Compare The Best PEO Service Providers

By | May 22, 2023

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best PEO service provider for most people is Resourcing Edge or Paychex Oasis.

A professional employer organization (PEO) allows companies to expand faster and with less friction by taking over critical administrative responsibilities. PEO service providers can handle all of your HR, payroll, recruiting, compliance, risk management, and more.

Whether you’re interested in hiring a PEO company for the first time or looking to switch providers, we’ve reviewed the top options out there. Discover a trusted PEO solution that fits your organization’s needs today.

Compare the Best PEO Companies

The 10 Best PEO Service Providers

  • Resourcing Edge — Best fully customized PEO services
  • Paychex Oasis — Best industry-specific PEO solutions for startups
  • TriNet — Best health benefit options for SMBs
  • Amplify PEO — Best HR technology suite with PEO services
  • Insperity — Best support for small businesses with simple health plan needs
  • Paychex — Best for outsourcing payroll and tax compliance
  • ADP TotalSource — Best 401(k) plans for midsize organizations
  • Justworks — Best for businesses hiring at scale
  • Papaya Global — Best global PEO company
  • VensureHR — Best for businesses with less than 50 employees

I’ll cover the features, benefits, and costs, as well as any drawbacks of the best PEO providers. These are well-known, longstanding organizations that can take over as many back office responsibilities as you need.

After the reviews, you’ll find a short guide to help you ask the right questions as you search for the best PEO service for your specific workplace.

How to choose the best PEO service provider.'s methodology for reviewing PEO service providers.

Resourcing Edge — Best fully customized PEO services

  • 20 years experience with PEO
  • Fully customized solutions
  • Single point of contact
  • Free consultation

Empower your business today

For two decades, Resourcing Edge has provided fully customized solutions for its clients. Resourcing Edge covers all aspects of your company’s human capital management needs, including payroll, employee benefits, HR, and risk management. They do the heavy lifting and let you focus on growing your business.

Resourcing Edge offers a full array of PEO services and customizes solutions for each and every client. They also make it easy for you to manage your program by offering a single point of contact and a robust web-based platform that gives you 24/7 access from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Resourcing Edge PEO Services landing page
Resourcing Edge provides a wide range of PEO services that can be tailored to your business needs.

Resourcing Edge stands out from its competitors with:

  • Customized solutions – your business is unique and so is the way your PEO services should be managed
  • Advanced technology – streamline access and manage your program from anywhere at any time with re360, their proprietary web-based tech platform
  • Specialists for every service – forget generalists with limited knowledge—no matter your question, an experienced and knowledgeable professional is ready to help you
  • A single point of contact – with your dedicated Personal Account Manager, you’ll always know exactly who to contact for any need

When you partner with Resourcing Edge, you entrust your human capital management to a service provider with a demonstrated commitment to being the best in the industry. Resourcing Edge has numerous accreditations and certifications to ensure your confidence.

Some of the services Resourcing Edge PEO offers include:

  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Risk management
  • Time and attendance
  • HR
  • Technology

They are accredited by the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) and the Certified Professional Employer Organization, where they are one of the few PEOs to be certified by the IRS. Resourcing Edge is also accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC). Only 5% of outsourcing service providers have received this accreditation.

Find out how you can empower your organization with a free consultation with Resourcing Edge.

Paychex Oasis — Best industry-specific PEO solutions for startups

  • Owned by Paychex
  • Great service for startups
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Originally founded in 1996

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Paychex Oasis offers a comprehensive line of PEO services that includes multiple touchpoints with your company. You’ll have both an HR generalist as well as a payroll accountant assigned to your account.

This “hands-on” and service-focused approach has won Paychex Oasis many clients over the years, especially from startups. And, now that it is a Paychex company, Oasis is able to draw on massive national resources in order to serve your company better.

