The 14 Best .NET Developers: Your Secret Weapon to Digital Transformation

By | April 12, 2023

Our recommendation for most people is N-iX because of their well-rounded portfolio and wide range of .NET development services. Get in touch to see how they can help transform your business, today.

Whether you’re after new software or want to give an existing tool a face lift, a .NET developer is the way to go for anything built on Microsoft’s .NET framework. To help you find the best .NET developer for you, we looked at 43 of the best and narrowed them down to the top 14.

No matter which you choose, every developer on our list has meaningful certifications and a proven track record of transparent communication, industry expertise, full stack proficiency, and clean code architecture.

The Best .NET Developers and Development Companies

  • N-iX – Best overall
  • Chetu – Best for custom CRM, ERP, and business management solutions
  • 10Pearls – Best for health and medtech projects
  • Altexsoft – Best for travel and hospitality software development
  • Brainsmiths Lab – Best developers for startup projects
  • EPAM Anywhere – Best for hiring individual .NET developers
  • Fingent – Best for custom real estate software
  • CShark – Best for fintech development projects
  • Hidden Brains – Best for HIPAA compliant software projects
  • Iflexion – Best for custom B2C and B2B client portals
  • MentorMate – Best for manufacturing and agriculture
  • Solw’it – Best for innovative IoT applications
  • Netguru – Best for identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities
  • ScienceSoft – Best for marketing and advertising projects
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Is a .NET Developer The Right Choice?

.NET is best suited for enterprise-level applications, including desktop and web apps, with high performance requirements. It’s a powerful framework that can handle a wide range of applications.

However, it’s not necessarily the right framework for your next project.

  • Unsure of which framework or language is best? Consider a software development company
  • Need to fill in gaps with various types of developers? Try staff augmentation services
  • Interested in AI and machine learning? AI development companies are where it’s at
  • Looking for a mobile app in particular? A mobile app developer might be a better fit
  • Need a new website? Check out our favorite web design agencies
  • Know you want a WordPress site? Go with a WordPress developer
  • Want to re-imagine the user experience? UI/UX agencies specialize in that

If none of those quite fit the bill, you’re probably in the right place. Continue reading to learn about our favorite .NET developers, what they specialize in, how we narrowed them down, and what you should consider when making your final decision.

N-iX Review – Best Overall

N-iX, one of the best .NET developers.

N-iX has two decades of experience under their belt – they’re a powerhouse in the realm of .NET solutions. Just like the big names they’ve collaborated with – Siemens, Office Depot, and OpenText, to name a few – they cater to a diverse array of industries, including large-scale enterprises, burgeoning startups, and everything in between.

Whether it’s data analytics, IoT, game & VR development, or software QA and testing, N-iX does it all.

They offer four collaboration styles to suit your needs: team extension for seamless integration with your existing squad, end-to-end custom software development, product discovery to validate ideas, and consulting for expert guidance.

N-iX has a proven track record of creating top-notch enterprise software, web and mobile apps, cloud solutions, desktop apps, microservices, and cross-platform apps. Maybe you need to migrate or modernize existing applications? They’ve got you covered.

Their prowess in building secure, scalable solutions is commendable. Take RateSetter, a prominent UK-based peer-to-peer lending service – N-iX took their large, outdated monolithic software and turned it into agile, modern, and secure microservices that meet regulatory requirements with ease.

With an extensive range of services, specialized expertise, and a multi-faceted team capable of handling diverse projects across industries, N-iX stands out as a brilliant choice for anyone seeking a .NET solution that ticks all the boxes.

Chetu – Best for Custom CRM, ERP, and Business Management Solutions

Chetu, one of the best .NET developers.

While Chetu’s expertise in .NET spans across various industries, their wealth of experience in building complex software for diverse business functions sets them apart from the rest.

From field service management to operations, asset tracking, document management, facilities, and franchise management, Chetu has the expertise to create one-of-a-kind software that caters to the unique demands of your business.

They specialize in scoping the big picture, while also perfecting and executing the tiniest details to give you what you need.

Their impressive portfolio includes a custom franchise management tool for National Property Inspections, a complex data management solution for ADEA, and an asset management platform for PlanIt AV. Chetu has a knack for transforming your wish list into a tailored tool that fits your business like a glove – no more juggling between overpriced solutions or piecing together cheap alternatives.

Chetu’s services encompass .NET developer toolkits, microservices, Docker containerization deployments, app deployment, and mobile configurations, with a strong emphasis on .NET core development. They are well-versed in frameworks and languages such as .NET core,, ML.NET, F#, Silverlight, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, Mono, and C#.

