Servando Silva: My way from an affiliate marketer to consulting and SEO projects

By | August 23, 2023

RichAds team started a new Youtube activity — Ads&Grans talks.
These are interviews with people from the affiliate and performance marketing sphere. 
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Who is Servando Silva?

Servando Silva is an experienced marketer with more than 11 years of expertise running ads on push and pop formats with greatest success. 

Furthermore, he owns StreamSEO since 2012 and engages in leadgen and SEO consulting for tech companies. Servando managed to earn seven digits profit working with different strategies of digital marketing.

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What is Servando Silva’s interview about?

Basically, the interview with this expert is divided into three main parts. First we’ll talk about his position as a media buying and SEO consultant, then dive deeper into his experience with his own websites and how SEO assists in driving target audience to them and cover his monetization methods. Finally we’ll discuss the affiliate marketing part and running ad campaigns.

Part 1. Servando as a media buying and SEO consultant:

  1. Servando’s main tasks and assistance as a consultant.
  2. How to deal with tech companies — main issues.
  3. Activities that bring more traffic to Servando’s clients.
  4. Servando’s main methods of finding customers for his business.
  5. How affiliate marketing helps Servando in the current position.
  6. Is there anyone who helps Servando with keyword search?
  7. The amount of money Servando earns from consulting and the number of clients he has.

Part 2. Servando’s own websites and their monetization:

  1. First steps of Servando in the SEO field.
  2. Reasons why he focused on SEO after a successful affiliate career.
  3. The amount of content sites Servando has now and their topics.
  4. What is the criteria of high quality traffic? Main filters from Servando.
  5. Are there any site types that gain results faster?
  6. Main ways to monetize content websites.
  7. Display ad networks for publishers: Servando advice.
  8. Affiliate links insights from Servando. 
  9. Current team of Servando right now.

Part 3. Affiliate marketing and running ad campaigns:

  1. Does Servando still engage in running affiliate offers?
  2. The amount of time Servando spends on launching ads.
  3. Favourite ad formats of Servando.
  4. Servando’s thoughts on LATAM region.
  5. Opportunities Servando got being an Afflift Forum Community Leader.
  6. Secrets of time management from Servando.

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