PEO services provided by Paychex Oasis include:

  • Human resources
  • Employee benefits
  • Risk management
  • Payroll
  • Technology solutions

Oasis gives you the tools you need to invest in your workforce, from hiring to retirement. You’ll get a clear view of your company’s health, and support from HR professionals whenever a complex situation arises.

Paychex Oasis PEO service
Paychex Oasis provides all the personalized support required to fulfill your HR needs.

Oasis can help your small business get great deals on healthcare by bundling your plan with other clients. They’ll help you set up employee retirement plans as well.

Like other providers on my list, Oasis has some industry-specific solutions.

  • Banking
  • Architecture
  • Hotels
  • Education
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Private equity
  • Legal
  • Property management
  • Financial services

I recommend Oasis to startup companies because it is versatile. Oasis is smaller than the other options on this list — but that only means it can give startups the special attention that they need.

While some PEO providers allow for month-to-month commitments, Oasis requires a one-year contract. So for those of you who don’t want to get locked in, this won’t be the best option for you.

With that said, Paychex Oasis does offer a 90-day money-back guarantee window. So you’ll have some time to change your mind if you’re not satisfied in the first few months. To learn more, check out our Paychex Oasis PEO review.

TriNet — Best health benefit options for SMBs

  • In business for over 30 years
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Niche-specific solutions
  • Over 16,000 clients!

Get started today

If you are a small business that’s not planning on massive growth, TriNet is definitely worth checking out. It offers multiple PEO services for businesses with less than 100 employees, including plans for as few as five.

At first blush, TriNet is fairly similar to some of the others in the industry. But it also offers niche-specific solutions for:

  • HR consulting
  • Benefit options
  • Payroll
  • Risk mitigation
  • Technology

TriNet stands out as one of the best PEO providers because of its service and attention to detail. Whether it’s during the hiring process, onboarding, or just day-to-day questions about benefits or employee status, TriNet is there for all of those needs.

TriNet PEO service
TriNet’s features and services serve small and medium sized businesses better than large corporations.

TriNet does not try to appeal to larger organizations. In fact, services are segmented by employee size into these three categories:

  • 5-19 employees
  • 20-99 employees
  • 100+ employees

I’d recommend TriNet to those of you who fall on the lower end of this scale. A company with 500 or 1,000+ employees should look elsewhere.

TriNet offers a wide range of employee health benefit options through insurance companies like United Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Aflac, Aetna, and MetLife.

TriNet also has partnerships with big brands to offer small businesses and employees marketplace discounts. Some of those brands include Verizon, AT&T, Hyatt, and Avis.

If you want to learn about more services from TriNet, I included it in my list of the best HR outsourcing services.

Amplify PEO — Best HR technology suite with PEO services

  • Full-service PEO solutions
  • Save money each year
  • Cloud-based platform
  • 24/7 HR Portal

Get a Quote

Amplify offers a full-service PEO solution along with a suite of HR technology that centralizes information for admins and employees.

From hiring to retiring, you need a guide to help you stay organized. Amplify does that for you. All employee documents and data stay in one place. Amplify offers any type of administrative relief you need: from GL mapping to complex compliance issues, they have a specialist ready to help.

And once your company is set up on Amplify, it’s easier to see the big picture. With expert guidance, Amplify will help you make smarter decisions about how to increase your revenue, lower costs, and offer your employees even better benefits.

Amplify PEO service
Amplify PEO claims to save companies more than $1,000 per year per employee.

They offer a roster of features and services you’d expect from the best HR solutions out there including:

  • Payroll solutions
  • Benefits options
  • HR management
  • Onboarding
  • Compliance
  • Time and labor
  • Risk management

Amplify’s services help save companies an average of $1,185 per employee each year. If your company has 25 employees, that’s nearly $30,000 a year saved. If your company has 100 employees, that’s $118,500 saved.

I really like Amplify because they’re more human than a lot of other PEO providers. And I mean that literally. Any and all HR issues are directed to an actual person rather than an automated call center.