In a nutshell, Chetu is your one-stop solution for building customized, complex software to streamline how you do business.

10Pearls – Best for Health and Medtech Projects

10Pearls, one of the best .NET developers.

With an awe-inspiring clientele featuring Johnson & Johnson, AARP, National Institutes of Health, VillageMD, CVS Health, MedStar Health, and Amwell, this seasoned healthtech firm boasts 18 years of experience and a global team of experts.

They provide specialized healthtech consulting and software development services for both private and public organizations. Their focus is on enhancing patient care and workforce productivity with the right blend of innovation and expertise.

Their four operating models cater to every client’s unique needs: onshore for on-site collaboration, nearshore for real-time teamwork within the same time zone, offshore for swift project delivery and round-the-clock support, and rightshore – a custom blend tailored to each client.

This healthtech powerhouse develops patient portals, wearable devices, caregiver engagement apps, telemedicine apps, AR/VR medical software, AI-powered tools, data collection and analytics through CRMs, secure migrations, and API management, among other offerings. On top of that, they specialize in custom EHR and EMR solutions that combine everything you need to improve the patient experience from the first appointment to secure record management and post-visit communication.

With 10Pearls, you can expect nothing but the best – reliable healthtech solution tailored to your needs in hand, your patients and providers get the tech they need.

Altexsoft – Best for Travel and Hospitality Software Development

AltexSoft, one of the best .NET developers.

With a prestigious roster of over 200 clients, including heavyweights like Rakuten Travel, ASL Aviation, and Fareboom, AltexSoft stands as a trailblazer in the traveltech engineering landscape. From travel agencies to management solution providers and travel tech startups, this dynamic firm takes your vision and turns it into reality.

Their comprehensive service suite is tailored to accommodate your every need – from minimum viable product (MVP) development that gets your business to market at breakneck speeds to software reengineering that adapts to dynamic loads, scalability, and rapid changes.

AltexSoft offers three working models for optimal flexibility: team extension for quick starts and high scalability, dedicated team for seamless collaboration with your existing workforce, and hybrid teams that blend resources for a cost-efficient, balanced approach.

With an impressive force of 45,000+ specialists at your disposal, AltexSoft is well-equipped to tackle any challenge you throw their way.

AltexSoft’s portfolio is full of innovative projects, from revamping a multisite vacation rental booking system to integrating into a travel website, optimizing flight inventory management, and crafting algorithms for early booking prices. They’ve also built a search and booking module from scratch, a cross-platform flight schedule notifications app, and a machine learning tool that scores hotel amenities based on customer reviews.

But one of their most impressive feats is the co-creation of a mobile-first airline operations management environment, which speaks volumes to their ability to work on large-scale projects.

Their developers are well-versed in a range of languages and frameworks, such as C#, ASP.NET, WPF, TPL/Async, WCF, T-SQL, Xamarin, and LINQ, in addition to PHP, Java, and Python for a comprehensive development team.

Brainsmiths – Best Developers for Startup Projects

Brainsmiths, one of the best .NET developers.

Dedicated exclusively to startups, Brainsmiths is a trusted partner in the world of innovation. With expertise in data science, IoT, blockchain, and augmented reality, they go above and beyond standard cross-platform web development.

Brainsmiths seamlessly bridges the development skills gap for startups so they don’t have to hire in-house experts.

They’ve demonstrators their expertise across various projects such as tutoring platforms, email marketing platforms, project management software, meal planning portals, and fintech ecommerce.

As proficient masters in Microsoft technologies, including C#, ASP.NET, .NET Core, .NET MVVM, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and MSSQL, they boast the ability to turn ideas into minimum viable products within a remarkable 90-day timeframe.

From business automation and systems integration to infrastructure reengineering and custom app development, Brainsmiths excels in every aspect of the fast-paced startup world. On top of new development, they offer software modernization, maintenance, and monitoring services, ensuring a comprehensive approach to support you as your needs change.

Not merely consultants, Brainsmiths prides themselves on being doers, working tirelessly to bring your vision to life. With a balanced, agile approach that embraces change and dynamic momentum, they are your ideal partner in turning your startup dream into a reality.

EPAM Anywhere – Best for Hiring Individual .NET Developers

EPAM Anywhere, one of the best .NET developers.

Streamlined communication and alignment with a single developer allows for fast, high-quality results and easy pivots as your goals change.

EPAM Anywhere’s 3,700+ developers, 30 years of experience, and expertise with key .NET technologies provide an unparalleled resource for your company to tap into. A single developer from their platform offers an efficient, budget-friendly alternative to building an in-house team or outsourcing to a full team.

