10 General Tips to Use in Next Marketing Strategy

By | October 12, 2023

Every company has one obvious goal in mind when it starts its business which is to sell its products and services.

Marketing is a process that starts before the actual products start selling and have no obvious end.

Besides designing strategies on how to launch a product in a manner, to create demand in the minds of customers, the marketing team is also responsible for continuously researching and designing innovative advertising ideas to make the products attractive.


Choose your product. Decide on which product or products you want to sell. Conduct thorough market research.


Decide your budget, involve your finance team or outsource, have a plan B designed for yourself, and keep a lump sum amount aside for exigencies.


Decide your pricing, margins, discount strategy, and promotional structure. Have a glance at what competitors are doing, and design something eccentric.


Design your “USP” or unique selling proposition. This means figuring out the one factor which makes your brand unique.


Target your niche, or segment of customers. Design your products accordingly.


Get advertisement ideas, and figure out different ways to reach your customers. All over you must be seen or be visible always.


Design your sales team and allocate them area-wise, with the focus being more on areas where your targeted niche exists.


Retain customers who are bulk buyers by extending gifts on every bulk purchase that they make. Or make the process easier for them.

A brand is launched with a set of goals, which may be called a “mission” and collective expectations of a large group of people, which can be called a “vision”. To successfully establish a brand is like achieving a huge milestone.

The reasons were, they could not put up with the competition, pricing, lack of proper visibility, advertising, logistics cost, etc.

The demand must be created in the minds of the customer in such a way that they are able to relate to it, on a personal level. If the message touches their heart, they will certainly come back.

If they are treated well and made to feel important they will yet again come back over and over again.

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