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By | February 23, 2022

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best real estate software for most agents is Real Geeks.

Real estate software can solve a lot of problems for agents and agencies. It helps to manage client interactions, create a digital presence, manage property inventory, and simplify repetitive processes. 

The best real estate software fits into a variety of categories. We’ll help find just the right software package for whatever requirement a real estate agency may have.

The Top 7 Best Real Estate Software Packages

  1. Real Geeks — Best All-Around Real Estate Software Solution
  2. Zillow Premier Agent — Best for Generating New Leads
  3. Placester — Best for Building a Realtor’s Website
  4. Contactually — Best Real Estate CRM Software
  5. Cloud CMA — Best Comparative Market Analysis Software
  6. Spacio — Best Open House Tracking Software
  7. Pro Agent Solutions Showing Pro — Best Real Estate Showing Management Software

#1 – Real Geeks — Best All-Around Real Estate Software Solution

  • Multiple high-end features
  • High-quality website creation guidance
  • Robust mobile app included
  • All-in-one software tool

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For those real estate agencies seeking a jack-of-all-trades software package, Real Geeks will be the best choice. It works equally well for a single agent, for large agencies, and for commercial firms.

It doesn’t quite excel in one particular area like the others on our list, but it has strong all-around features. It will help the real estate agency take a wide range of actions to move the business forward.

Some of the key areas where Real Geeks excels include:

  • Traditional marketing tools
  • Online marketing tools
  • Social media marketing tools
  • Researching home valuations
  • CRM tools
  • Website creation tools
  • Lead tracking
  • Strong mobile version

One of Real Geeks’ strongest aspects is its ability to help firms create a high-quality website. The site will be easy to build, and it strives to turn visitors into leads. It even has a CRM (customer relationship management) aspect included with it, which gives the firm the ability to efficiently track its leads and have more success.

With the highly useful mobile version of Real Geeks, agents will never miss an opportunity. It’s easy to keep tabs on potential leads, even when out of the office.

Real Geeks also has a wide range of integrations available, meaning it will seamlessly fit into many of the other software packages the team may already be using. Customers will need to contact Real Geeks for a price quote or to set up a demo.

#2 – Zillow Premier Agent — Best for Generating New Leads

  • Quick lead generation
  • Focus on local properties
  • Excellent agent branding capabilities
  • Strong mobile app

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Zillow Premier Agent won’t work for every agency and agent, but in the right situation, it will excel at what it does: Generating leads.

As potential homebuyers default to the Zillow website for research, Zillow’s ability to help agents on the ground generate leads has grown in tandem. People looking for homes to purchase often will visit the Zillow website in the early days of the search. They may visit Zillow multiple times.

Through Zillow Premier Agent, agents have the ability to tap into those people visiting Zillow. With this software, Zillow provides exposure and branding for the agents. Website visitors can then contact the agent directly, creating an instant inbound lead.

Agents can use Zillow Premier Agent to link their contact information to particular ZIP Codes. This feature ensures they can work in the areas with which they have familiarity.

To make the most of Zillow Premier Agent, agencies will need to have a large budget. This software is one of the more expensive options out there. Agents in busier locations, or who focus on selling more expensive homes and properties, will have a higher cost with this software. 

Additionally, agents need to be diligent about following up with leads, or homebuyers may return to Zillow to look for a different agent. Zillow Premier Agent does have a well-designed app to help agents keep track of their leads, even when out of the office.

The competition among agents is high when using this software. But it’s the easiest way to obtain leads on clients who are serious about buying.

#3 – Placester — Best for Building a Realtor’s Website

  • Strong local SEO results
  • Blends website aesthetics and sales capacity
  • Emphasizes lead generation
  • Multiple landing pages included

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Dozens of website-building software packages are easy to use and can create beautiful websites. However, not all of them specifically can help realtors generate leads. 

Placester focuses on helping agents generate leads above all else. To do this, however, Placester doesn’t have to sacrifice the artistic quality of the website, which makes it a popular option among real estate agencies.