They thoroughly vet all developers on their platform to ensure companies have access to top experts with the ideal blend of skills and experience for any .NET project. Businesses can hire EPAM Anywhere’s .NET developers for web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, APIs, CMS projects, or any other development needs.

Any developer you hire will deliver fast, high-quality results thanks to close collaboration and communication throughout a project’s lifecycle. With EPAM, you gain flexibility to pivot or scale your .NET development as strategic priorities change.

They also provide necessary technology, workstations, and management to the developers so you can focus on running your business.

Minimum project duration is six months and developers can get started on whatever you need in as little as two weeks – much faster than it would take to onboard and align an entire team.

Fingent – Best for Custom Real Estate Software

Fingent, one of the best .NET developers.

As a real estate professional, you’ve probably tried your fair share of off-the-shelf property management software and CRMs. Some are easier to use than others, but they all seem to fall short in one way or another – they either lack key features, have clunky UX, or come with hefty price tags for features you’ll never use.

They aim to be one-size-fits-all solutions for dozens of industries, but real estate management involves workflows that generic software just can’t support.

Fingent gets that. They work with a range of industries, but their real estate clients are some of the happiest. And it’s easy to see why. They take the time to get to know you so their custom software caters to how you work.

On top of that, they can easily integrate your new software with the tools you already use and love. They handle the complex backend and APIs so you don’t have to. All that to say, you can keep using your favorite property listings service, renter management tools, CRM, or accounting software and Fingent will pull data from all of them into one place.

Or they can create a solution that does it all for you.

Either way, there’s no extra fluff or wasted features to pay for. You get exactly what you need to dominate in your market, no more, no less.

If you’re tired of making excuses for your less-than-ideal tech stack and want a solution that actually supports your business, Fingent should be your first call. Their custom software gives you the freedom and control you need to focus on what really matters: your clients and growing your business.

CShark – Best for Fintech Development Projects

CShark, one of the best .NET developers.

CShark is a .NET development company that understands the fintech industry’s complexities with an unwavering commitment to success. With their impressive track record of supporting clients such as ENO, Fenergo, ASA International, and PastDue, you know they’re up for the challenge.

By immersing themselves in your company, asking the right questions, and truly getting to the root of the issue at hand, they deliver more than just software development services – they provide predictability, efficiency, and a wealth of knowledge for their fintech clients.

Established enterprises can count on comprehensive solutions that streamline operations, optimize processes, minimize risks, and ensure compliance.

On the other end of the spectrum, startups can expect dedicated support to help turn their ideas into fully-functioning products, from establishing fit in the market to navigating regulatory compliance and data security in a chaotic landscape.

Their global presence, with operations in major business hubs across Europe, the UK, Canada, and Singapore, makes them an ideal partner for businesses seeking end-to-end digital transformation or start-ups looking to bring their innovative ideas to fruition. When you work with CShark, you’re placing your fintech project in the hands of experts who not only understand the industry’s intricacies but also demonstrate empathy, confidence, and unwavering support.

Hidden Brains – Best for HIPAA Compliant Software Projects

Hidden Brains, one of the best .NET developers.

From managing patient records and scheduling appointments to handling billing and inventory, medical-grade software has a huge impact on your level of productivity, efficiency, and ultimately, patient satisfaction.

Hidden Brains’ team of .NET developers has years of experience building solutions for medtech companies of all sizes, from private practices to large hospital networks.

They get the unique challenges you face, including the big one – keeping up with the rigid demands of healthcare and privacy laws. Hidden Brain stays on top of it for you and ensures your custom solution keeps you HIPAA compliant from day one.

What’s more, Hidden Brain gets how frustrating clunky, non-intuitive medical software can be. They design every custom solution with the end user in mind, whether you have physical therapists, nurses, doctors, or dentists on staff. If software that’s easy to navigate and cuts down on the time your staff spends clicking through screens sounds too good to be true, you’re not wrong for off-the-shelf solutions.

However, Hidden Brain is dedicated to shaking things up and giving you your time back – time you can use to deliver quality, personalized care for your patients.

Whether you want to improve patient flow, offer telemedicine services, or create a single system to run your entire operation, Hidden Brain has the experience to develop a custom solution tailored to your needs.

Iflexion – Best for Custom B2C and B2B Client Portals

Iflexion, one of the best .NET developers.

If you’re losing sleep over security issues, slow load times, hard to use interfaces, or downtime concerns with your client-facing portal, it’s time to rethink your tool stack. Your client portal says a lot about your business, whether you want it to or not.

And one-size-fits all portal solutions (or those baked into other tools you use to run your business) aren’t up for the task of meeting your business’s unique needs.