So whether you’re looking for benefits solutions, payroll solutions, or retirement solutions, Amplify has you covered.

Pricing is not available on their website, but you can request a quote for free.

Insperity — Best support for small businesses with simple health plan needs

  • Full-service HR solution
  • Customized pricing
  • Pick from individual services
  • Excellent customer service

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Insperity has been around for 30+ years. It provides full HR solutions for small businesses as well as enterprises with up to 5,000 employees.

Since being founded in 1986, Insperity has racked up a long list of awards, accreditations, achievements, and glowing reviews from its customers.

Insperity’s full-service HR solution includes:

  • Employee benefits
  • HR administration
  • Payroll
  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Talent management
  • Tech services

And don’t worry if you don’t need a full-service solution. Its individual solutions are also great.

While Insperity can easily manage the needs of businesses with 150-5,000 employees, I’d recommend its services to small and medium-sized business owners with less than 150 employees.

You’ll also have access to the iOS and Android mobile apps to monitor and manage your business on the go. It’s a great option for those of you who enjoy leveraging the latest technology to streamline processes.

Insperity PEO service
Insperity offers powerful mobile apps, so you can manage things from anywhere.

Although the company is big, they still provide excellent customer service and know how to work with small business owners.

Another top feature of Insperity is its flexibility. Unlike other PEO providers on the market, Insperity won’t lock you into a long-term contract. You can cancel at any time, as long as you give them 30 days’ notice.

Insperity does not list prices for its services online. You’ll need to speak with the sales team to get a custom quote.

A potential drawback of using Insperity for PEO services is that its health plan options are limited. Unlike other providers, Insperity only offers health plans from a single health insurance provider.

So if your company wants to give your employees multiple options for healthcare, you should look elsewhere on my list. But this usually isn’t a problem for small business owners.

Paychex — Best for outsourcing payroll and tax compliance

  • Full service or individual plans
  • Pricing based on # of employees
  • Dedicated HR manager support
  • Used by 670,000+ companies

Get started today!

While Paychex is best known for its online payroll services, it’s also a full-service PEO provider.

One of the biggest standouts of Paychex is the way that it provides PEO services. Every business that works with Paychex gets a dedicated HR professional. When you call for help, you’ll be speaking with someone who knows your business.

In some cases, this dedicated HR manager can even be on-site at your office. For example, Paychex PEO has dedicated safety representatives that can help your company meet regulations established by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Paychex PEO home page.

By working directly with your employees, Paychex takes HR outsourcing to the next level. Since Paychex works so closely with your company, it makes it easier to assess workplace risks and address key areas of liability.

These are some of the top features and benefits of using Paychex as your PEO provider:

  • Insurance plans
  • Time and attendance
  • Payroll administration
  • Employee benefit accounts (HSA, FSA, HRA)
  • 401(k) plans
  • Recruiting
  • Workers Compensation
  • Risk management
  • Unemployment insurance

Like other PEO providers, Paychex also offers individual services if you don’t need a full-service plan.

It is as much, or as little, help as you need. You could use Paychex PEO simply to take payroll and essential HR off your plate–never think about an IRS change ever again. Or you could use it to help set up comprehensive performance management or workplace safety initiative.

The price for Paychex PEO services is based on the number of employees you have. Request a free consultation today to find out the exact cost for your business. You can learn more through our detailed Paychex review.

ADP TotalSource — Best 401(k) plans for midsize organizations

  • Full-service PEO solutions
  • Web dashboard & mobile app
  • 401(k) plans
  • Top notch customer service

Get a Quote

ADP is an industry leader in human resources software. It provides services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

ADP also offers TotalSource, their full-service PEO solution.

This is a great option for small to medium-sized business owners. Whether you have 1-49 employees, 50-999 employees, or 1,000+ members on your team, ADP has a plan for you.

ADP TotalSource is used for human resources, talent management, payroll, employee benefits, and risk assessment.

