limitations.

How do YeezyPay’s agency accounts work?

To understand how YeezyPay works, it helps to first explain Google’s policy around agency accounts.

Google distinguishes between:

  • individual accounts managed by the account owner
  • agency accounts managed on behalf of clients by an approved Google Partner agency

Agency accounts get various benefits like higher spending limits, dedicated support, and more lenient policies. The rationale is that Google trusts the agencies to properly manage accounts according to policies across large portfolios of clients. YeezyPay essentially provides you access to an account under their approved Google Partner agency status.

When you sign up for a YeezyPay account, you are added as a client under their agency umbrella. YeezyPay handles all the compliance and payments on the backend.

You get your own account dashboard and direct access to run campaigns. YeezyPay’s support team provides guidance to ensure you stay compliant. This agency arrangement allows affiliates to avoid all the common problems of setting up an individual account since YeezyPay handles everything behind the scenes.

What verticals can you promote with YeezyPay accounts?

A major benefit provided by YeezyPay is the ability to promote almost any vertical or offer:

  • E-commerce: Promote online stores and affiliate programs.
  • Mobile Apps: Run app install campaigns across geo-targeted locations.
  • Nutra/Health: Advertise supplements, wellness programs, and related offers.
  • Gambling/Betting: Promote online casinos, sportsbooks, and betting sites.
  • Dating/Webcam Sites: Market dating, hookup, and adult cam sites.
  • SaaS/B2B: Advertise B2B software, services, and lead gen offers.
  • Travel: Drive bookings for hotels, vacation packages, and travel deals.

Basically, any affiliate offer or CPA campaign can be promoted through YeezyPay’s Google Ads accounts. No need to tiptoe around restrictive niches.

Important: with grayhat verticals like Nutra, Gambling, and Betting, you must ensure ads strictly follow Google’s policies.

Getting started with YeezyPay: step-by-step guide

If you want to get access to a YeezyPay Google Ads agency account, the process is straightforward:

  1. Sign up for an account
    First, you’ll sign up for a YeezyPay account via Telegram. Just search for YeezyPay in Telegram, click the Start button, and send a new account request.An invite link will be emailed to you.
  1. Deposit funds
    Once signed up, deposit funds to top up your account balance. You can deposit via crypto, bank transfer, or other payment methods.
  1. Request a Google Ads Account
    Next, message your dedicated account manager via Telegram to request a Google Ads agency account. Provide the email you want it associated with.

Your manager will send a login link to access your new Google Ads account dashboard.

  1. Transfer money to top up your Google Ads Agency account
    Once you have your Google Ads agency account, you will have to transfer the funds from your Yeezy Pay account to your Google Ads agency account so that you can go ahead with setting up your campaigns and launching them.

5. Set up campaigns on the Google Ads Agency account and launch
You can now create and optimize campaigns, leveraging Google Ads’ powerful targeting and YeezyPay’s higher spending limits.

Once you’re running campaigns, you simply top up your YeezyPay balance as needed to fund your Google Ads account.

Tips for Using YeezyPay Accounts

When using your YeezyPay Google Ads account, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use a clean, non-banned email address: Don’t reuse emails from banned accounts when signing up.
  • Only request accounts when your balance is funded: Don’t request new accounts before depositing funds.
  • Make compliant ads: Follow all Google policies and avoid restricted categories to prevent bans.
  • Use anti-ban tools: Leverage YeezyPay’s anti-detect browsers and proxy tools.
  • Target approved countries: Stick to countries allowed under Google’s policies to avoid restrictions.
  • Ask for guidance: Consult your account manager for any questions about compliance.
  • Limit account requests: Only ask for new accounts when truly needed to prevent overuse.
  • Promote multiple offers: Don’t repeatedly promote the same offer across accounts, as that’s a red flag for Google.

Following these best practices will help ensure your accounts remain stable and avoid any policy violations.

Can YeezyPay accounts get banned? How does their team help?

No Google Ads account is 100% immune to Google suspensions, but YeezyPay’s agency accounts offer better protection:

  • High Trust Level: Agency accounts in good standing have more leeway.
  • Account Manager Guidance: Your personal manager helps to avoid common violations.
  • Anti-Ban Tools: Use anti-detect browsers and proxies for added security.
  • Refunds: If the Google Ads account you got from YeezyPay gets suspended or banned, YeezyPay’s team will quickly return the ad budget money you deposited in the Google Ads account back to your main YeezyPay account. From there you can choose to withdraw it or transfer it to another Google Ads account.
  • New Account Provision: A new agency account may be issued as a last resort.

Important: while there’s always some risk, your ad budget is refunded in most cases. As YeezyPay’s team continually improves its service, communication with your account manager is key. Over time, you’ll gain the knowledge to manage accounts more independently.


Google Ads remains one of the most powerful advertising platforms, but increasing restrictions have made it nearly impossible for affiliate marketers to access on their own. YeezyPay provides a great solution by opening up white-labeled Google Ads agency accounts.

With higher allowances, flexible payment options, dedicated support, and strong anti-ban measures, YeezyPay accounts allow you to finally leverage Google Ads at scale.

By collaborating with YeezyPay service and following best practices around compliance and account security, affiliate marketers can drive profitable volumes of traffic from Google search ads.

The days of pulling your hair out trying to maintain Google Ads accounts by yourself are over.

Test YeezyPay and let the service do the heavy lifting for you instead!

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