Our Review of Clickky: A Mobile App Marketing Website

By | May 30, 2022

Clickky is a five year old CPA network that has historically focused primarily on Eastern Europe more than the United States in terms of advertising and affiliates. This has led to its growth as one of the better CPA networks for marketers worldwide, particularly new marketers getting started in the business.

One thing that makes Clickky unique is their focus on mobile app marketing. Mobile has long been on the rise as a new method of browsing the web, and it’s been something of a promised land for businesses able to take advantage of it early. The mobile gold rush is in full swing right now, and Clickky is getting their share of the cake by releasing MadApp, their own mobile-specific advertising technology.

There’s Something About MadApp


MadApp is not an app development platform. Instead, they’re a service specifically designed to help app developers and marketers broadcast the existence of their app. They primarily focus on app store optimization; that is, making an app appear higher in search results in app stores like the iOS store and the Google Play store. While one of the primary metrics for this is number of downloads, others include keyword optimization in descriptions, quality of those same descriptions, and the quality of various screenshots and other information presented about the app.

MadApp also helps with various out-of-store promotions, including press releases and media coverage. They have contacts with various media agencies around the world, and can get coverage of an app in relevant digital publications globally. App developers can target a specific market, like the Russian app stores or Canada specifically among North American countries. MadApp then helps promote the app in those locations.

One interesting unique feature of Clickky’s MadApp service is their deals with certain smartphone providers. With the right deal, they can get your app preinstalled on devices from a certain provider, giving you an easy and automatic audience.

But Enough About That

Clickky itself is a service as well. They’re a CPA network, which means marketers and can sign up to see a large list of offers – around 50-100 at any given time – from businesses looking for advertising. As a marketer, you can sign up for these offers and run advertising on your site to funnel traffic to them. When a user completes the offer, the marketer gets paid.

As an advertiser, you can use Clickky to get your as displayed on both web and mobile app platforms. Clickky is best used specifically for mobile ads, which makes it ideal for marketing other mobile apps.

One thing you might notice if you’re looking up Clickky reviews online is the presence of negative comments, primarily from people who claim they haven’t been paid. This is very common amongst CPA networks, and isn’t much of a cause for concern. There is a relatively low density of these negative reviews, and they are often addressed by the admins of Clickky. You often find TOS violations at the root of the issue, such as providing incentives for specifically non-incentivized offers.

Clickky has several great companies advertising through their platform, including Sony and Gameloft. You can probably assume that these advertisers wouldn’t use Clickky if Clickky didn’t refer them any real traffic.

Clickky as an Advertiser




If you’re a business looking to get your ads pushed through CPA to generate leads, you can certainly do a lot worse than Clickky. However, there are a few quirks you should know about before you dive right in and start making offers.

For one thing, Clickky is much better at mobile app advertising than it is about desktop offer advertising. This means it’s generally better to try to advertise your own mobile apps through the platform. You’ll be able to find ads offering your app within a number of other apps and mobile platforms, giving you pretty great exposure.

The second item of note is Clickky’s focus on Eastern Europe, specifically areas like Russia and the Ukraine. They have some presence in North America and Western Europe, but they aren’t the primary focus. This has a few effects. Most notably, you’ll find that you benefit if you have a multilingual app that has versions for the European countries where your ads will run.

Clickky as a Marketer

As a marketer, Clickky can be a bit hard to get into, once again because of their focus on mobile advertising. If you don’t have a resource to push mobile ads, you’ll have a bit of a harder time than other marketers. It works best if you can get ads in your own apps or through partners with apps, though websites that focus on mobile users – and social media – work well as well.

Clickky has offers in a wide range of industries. You have your basic dating and gambling offers, which you can find on pretty much any CPA network ever created. These are a bit low for the industry standard, but they’re also not the focus of the platform.

Instead, the focus of the platform tends to be on apps, games and social offers. This combines with their eastern European focus, so you have a unique market of Europeans games and apps to market. You can see a list of their offers here, on oDigger. You’ll note that most of them are mobile games, giving them a very defined niche.

So what about Clickky over all? They’re a fairly good CPA network with a unique focus that makes them harder to get started with than other CPA networks. If you have the resources to take advantage of their mobile ads, you’re going to have a great time. On the other hand, if you can’t take advantage of mobile or you don’t want to deal with games, you’re better off giving this one a pass.

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