As a small business owner, you can use ADP to provide enterprise-grade medical, dental, and vision care to your employees. Furthermore, ADP also offers 401(k) plans.

The technology used by ADP is the biggest standout of this PEO provider. Everything from HR to payroll, benefits, and recruiting can be accessed and managed through a mobile app or easy-to-use web dashboard.

ADP TotalSource home page

But arguably the best feature of ADP is the customer service.

Naturally, your employees will have questions. Whether it be about their pay, benefits, or something else that would fall into the HR category. Rather than bothering you with those questions, your staff can simply contact an ADP representative directly.

ADP’s knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide your employees in the right direction to answer any questions or help them pick a plan that fits their needs.

I like ADP because it also has industry-specific solutions for businesses in the following categories:

  • Restaurant and hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Government and education
  • Nonprofit
  • Professional and technical services
  • Financial services

ADP provides PEO services and technology in over 140 countries worldwide.

The only potential downside of using ADP TotalSource is the company’s size. Since ADP is so large, it’s possible that your small business could feel like it’s getting lost in the shuffle. Check out our complete ADP review to learn more.

Justworks — Best for businesses hiring at scale

  • Basic and Plus plans
  • Easy to scale as you grow
  • Wide range of services
  • 24/7 customer support

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Justworks is a full-service PEO provider offering payroll, human resources, compliance, and employee benefits.

In addition to benefits like health, vision, and dental insurance, Justworks also provides a wide range of compliance services. It handles W-2 and 1099 filings, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation.

Justworks has an automated payroll system for direct deposit, paying vendors and contractors, and integration with your business accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero.

Screenshot of Justworks hiring page highlighting its ability to hire remote teams.
Justworks PEO services help organizations stay compliant with hiring and onboarding in all 50 states.

Another benefit of Justworks is that it can accommodate the needs of businesses of all sizes. This means it can easily scale with you as your company grows.

Here’s an overview of the plans and pricing based on company size:

Basic — Payroll, HR Tools, Benefits, and Compliance

  • Less than 25 employees — $49 per month per employee
  • 25-99 — $44 per month per employee
  • 100-174 — $39 per month per employee
  • 175+ — Custom pricing

Plus — Access to Medical, Dental, and Vision

  • Less than 25 employees — $99 per month per employee
  • 25-99 — $89 per month per employee
  • 100-174 — $79 per month per employee
  • 175+ — Custom pricing

You can save 15% on all plans when you sign up for an annual contract.

I like Justworks because it gives you so many options. You’re not forced to take the health insurance package, but it’s available if you want it. If you’re just starting out and new to working with PEO service providers, you could always start with the Basic plan and upgrade to Plus when you’re ready.

Justworks offers 24/7 customer support. The company is modern and still growing at a rapid rate, so I expect them to continue providing excellent service in the future.

The only real downside of Justworks is its lack of experience. There are other PEO service providers who have been in business for decades.

Visit JustWorks to learn more.

Papaya Global — Best global PEO company

  • Hire employees in 160+ countries
  • Global compliance expertise
  • Automated international payroll
  • Flexible onboarding tools

Start Hiring Anywhere

Papaya Global offers an easy and safe way for companies to expand internationally. As a global PEO, it can serve as the employer of record (EOR), so your company doesn’t have to open a foreign entity.

Hire, onboard, and pay full-time employees in more than 160 countries using Papaya Global’s technology. 

On day one, you’ll benefit from Papaya Global’s deep experience with international regulations, knowing that your company will stay compliant with all regional requirements and local expectations.

That saves time, money, and a ton of stress.

PapayaGlobal homepage featuring global payments with a man in a white shirt wearing glasses.
Papaya Global makes it easy to hire, pay, and administer benefits to employees worldwide.

Papaya Global gives you the freedom to test out new markets quickly, getting contractors or FTE’s up and running in any region with minimal difficulty. 