Through its website generation tools, Placester emphasizes SEO practices that help the site rank well in Google searches. It emphasizes local search terms, which is important for realty agencies. 

Placester’s website design centers on using multiple landing pages. This gives visitors the information they need on a page from which they’re more likely to contact the realtor.

When building the website, agencies can select among multiple pre-made designs and frameworks. These simplify the process of building the site, allowing the realtor to begin generating leads faster. Should the team need to adjust the website quickly to react to new market conditions, this is an easy process as well.

Placester’s Advanced Plan works especially well for realtors and brokerages, offering the software’s best lead generation features. It costs $120 per month when billed annually. It also has a 30-day free trial option. 

#4 – Contactually — Best Real Estate CRM Software

  • Manages customer contacts
  • Smartly organizes clients
  • Offers custom client messaging
  • Tracks agent productivity

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For those realtors who primarily need help with managing their customer relationships, CRM software is a must-have tool. Contactually is our favorite selection as the best real estate CRM software. It delivers multiple criteria for sorting and tracking potential clients, simplifying the process of serving each person’s needs. 

Some of the different categories Contactually can sort clients into include:

  • Current clients
  • Inbound new leads
  • Potential new leads
  • Potential sphere of influence clients
  • Clients actively seeking a property
  • Clients looking for a specific property
  • Past or non-active clients

Perhaps Contactually’s strongest feature is its ability to allow realtors to create custom messages for clients. This touch of personalization may seem to be minor, but it makes a huge difference in how clients perceive the relationship with the realtor.

It can automate some tasks that eat up a lot of time for the realtor on a daily basis, such as bulk messaging to clients. It offers a strong mobile app, so team members can stay on top of the work while they’re out of the office.

For a realty agency, Contactually can generate statistics for how each member of the team is performing. It also can provide full tracking of the potential sales pipeline for the agency. This ensures all team members are always fully aware of the options.

Contactually’s upper-level plan for jump-starting a realtor’s results costs $119 per month. A 14-day free trial is available.

#5 – Cloud CMA — Best Comparative Market Analysis Software

  • Easily create CMA reports
  • Share digital CMAs
  • Highly versatile software
  • Works with mobile devices

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Comparative market analysis (CMA) reports traditionally are time-consuming to generate for realtors. However, they’re also vitally important to winning a client.

Cloud CMA simplifies the process of creating CMA reports, giving clients the information they want. This software has a high level of versatility, ensuring realtors can adjust the style of the presentation to the desires and needs of each client.

You can also easily create digital presentations for those clients who want to hold a meeting over video conferencing software. Through the Cloud CMA digital presentation software, realtors can even draw on the screen, emphasizing certain listings and enhancing communications.

If clients want to review the digital CMA on their own later, they can view it on any screen, including smartphone screens.

With Cloud CMA, realtors can even create sharp-looking CMA reports for printing. Some clients simply prefer having a printed copy of the CMA. With Cloud CMA’s tools, creating a professional CMA booklet is a simple process.

#6 – Spacio — Best Open House Tracking Software

  • Track open house visitors
  • Collect visitor contact data
  • Generate follow-up emails
  • Market open houses

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One of the biggest benefits of holding an open house for a realtor is to generate leads. Many people visiting open houses are actively looking for a property, which makes them ideal clients.

The Spacio app simplifies the process of managing open houses and collecting contact information from visitors. Whether hosting a digital or in-person open house, the realtor can use Spacio to create digital sign-ins, collecting contact information. Spacio then helps with contacting those potential clients, generating follow-up emails, saving time for the realtor.

Spacio measures response from potential clients through automated messaging, helping the realtor personalize the messaging during further contacts. 

For the client who owns the property that’s involved in the open house, Spacio can generate reports about the number of visitors. Realtors can use this information to adjust the sales strategy for a particular property. Spacio even can help publicize upcoming open houses through promotion on social media.

The app is available for web browsers and mobile devices. Spacio offers a pricing plan where five agents can use the software for $100 per month. A 30-day free trial is available too.

