How to Get More Traffic to a Fiverr Gig

By | January 25, 2022

Fiverr has something of a bad rap amongst SEO professionals, and for one reason; way too many low quality sellers scam webmasters out of their cash using black hat techniques that don’t work. While they is true, it has no bearing on being a Fiverr seller, as long as the service you’re selling is valuable and worth the five bucks you get for selling it.

How can you pull in more traffic to your Fiverr gig? Here are a few ideas.

Social Channels

Social media advertising is the go-to means of promoting your gig. How you go about it depends on your gig. If it’s part of your business, you can have your own business Facebook Page, and run a page dedicated to your gig and the industry surrounding it. This adds an air of legitimacy to gigs with shady reputations, like SEO gigs. It also allows you to accumulate a targeted audience.

You may also want to broadcast your message in groups dedicated to your industry, or to your personal friends and family, for additional word of mouth.

Beyond Facebook, Twitter is the biggest and best means of promoting gigs. You can also create Pinterest pins, Instagram photos and even YouTube videos. Figure out how much time you’re willing and able to spend running profiles, and manage as many as you can in that time.

Social media also provides opportunities for a little PPC. While it may not seem like a great idea to pay to advertise gigs that only earn you a few bucks, it’s all about volume. If you pay $5 per week to get your message in front of 1,000,000 people, if even 10 of those people are interested and convert, you’ve made a significant profit.

Accumulating Feedback

Fiverr is a land of shady characters looking to turn a quick profit through immense automation and extremely low cost production. Many people are wary of paying someone for a gig when they’re risking the future of their website, or wasting money on a terrible graphic, or something equally wasteful.

One way to combat this reputation is to earn – not buy – a large amount of feedback. Unfortunately, you can only earn feedback from people buying your services, so you need to focus on the satisfied customer. When you deliver your product or service, whatever it may be, ask the customer to leave you feedback. Over time, you’ll accumulate a critical mass of positive reviews.

Optimize Your Gig Description

When you write the description and introduction to your gig, you need to take advantage of both general SEO trends and trends on Fiverr specifically.

For SEO, keywords are a must. Without keywords, you won’t show up for relevant gig queries, and people searching through Google won’t find you. Avoid spamming your keyword, however; one use, maybe two, is plenty. Instead, think of natural variations to use.

For specific Fiverr tips, use an all-caps word in your headline and use graphical descriptions. Text is boring; the best converting gigs all use graphical designs or even videos in their descriptions. Videos aren’t important if, for example, you’re selling static images. However, if you’re producing something that needs a complex explanation, or if you’re creating or editing videos, a produced video example is a good idea.

Advertise on Your Website

This goes for anything you do; advertise it on any channel you own. If you have a website, if you have a blog, advertise your services through those venues. You don’t need to dedicate your time to a constant flow of advertising, but you need to mention it often enough that users can come in and know what you sell. This might be mention in your blog posts, it might be an ad in your sidebar, it might be a button in your navigation; whatever it is, it needs to be there.

Ping Your Mailing List

Unless you’re new to the online business world and are getting your start with Fiverr, you probably have build up a mailing list. You can use this mailing list to advertise your various products and services, including your Fiverr gig. The trick is to tell the user what you do in a way that makes them want to purchase. Thankfully, you have one advantage; users on your mailing list already trust you, so you don’t need to break that hurdle. $5 is also a very cheap price point for many services, so the jump to a conversion is small.

If you don’t have a mailing list, you should start building one. If you don’t have a website, you can do it through Fiverr; just ask for an opt-in when users make use of your services. Keep the newsletter going on a weekly or monthly basis, reminding people of your service, any new services you launch and any news you have to announce. You can use any number of programs to manage your list, but MailChimp is both easy and simple to use.

Create a Video Advertisement

Images are more compelling than text, and video is more compelling than images. Even if your users don’t always watch your video description, knowing it’s there can make a big difference. They know you put out the effort to make a video description, and the preview image shows its quality in a rough estimation.

You can also gain benefit from posting your video ad throughout the Internet. Host it on YouTube for the social activity, or on Vimeo for its unique community. Embed it on your website for additional traffic flow. Link to it in relevant discussions, rather than linking to your gig directly. Include a call to action in your video, to encourage off-site viewers to convert.

Buy Traffic from Fiverr

You can, of course, always buy targeted traffic from Fiverr itself. This isn’t recommended for website throughput, as you never know what the quality of your traffic is, but on Fiverr all you need is a couple of conversions to make your money back and then some. Investigate the track records of people who sell traffic and see if you can get them to direct a stream your way.

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