All the compliance headaches are outsourced to the global PEO. Your company can stay focused on its goals, letting your Papaya Global deal with the local currencies, financial requirements, and quirks of doing business in other countries.

On your end, there is a clear dashboard to track employees, explore payroll data, or dig into your workforce metrics. Maintain all your HR goals, even as you expand internationally.

For your employees, there is a modern self-service portal that allows them to answer many of their own questions and get the information they need.

Add the self-service portal to an already streamlined international onboarding experience, and Papaya Global is sure to help your company make a great impression on new hires.

Papaya Global offers international payroll services starting at $20/month per employee. This is full-service payroll that works in over 160 countries.

Employer of record services start at $650/month per employee. Papaya Global will take responsibility for payroll, benefits, HR compliance for your international employees.

There are volume discounts for large organizations

Compliant, accurate, and dependable, Papaya Global is your all-inclusive solution for building an international workforce. 

Start hiring anywhere with confidence using Papaya Global today.

VensureHR — Best for businesses with less than 50 employees

  • Full-service PEO solutions
  • 4 billion+ in annual payroll processing
  • 250,000+ employees served
  • Great for small businesses!

Compare Quotes

VensureHR offers a full range of HR solutions that helps simplify your processes.

Their services include:

  • Payroll administration
  • Benefits solutions
  • Risk management
  • Workers’ comp
  • HR solutions

While its services are robust enough for companies of many different industries and sizes, it’s focused on helping small businesses manage their HR solutions.

VensureHR homepage
Venture HR is one of the few PEO Providers that works with smaller companies.

That means if you’re a small business owner, you can focus on pulling the levers that boost growth instead.

Many PEO services won’t be willing to work with less than 100 employees, but VensureHR has specific services set up for companies with 1-49 employees.

This means that small businesses can get all the help they need, even if they never plan on massive growth. They’ll still be able to offer comprehensive benefits without having to hire a full-time person in-house.

Should your company grow beyond 50 employees, VensureHR has dedicated plans for midsize and large businesses, too.

Pricing is obscured on the VensureHR website, but you can request a quote at any time by filling out a form.

How to Find the Best PEO Service Providers

There are 957 PEO companies in the USA! Find out which one is the best match for your specific needs. Enter your zip code below to begin.

There is quite a bit of information that must be taken into consideration when you’re evaluating a PEO service provider. Since so many companies seem to offer similar services, choosing the best fit for your business can be a challenge.

I’ll take you through the methodology that we used to come up with this guide. You can use these features as well during your search process.


Normally, pricing wouldn’t be something that we’d use to qualify options for a business service. Everyone has different budgets to work with, and taking that into consideration should go without saying.

However, this is a bit different when it comes to PEO services. That’s because PEO service providers rarely include pricing online. Since so much about this industry is customized, you’ll need to reach out to a sales rep for a quote.

This means that you’re forced to take a closer look at pricing as you’re comparing options side by side. You can see how different providers quote you for similar services and how your requests are bundled into a final package.

If you’re looking for a provider with transparent prices, Justworks will be a top option for you to consider. It offers simple PEO pricing for up to 174 employees. But beyond that, you’ll have to get in touch for a custom quote.

Employee Benefits

PEO providers are supposed to reduce costs and make your life easier as a business owner. But they should also have a positive impact on your employees.

Focusing on areas like retirement planning, health insurance, dental insurance, and vision coverage offered by a PEO will be appealing to your staff. Not only will this keep your employees happy, but it will also help you hire top-level talent.

All of these benefits should be very easy to access. Your PEO provider will help you set up your employee benefits so your staff can manage everything through a single dashboard.

This helps eliminate confusion during open enrollment and reduces the number of questions you need to field from your employees. For example, Justworks makes it easy for employees to walk through each step, and additional information is always just a click away.

Benefits dashboard in Justworks PEO service

Some PEO providers work with just one health insurance company, while others provide a wide range of options. If diverse plans from varying providers are important to you, then make sure you find a PEO solution that can accommodate those needs.

