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Top 20 Affiliate Networks to Check Out

Top 20 Affiliate Networks to Check Out Last modified on: August 23rd, 2023 Affiliate marketing has become one of the best ways to generate passive income. If you’re a blogger, you probably already know affiliate marketing is the goldmine of our times, and this is because it offers the opportunity to create multiple recurring revenue… Read More »


    Offerwalls are in-app ads that help developers reward user engagement and create a revenue stream from paid and free users alike, who serve businesses with an opportunity to boost app revenue and improve its user engagement and retention. What is an offerwall? One way to turn your mobile app, website, and digital content… Read More »

CPA Marketing: Maximize your Affiliate Earnings with CPA Networks

CPA Marketing: Maximize your Affiliate Earnings with CPA Networks What are CPA Networks? A CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Network is an advertising company which pays publishers for generating actions on its brand partners’ websites, such as requesting goods or services, filling out forms, or downloading apps. In this model, the publisher serves as the advertiser’s… Read More »

Everything About CPA Affiliate Marketing And Best Networks For CPA marketing

Everything About CPA Affiliate Marketing And Best Networks For CPA marketing What Is CPA Marketing? CPA marketing which is also known as cost-per-action marketing is an affiliate strategy that involves a partnership between an affiliate and an advertiser. An affiliate is responsible for providing marketing services for the advertiser. The affiliate earns a commission when… Read More »

Is it Bad to Submit Every Website Page to StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon has been a flash in the pan of the Internet.  It exploded onto the scene and was the star in everyone’s eye for only a few short months, before fading away as the fad passed.  It still exists, of course, and it has a not-insignificant pool of users pressing the little button every day. … Read More »

30 Ways to Use Facebook for Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, your goal is to get people to buy something you post a link to. There’s a lot of nuance to it, of course, but I’m not here to tell you about the basics of affiliate marketing. Today, we’re discussing specific strategies you can use with social media, specifically Facebook, that can earn… Read More »

How to Optimize Your PPC Campaign for Subscription Websites

Running a PPC campaign is always tricky business. You’re walking a razor’s edge, where to fall on one side means profitable advertising, and the other means a huge money sink. It’s tricky to set up, tricky to test, and tricky to monitor in a way that you can use to optimize your results. When it… Read More »

Why Does Google Ads Exceed My Set Daily Budget?

If you don’t pay a ton of attention to Google Ads, you may not have noticed the news from about a year ago. You might, however, noticed some odd behavior with regards to budget and spending. When you set a daily budget, it’s entirely possible for Google to charge you more than that cap. In… Read More »

The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your New Product

When it’s time to launch a new product, a lot starts to happen all at once.  Your development is nearing completion but your marketing hasn’t quite kicked into high gear.  You have a lot on your plate, a lot to manage, and it’s all too easy to let something slip through the cracks.  To make… Read More »

How to Fully Automate a Shopify eCommerce Website

Automation in some areas can be excellent, while in others it’s not recommended. If you have some simple data entry to do every few days, you can automate it pretty easily and save yourself time. If you have a lot of customers asking questions of your service reps, you can automate some of it, but… Read More »