The good news is, there’s a better way. Iflexion’s .NET developers have extensive experience creating custom portals from the ground up. On day one, they work directly with your team to understand what’s not working with your current portal and what your ideal solution looks like.

Do slow page loads leave your clients frustrated? They can help with that.

Worried about keeping sensitive data safe? They’ll implement powerful security features to put your mind at ease.

Aside from solving all of your biggest problems, custom portals look more professional. Not only do they put your branding front and center, they can also integrate seamlessly with your other systems. And scale as your business grows.

Whether you’re a marketing agency, SaaS company, school, law firm, or something else entirely, the time you’ll save and increased client satisfaction are well worth the investment.

Forget about settling for an off-the-shelf solution. Iflexion’s .NET development services can give you the custom portal you’ve always needed but never had.

MentorMate – Best for Manufacturing and Agriculture

MentorMate, one of the best .NET developers.

Unlike generic software tools that try to help everyone, MentorMate helps manufacturing and agriculture businesses tackle industry-specific problems like equipment downtime and regulatory non-compliance.

All while helping you improve productivity, profitability, and even Industry 4.0 adoption.

MentorMate knows the ins and outs of manufacturing and agriculture – that’s what makes them so good at what they do.

Need a better inventory management system, for example? They can give you everything you need for real-time visibility into raw materials and finished goods to help optimize stock levels and reduce waste. Talk about a game-changer for improving efficiency and cutting costs!

Struggling with supply chain? They’re no strangers to streamlining communication and avoiding delays when working with suppliers or distributors.

From quality control and monitoring systems to predictive maintenance schedules, MentorMate’s custom .NET solutions mean fewer surprises, downtime, and unpredictable situations.

Regardless of what you need (even if you’re not sure what you need), they have a proven track record of optimizing processes and future-proofing businesses.

Solw’it – Best for Innovative IoT Applications

Solw'it, one of the best .NET developers.

If you want the rewards of IoT but lack the know-how to make it happen, Solw’it can fill your IoT knowledge gaps, handling everything from planning and development to deployment and management. The result? A revolutionary IoT solution without having an expert on staff.

While cost is a major hurdle for IoT implementation, Solw’it helps keep costs as low as possible by determining the most budget-friendly solutions up front.

They also help drive down maintenance costs with optimized, clean systems that make for easy updates, upkeep, and changes.

Plus, the initial investment in IoT pays off through increased efficiency, productivity, and reduced waste.

If you’re worried about implementing new technology because of the headache or potential disruptions, Solw’it understands. They take every measure to make integration a breeze. And they know how to minimize disruptions because they’ve done it so many times.

When it comes to security, they take utmost care by including data encryption, access control, and network segmentation when needed so you know your infrastructure is protected.

On top of their IoT expertise, they know a thing or two about analytics. They can even help you make sense of all the data you collect from your new systems to help you make strategic decisions and optimize operations even more.

IoT may seem complex, but with a partner like Solw’it, it leads to smarter business.

Netguru – Best for Identifying and Fixing Security Vulnerabilities

Netguru, one of the best .NET developers.

Securing critical systems and sensitive data can feel like an overwhelming (or impossible) task. With the help of an expert partner like Netguru, protecting your .NET infrastructure doesn’t have to be a source of constant frustration.

How do they do it? With comprehensive security vulnerability and remediation services.

Their team of security experts know how to identify weaknesses and potential exploits before anyone else can find them. Almost like a hacker breaking into your system to discover your vulnerabilities, rather than take advantage of them.

If they happen to find issues, then can work directly with your team to patch security holes and reinforce your infrastructure with minimal disruptions or downtime.

Thanks to Netguru, you longer have to worry about the high costs or lack of internal expertise required to manage vulnerabilities in-house.

Whether it’s legacy software, rapid growth, attempted cyber attacks, or emerging technologies (like working in the cloud or IoT devices) that are introducing potential vulnerabilities, you don’t have to face the challenge alone.

Netguru offers numerous cybersecurity services, including audits, consulting, training, and scans. Regardless of what you need, they’re here to help.

ScienceSoft – Best for Marketing and Advertising Projects

ScienceSoft, one of the best .NET developers.

Whether you’re a startup needing to market the latest tech, an established enterprise looking to streamline the marketing department, or a marketing agency desperate to find a better way to manage campaign data, ScienceSoft has you covered.

With their help, you can gain a competitive advantage and accelerate your marketing efforts without feeling overwhelmed by constant changes. Or worrying about paying top dollar for marketing tools that simply don’t cut it.

Their portfolio speaks for itself: they developed an enterprise-grade planning platform that spans multiple channels for the largest advertising agency in the US.

