Fraud detection methods from a direct advertiser

By | October 19, 2023

RichAds team has a brand new Youtube activity โ€” Ads&Grans talks.
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Insights on fraud identification: share tips

In the second episode of our talks with Taras Sorokin, financial analyst, we had an in-depth discussion on fraud in affiliate marketing and ways to spot it in advance.

Main topic on fraud detection that were raised in talks with

  • Common ways to identify fraud in the niche and its definition.
  • The amount of fraud in comparison with previous years.
  • Tools to actually identify fraudulent actions and how they work.
  • Automated vs manual ways to evaluate fraud.
  • Suspicious user behavior: what is it?
  • The amount of time needed to identify fraudulent activity.
  • CPA network vs casino operator fraud detection differences.
  • Hacks to predict negative cases and money losses and avoid them.
  • The traffic that will 100% be accepted by
  • Reconciliation period and KPI monitoring.

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