Top CPA Offers in 2023

By | May 22, 2023

Do not miss the juiciest offers, they will definitely skyrocket your CR and increase the income you’ll receive in the summer of 2023!

Most converting offers for iGaming vertical

It is obvious that iGaming is the most profitable vertical of any season, and this summer will not be an exception. Below you will find top Betting and Gambling offers for the profitable launch from various nets.

If you’ve been longing to test this vertical for a long time, this is definitely your sign!


Are you looking for Gambling and Betting offers for different GEOs? RevenueLab has put together a selection of just such offers for you:

  • Mostbet
    GEO: TR, IN, UZ, AZ, KZ, BR, NP, PL, CZ, PT, HU, NO, FI, BD;
    Payouts: 2 times a month.
    GEO: PT, GR, BR, CA, AU, NZ, RU, KZ, IN, PE, MX, CL;
    Payouts: 2 times a month.
  • Tsars
    GEO: CH, AU, CA, AT, DK, ES, SL, EE, SK;
    Payouts: once a month.

Trends of iGaming vertical in summer 2023: RevenueLab insights.
In terms of trends, we suggest paying attention to big sports events happening this summer, such as Champions League Final (football), Wimbledon (tennis), US Open (golf), and MLB All-Star Game (baseball).

Royal Partners

Another network with the hottest Gambling offers has created its own shortlist for you and your profit:

  • JET
    Traffic types: GoogleAds, ASO iOs, non-branded SEO
    GEO: CA, DE, AT, DK, EE, LT, LV, HU
    Test Cap: 30-50 FD
    Hold: 7-30 days
    Traffic types: GoogleAds, ASO iOs, non-branded SEO
    GEO: CA, DE, AT, DK, EE, LT, LV, HU
    Test Cap: 30-50 FD
    Hold: 7-30 days
  • IZZI
    Traffic types: GoogleAds, ASO iOs, non-branded SEO
    GEO: CA, DE, AT, DK, EE, LT, LV, HU
    Test Cap: 30-50 FD
    Hold: 7-30 days
    Traffic types: GoogleAds, ASO iOs, non-branded SEO
    GEO: CA, DE, AT, DK, EE, LT, LV, HU
    Test Cap: 30-50 FD
    Hold: 7-30 days
    Traffic types: GoogleAds, ASO iOs, non-branded SEO
    GEO: DE, AT, DK, EE, LT, LV, HU
    Test Cap: 30-50 FD
    Hold: 7-30 days

Mostbet Partners

This network has been providing us with a really working Gambling offer for many seasons, be sure to test it:

Launch recommendation for the summer 2023: Mostbet Partners insights.
Mostbet Partners accepts traffic from push and pop sources, but we recommend looking at more promising sources such as ASO, UAC, context.
If we talk about TOP GEOs in Mostbet, we can recommend Portugal – a VERY promising direction that shows excellent results, and has very favorable conditions to our partners.
From European countries, we can also recommend the Czech Republic and Poland. If we talk about Asia, we will definitely advise Pakistan and Nepal. Huge audience and very low competition.
As for the sources for Europe, we would single out context, FB and ASO. For ASO, we advise you to study the pool of requests that relate to crash games in detail. It definitely offers a lot of potential for development.
For Asia, we recommend schemes, there will be a lot of traffic and the price is really nice.


Another network with the latest Gambling offers that will definitely bring you profit in the coming season:


If you had the strong desire to test Betting offers for a long time, you are very lucky, this network has made a shortlist for you:

Trends of iGaming vertical in summer 2023: CPA#1 insights.
This summer, we are waiting for a lot of top sports events, it’s time to make good money on them. Follow the latest industry events, for example, everyone knows that in March the IPL 2023 the anniversary season of the popular Indian Premier Cricket League started, which attracted the attention of millions of fans around the world. 