A custom CRM capable of supporting two thousand car retailers isn’t out of their realm, either.

Needless to say, ScienceSoft can change the way you run your marketing campaigns. For example, they can help sync data in real-time across all of your marketing platforms, giving you every data point at your fingertips.

They can also build custom social media software, data management platforms, advertisement solutions, and loyalty software.

Better yet, they can combine everything you need – and nothing you don’t – in one system.

From integrating CRM, marketing automation and analytics tools to leveraging AI and machine learning, you can automatically nurture leads, optimize campaigns in real-time, and deliver hyper-personalized experiences – while spending less time doing it.

With a lead time of just 2 to 4 weeks, you can get started revolutionizing your growth system with ScienceSoft right away.

How We Determined The Top .NET Developers

We started with 43 .NET developers and development companies, including: 10Pearls, Algoworks, AltexSoft, Belitsoft, Binary Studio, Brainhub, Brainsmiths Labs, Chetu, Ciklum, Codica, CSHARK, Cyber Infrastructure, Inc., Daxima, ELEKS, EPAM Systems, Exadel, Fingent, Grapecity, Grid Dynamics, Hidden Brains, Iflexion, Infragistics, Intersog, ITechArt Group, MentorMate, N-iX, Neoteric, Netguru, PixelCrayons, Redwerk, Scalefocus, ScienceSoft, Softura, Software Mind, Solvd, Solw’it, Sphere Partners, STX Next, SumatoSoft, Syncfusion, Telerik, Toptal, X-Team

Using the criteria below, we narrowed the list to the top 14.

Expertise based on past projects: We dove deep into each company’s portfolio to gauge their proficiency in different industries. We scrutinized the quality, scope, and diversity of their previous work to make sure we make accurate recommendations.

Certifications: A developer’s certifications are the badges of honor they’ve earned in the digital realm. When putting our list together, we looked for credentials such as Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate, Microsoft Certified Azure IoT Developer Specialty, Microsoft Certified Power Platform Solution Architect Expert, Microsoft Certified Power Platform Developer Associate, and Microsoft Gold Partner status attesting to their mastery of the platform and dedication to honing their craft.

Full stack proficiency: To make it on our list, a developer has to be proficient in both front-end and back-end skills. Why? Because full stack developers have a holistic understanding of the entire development process, ensuring seamless integration of all components, from visually stunning interfaces to powerful backend functionality.

Eye for aesthetics: We’ve handpicked developers who can skillfully weave together form and function. Possessing a discerning eye for aesthetics, these developers ensure that your application excels not only in efficiency and reliability but also in visual appeal, user-friendliness, and overall user experience.

Clean architecture: Clean code is a necessity because it makes your application easy to understand and change. With an organized architecture, anyone can add new features, remove things you no longer need, and scale the application. Having clean code also improves collaboration and speeds up the project, as it’s easier for others to read and comprehend. Ultimately, clean code results in higher-quality software and a more efficient development process.

What to Consider When Choosing a .NET Developer

We did the heavy lifting and found the top .NET developers out there. However, every project is unique, and the ideal partner for one project may not be the best fit for another. While we can’t identify the perfect developer for every situation, we can help guide you to the right option for your next project.

Use the following considerations to narrow the list further and find the right option for you and your business.

Services needed

When evaluating developers, we took into account their versatility in handling various project types, such as crafting tailor-made software, designing mobile and desktop applications, developing APIs, working with cloud technologies, managing database projects, maintaining software, migrating and modernizing systems, providing consultation, and integrating systems.

Some developers we analyzed are akin to a Swiss Army knife, equipped to tackle a broad array of tasks, while others excel in niche services.

Ultimately, the ideal choice hinges on what you need.

Data ownership

Ownership of data and code in a .NET project depends on the agreement between you and the developer, with common scenarios being work for hire, custom development with reusable components, licensing, or joint ownership.

It’s crucial to have a clear contract outlining IP rights, data ownership, and other terms to ensure the appropriate arrangement.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Support and maintenance services offered by .NET developers are crucial for keeping applications up-to-date and secure.

They ensure your software adapts to technological changes and remains relevant while also addressing bugs and vulnerabilities to minimize negative impacts. Because of that, we focused on developers and agencies that provide post-project support.

However, not everyone needs these services.

Communication preferences

We selected developers who employ a diverse array of collaboration methods, including regular meetings, email correspondence, instant messaging, in-person presentations, project management tools, and version control systems.

We believe that using a blend of these approaches helps maintain open channels of communication, leading to more efficient project execution and superior end results.

However, the best option for you depends on how you wish to communicate with your developer.

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