Are affiliate networks still relevant?

By | May 3, 2023

Are affiliate networks still relevant?

To briefly answer the question: yes, they are. And will remain relevant for a really long time thanks to its efficiency for both advertisers and publishers. Here’s just a short list of reasons why affiliate networks are a good option for earning money online or promoting your business:

Minimum threshold for entering. Since most affiliate networks work on a performance-based model, the costs for starting an affiliate program for your brand are really low. As a brand, you will only pay for real sales or real leads that bring profit. If you’re a media buyer or content creator, it will also take less effort to launch an offer through an affiliate network.

A complex solution: affiliate networks provide a wide range of traffic options to businesses and a great variety of offers for their affiliates. Which means that as an individual you won’t spend all of your time reaching out to everyone you’d like to partner with.

All technical issues handled: affiliate networks make it their responsibility to ensure every single sale and lead is tracked. You don’t need to find an individual approach to every single affiliate or company you want to work with. Affiliate networks provide the whole technical setup and will quickly solve any technical problem should they arise.

The list can go on and on. And what do you think, are affiliate networks still relevant?

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