Another network that continues to provide us with top-notch Gambling and Betting offers, this summer pay attention to their list:

  • 3710 Bwin CPA ZM ftd
    Paid event: the first deposit 1 ZMW (aprox 0.006USD) from active player in any time. 
    GEO: Zambia
    CPA: 6,5$
  • 3918 GSB CPA 3 countries bl
    Paid event: cumulative deposit 1$ an active player from active player
    GEO: Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania
    CPA: 6,5$ – 8$
  • 3844 Slots city CPA CA bl40
    Paid event: cumulative deposit 40$ from an active player (within 30 days from registration) 
    GEO: Canada 
    CPA: 400$

Trends of iGaming vertical in summer 2023: 3snet insights.
This spring we’re betting on hot Africa and loosely regulated Canada! Why are these GEOs so interesting?Africa’s audience is very similar to the Brazilian at first glance. Very playful and at the same time cheap. Now in 3SNET this GEO is gaining momentum, both from new brands and publishers.
For the publishers’ convenience, we have researched a couple of African GEOs on Gambling and Betting promotion in Kenya and South Africa .
Canada is one of the largest loosely regulated markets in the world. Most of the laws are adopted at the provincial level, the online sector is practically not controlled, offshore casino sites are freely available. At the same time, the country’s population is more than 37.6 million people, of which 60% of the country’s population were involved in gambling, 43% of which spent from 1 to 20 CAD per month on Gaming. This and other useful information on this profitable GEO can be found in the 3SNET Canada review.


If you are still wondering what to launch this summer, grab an offer from 1 win!

  • 1win
    GEO: Azerbaijan, India, Brazil, Turkey

iGaming trends of summer 2023: 1win insights.
Brazil remains the main trend and will continue to strengthen its position. Turkey and Azerbaijan show an excellent CR on the product and have a high passability of payment cards.

Traffic sources and best GEOs for iGaming

The Betting and Gambling verticals convert perfectly all year round on different formats. According to RichAds’ internal statistics, special attention should be paid to the push, pop and direct click formats. They are as easy to start with  and do not require much effort to set up and scale your campaigns!

As for GEOs, according to the latest data, it is worth testing India, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey and Bangladesh.

Best offers to drive Nutra traffic to this summer

Nutra and summer are the perfect combination, everyone wants to look as beautiful as possible and is looking for quick ways to do it. Weight loss and various dietary supplements are top products for the promotion of the summer season.

Below you’ll get the hottest offers for the Nutra vertical promotion, you’d better grab your chance.


The network did its best to collect Nutra offers that will bring a stable CR this summer:


If you want to test different niches of the Nutra vertical, try the offers from ProfitPay:

    Approval rate: 41.7%
    Starting payout: $26 (to $31 for affiliates with volumes)
  • Muscle Gain – PL
    Approval rate: 43.2% 
    Starting payout: $26 (to $31 for affiliates with volumes)
  • Colleskin – PL
    Approval rate: 42.0% 
    Starting payout: $26 (to $31 for affiliates with volumes)
  • Enlargement – PL
    Approval rate: 39.3% 
    Starting payout: $26 (to $31 for affiliates with volumes)
  • SliminMax – PL
    Approval rate: 38.2% 
    Starting payout: 26$ (to $31 for affiliates with volumes)

Launch recommendation for the summer 2023: ProfitPay insights.
Nutra is popular all year round. People want to look better, so they are dying to rock that new swimsuit. Which means, it’s high time you started offering them everything related to losing weight, anti-age, muscle gains, hair growth or boosting potency. 
1. Use a seasonal approach to creatives, focus on the summer coming and the absolute necessity of being in the best shape: lose weight, gain muscles, have thick hair etc. 
2. Use the funnel “Creative – pre-lander – landing page”, do not forget about the uniform design and emphasize the right things in creatives to avoid misleading. It doesn’t matter if you work with Facebook, push traffic or any other source. CR is higher when your approach presents a coherent story. This way you get more credibility which directly correlates to your profit.
As a direct Nutra advertiser, we recommend working with Poland. Out of all European countries it is one of the most highly converting GEOs for Nutra products. 


One more network with really working Nutra offers, make sure you test them in the summer of 2023:

  • Lean Belly Juice
    Payout: $100 CPA
    GEO: US, CA, UK, IE, AU, NZ, Western Europe & Northern Europe
  • Revifol
    Payout: $80 CPA
    GEO: All geos except for the ones included on the International DO NOT Ship list
  • Urinoct
    Payout: $105 CPA
    GEO: worldwide
  • Alpha Beast
    Payout: $70 CPA
    GEO: All geos except for the ones included on the International DO NOT Ship list


The network is ready to present you with the most relevant Nutra offers that will definitely make you rich:

Launch recommendation for the summer 2023: LemonAD insights.
There are four types of offers that will be popular in the summer season.
Health and Fitness: Many people are looking to get their bodies in good shape, so offers related to diets, workouts, and weight loss drugs are usually in high demand.
Beauty and self-care: With the approach of the summer season, people are increasingly thinking about their looks at the beach or in the pool; therefore, offers related to cosmetics, hair care, as well as the fight against age spots and freckles can be very in demand.
Varicose veins: Offers for varicose veins will also gain popularity, as it is not only a health problem, but also a pain that has an aesthetic impact.
Fungus: Offers against nail and foot fungus will also become more popular due to the aesthetic side of the disease — open shoes encourage buyers to get rid of the fungus sooner.

The variety of niches and GEOs is totally a definition of offers from, take your chance!

Launch recommendation for the summer 2023: insights.
In the summer period, there is always a great demand for goods in niches that are associated with appearance, since with the warm weather and light clothing most of the population wants to quickly bring their bodies into good shape.
Therefore, you can safely drive traffic for: weight loss, anti-aging, psoriasis and varicose. With the beginning of the agricultural season in many regions, the demand for goods in the niche of parasites and joints is increasing. And of course, in the top there is also always a year-round and undoubted leader – adult products that are relevant always and everywhere.


The most attractive offers for this vertical have been collected for you by another top network:


How to launch Nutra and boost your ROI? It’s very simple — take the offers from aff1!

  • TestoY (augmentation gel)
    GEO: Bosnia, Serbia — 21$, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro — 20$
    Average approval: 40%
    Prohibited: use the names of real doctors, government agencies, politicians, celebrities in promotional materials.
  • Super Sex Ball (potency)
    GEO: Singapore — 31$, Taiwan— 30$, Malaysia — 27$
    Average approval: 40%
    Target recommendations: on all the GEOs target only the Chinese-speaking audience.
  • Keto Tea (tea slimming)
    GEO: Hungary— 27$, Hungary, Bosnia, Serbia — 23$
    Average approval: 40%
    Prohibited: use the names of real doctors, government agencies, politicians, celebrities in promotional materials.
  • Keto Plus (slimming pills) 
    GEO: Mexico — 18$, limited by regions
    Average approval: 20%
    Prohibited: use the names of real doctors, government agencies, politicians, celebrities in promotional materials. In case of violation, the payout can be cancelled.
  • Titan Gel Gold (augmentation gel)
    GEO: Cambodia — 10$
    Average approval: 25%
    There are restrictions on promo and regions.


Last but certainly not least go offers from AdCombo. If you were looking for high-quality offers for the Nutra vertical, this is your sign!

Traffic sources and best GEOs for Nutra

The best sources for Nutra offers from season to season stay classic and in-page push ads. Test them for the niche, and the highest CR will knock on your door!

The top GEOs in recent months are Indonesia, USA, Australia, Nepal, and Germany. In order to be aware of the latest GEO for this niche, follow the tag “Best GEOs and verticals” and do not hesitate to ask your managers for the latest whitelist.

What is RichAds?
🔝 Push and pop ads,
🔼 Domain redirect traffic,
🔝 CPM for domain ads starts from $ 1.5,
⏫ CPC for push ads starts from $ 0.003,
🔼 CPM for pops — from $0.5 in Tier 3, $1 in Tier 1,
⏫ large volumes of available traffic in more than 200 goes.

Dating vs Summer: top-notch offers

Dating is the niche that will always be in the top, both mainstream and adult offers are popular all year round. This summer, people are especially active and are looking for their soulmate with great enthusiasm, use this to your advantage!

Do not miss the opportunity to get the highest CR on Dating with offers from the best affiliate networks.


The guys from VortexAds have collected the juiciest offers for you below, urgently take them and launch a profitable campaign!

Launch recommendation for the summer 2023: VortexAds insights.
Summer is definitely a great time to launch Dating offers, because this is the time when everything wakes up, activates and blossoms. Newbies can safely enter the niche, while experienced webmasters can scale their campaigns and make a good profit until July, where the first drawdowns are usually noticed. 
As for GEOs, Tier1 countries (AU, CA, UK, US, NZ) continue to show good results. Also do not forget about Europe, Germany and Italy are always on top among our affiliates.


Traforce network has pleased us with Dating offers to every taste, hurry up!