#7 – Pro Agent Solutions Showing Pro — Best Real Estate Showing Management Software

  • Automated scheduling
  • Generate feedback reports
  • Manage team’s appointments
  • Strong mobile version

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For realty agencies that have to juggle multiple property showings per day, keeping the schedule under control is a challenge. The Pro Agent Solutions Showing Pro software is a popular selection for realtors to manage the team’s calendar.

Many of the tasks associated with appointment setting become automated with Showing Pro. Individual team members can view their schedules in a web browser or on a mobile device. They also can view the entire team’s schedule, should a realtor need to ask a coworker to take over a showing at the last minute.

Realtors can receive feedback after their showings through the software too. It’s easy to generate reports based on the feedback for other agents and for the property owner.

The Showing Pro software has a starting price of $25.99 per month. A free trial period of 14 days is available. Beyond the Showing Pro segment of the Pro Agent Solutions software, agents can pay for other services as well, including using a CRM and marketing materials generation software.

How to Find the Best Real Estate Software for You

Finding the best type and brand of real estate software depends in large part on understanding the areas where the agency needs help. Here are some ideas to help realtors figure out which types of software will be most beneficial.

Team Size and Scaling

Smaller agencies or realtors working on their own likely will have different needs than huge agencies. The two groups may have different budgets too.

Some software packages limit the number of users or charge on a per-user basis. This type of pricing may work better for smaller agencies. 

For an agency that knows it will be expanding in the near future, consider how the cost for a particular software package may expand down the road. Some packages scale better in terms of cost for a fast-growing agency than others do.


Established realty teams almost certainly are using certain types of software already. Perhaps the team uses Slack for internal communication or Mailchimp for email marketing. 

Some real estate software packages are able to integrate easily with these packages. This means they can share data with the software packages the team is already using, reducing the amount of data entry required.

With integrations available, team members may be more willing to try the new real estate software packages. They won’t have to learn everything from scratch. And they won’t have to stop using the software that’s already working well for them.

For an agency that has a particularly important software package it’s already using, make sure the selected real estate software can integrate with it.


Realtors understand the importance of marketing to aid in generating leads. Some real estate software packages can provide significant advantages in marketing, including automating many tasks.

When manual tasks in marketing are taking a big chunk out of the realtor’s day, real estate-specific marketing software is an invaluable tool. Some of the marketing features real estate software can offer include:

  • Automated emails
  • Creation of market analysis reports
  • Website creation
  • Social media campaigns
  • SEO tools
  • Content management tools
  • Cost tracking and management
  • Analytics and reports about the marketing campaign results


Real estate agents often must work long, non-traditional hours to match the needs of their clients. When trying to juggle a large number of clients and properties, the day-to-day work can feel overwhelming. Certain aspects of the business may fall by the wayside.

Real estate software should provide a number of automated tools, such as managing appointments for showings, marketing an open house, or sending follow-up emails. When the real estate software lets agents keep in contact with clients with automated messages, agents have more time to focus on key tasks without letting anything else slip.

Customer relationship management

Even with great software packages in hand, realtors know the key to success in this industry is making a connection with clients. CRM real estate software focuses on these connections.

CRM software geared toward realtors can help in a number of areas, including:

  • Managing property sellers
  • Managing property buyers
  • Managing residential properties
  • Managing commercial properties
  • Customized messaging options
  • Tracking leads
  • Managing property listings
  • Generating contracts and offer sheets

Think of CRM software as more of a catch-all kind of tool, offering help in a wide range of areas. Other real estate software tools may focus on solving a particular problem or simplifying a certain task. 


Real Geeks is our top selection for the best all-around real estate software. However, for the agencies that know exactly what they want or that know the areas in which they’re lagging behind the competition, we have multiple other strong selections in our list. 

Placester is tough to beat for agencies that want a website design focused on generating leads. Spacio and Pro Agent Solutions Showing Pro provide excellent features for increasing the efficiency of property showings.

Regardless of which software package the agency chooses, it’s sure to save time, money, and effort for the team members. 

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