Employee Self-Service

The best PEO providers offer robust and modern technology for employee self-service. Whether it’s a mobile app or web portal, your staff can access crucial information related to their pay, employee status, or benefits.

If the self-service options are not sufficient, you want to make sure that your PEO provider will be available to answer any questions via phone, email, or live chat for your employees.

Not only does this reduce the strain on your internal administrative work, but it also gives employees fast access to information on nights, weekends, and times when your office is closed.

Your staff should be able to do this without having to go directly through you to speak to an outsourced HR representative.

Business Size and Industry

A startup with five employees shouldn’t be evaluating the same PEO services as a franchise with 2,000 employees across 50 locations. Instead, you should be looking for a provider that works with companies similar to yours.

Some PEO providers even specialize in specific industries. Ideally, you want to work with a provider who understands your industry at a deeper level.

There’s only so much research you can do on your own via public resources. So I suggest shortlisting your top choices and getting in touch. They can provide references from other companies they work with who match your size and industry. It might be a red flag if they’re unable to provide that information.

Finding a PEO provider that already knows how to support your organization is the best-case scenario.

Best PEO Service Providers: Your Top Questions Answered

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”@id”:””,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best PEO company?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”<strong><a aria-label=” (opens in a new tab)” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener nofollow” class=”ek-link”>Resourcing Edge</a></strong> is the best PEO company because they offer custom-tailored PEO services to accommodate businesses of different sizes across various industries. They can handle payroll, employee benefits, workers’ compensation, human resources, time and attendance, risk management, and more.<br><br>Resourcing Edge has future-proof technology and over 20 years of experience providing PEO services. The IRS has also recognized them as a certified PEO provider, and they’re within the 5% of outsourced service providers with accreditation by the ESAC.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I choose a PEO company?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”Choose a PEO company that has experience working with businesses of similar sizes and industries of your own. For example, if you’re a multi-location business or you’re hiring employees in other countries, you should be looking for a PEO company that understands the compliance requirements of international onboarding and payroll.  <br><br>You should also consider a PEO company that specializes in services that align with your business goals. For example, let’s say your primary goal is hiring at scale. The best PEO provider for you may be different from a business that’s trying to improve and expand employee benefits administration options.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Does PEO include payroll?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”PEO services perform a wide range of human resource outsourcing tasks, including payroll. In addition to payroll, PEO providers can also handle employee onboarding, training, benefits administration, recruitment, regulatory compliance, and more. You won’t necessarily get these types of services if you’re working with a traditional payroll provider. <br><br>If you’re just looking for a payroll option and don’t think you need a full-service PEO provider, check out <a aria-label=” (opens in a new tab)” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener” class=”ek-link”>our reviews of the best payroll services</a>.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How much does PEO cost?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”PEO services cost about $50 to $100 per employee per month as a starting point. But the price varies based on the depth of services you need and the size of your organization. For example, if you’re just looking for a simple outsourced payroll solution, it might only cost you about $20 per employee per month. But an employer of record service for international hiring compliance can start upwards of $650 per employee per month.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What companies should use a PEO?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”Large and rapidly-growing companies should use a PEO service provider. This is often cheaper and easier to manage than trying to scale your HR department at the same pace as your workforce. <br><br>It’s also worth noting that some PEO providers will only work with companies of certain sizes. Consider VensureHR if you’re a smaller business seeking a PEO solution. They have full-service PEO plans to accommodate companies with less than 50 employees.”}}]}

The Top PEO Services in Summary

Hiring a PEO service provider can save you time and money if you need some assistance running payroll, managing benefits, and handling HR tasks.

Not every business is looking for the same thing in a PEO solution. Some companies want a full-service PEO package, while others just want an outsourced HR representative. Some PEO services are industry-specific, while others are intended for businesses of a certain size.

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