  • Sextingpartners (SOI)
    GEO: BG, CZ, EE, GR, HR, HU, IL, JP, LT, MT, MY, RO, SG, SI, SK, DK, FI, NO, SE
    Devices: mob+web, $1.1-$4


An ideal option for those who are looking for really working offers for the Dating vertical are provided by AdsEmpire:

Launch recommendation for the summer 2023: AdsEmpire insights.
We recommend in spring and summer to launch European offers, with a high standard of living — DE, AT, NL, BE, CH.
Another region that has potential is Asia: JP, KR, VN. Contact @ViktoriiaAE, she will pick you the best Dating offers for any locations!

Traffic sources and best GEOs for Dating

For Dating offers push and in-page push formats consistently convert, we recommend to test them for good results. Make sure you test adult creatives as well, if the offer allows, in RichAds you can use them even without censorship on certain whitelists.

From GEOs, we recommend driving traffic to the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, China and Singapore.

What else to launch in summer 2023: sweeps, mVas и E-commerce

Below you will find a short-list of offers for all the possible verticals, starting from Antiviruses that work consistently in any season, ending with Mobile Subscriptions, Sweepstakes and E-commerce offers.

If you are looking for something new and unusual, but definitely profitable, below you will find offers just for you.


This network has prepared offers for you to launch on push traffic, they guarantee you the highest CR.


A real buffet of offers, traditionally, was prepared by MyLead network:

  • Gobi
    GEO: worldwide
    Payment model: CPS

The guys again offer us unique and rare offers to launch this summer, including adult ones:

  • RU [4678] Astro GL, CPA — 350.00₽
  • KE Safaricom [4568] MobTime, CPA — 0.66$
  • RU Megafon [4679] QuizMoney, CPA — 20.00₽
  • BY A1 (Velcom) [4740] FullOn, CPA — 25.00₽
  • BY MTS [4634] WatchKey, CPA — 25.00₽
  • Adult RU [4552] DateBay, CPA — 300.00₽
  • Adult ZA MTN [4429] Hustler, CPA — 1.25$
  • Adult RU Megafon [4748] SweetCake, CPA — 20.00₽
  • Adult RU Beeline [4604] P SweetEro, CPA — 22.00₽
  • Adult BY A1 (Velcom) [4283] LookDult, CPA — 25.00₽
  • Adult BY MTS [4661] AdultPlay, CPA — 25.00₽


This time GG.Agency presents offers for every taste on a variety of GEO, from Greece to Colombia.

  • ID8865 BLUE PAGE
    GEO: Saudi Arabia
    Category: Download
    Flow: 2ClickFlow+
    CPA: $1.76
  • ID6948 NinjaBoy2
    GEO: United Arab Emirates
    Category: Games
    Flow: Pin submit
    CPA: $1.84
  • ID9443 Claro
    GEO: Colombia
    Category: Video
    Flow: 2ClickFlow
    CPA: $0.19

Affiliate Dragon

Do you want everything at once? Then take offers from Affiliate Dragon, they will definitely bring you success this summer.


The more offers, the better, meet the diverse and rare selection from MaxBounty:


The last offers in our collection are from Adexico, they have prepared Sweeps, VPNs, Cleaners, and Utilities for you!

Launch recommendation for the summer 2023: Adexico insights.
The evergreen niches for pop and push traffic are VPNs, Cleaners, Utilities, and Sweeps. Their broad range of influence allows these niches to transcend both seasonal and regional constraints. Additionally, Brazil shows good conversion rates for such niches as Casinos, Betting, and Finance (opening bank accounts). As the summer season approaches, Weight Loss offers are in high demand.

If you were in doubt which verticals to choose this summer, this selection is supposed to free you from any questions. Choose any of the 130+ offers, they will definitely bring you a huge profit and launch them on RichAds traffic.

Make sure you contact managers for advice on a specific niche and GEO, they will help to double your CR and get maximum profit!

What is RichAds?
🔝 Push and pop ads,
🔼 Domain redirect traffic,
🔝 CPM for domain ads starts from $ 1.5,
⏫ CPC for push ads starts from $ 0.003,
🔼 CPM for pops — from $0.5 in Tier 3, $1 in Tier 1,
⏫ large volumes of available traffic in more than 200 goes.

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