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By | December 14, 2021

These days, it’s essential for businesses to be able to flourish in the online space. That’s why it’s become even more important for business owners to possess great digital marketing skills. There are endless digital marketing courses to choose from, but not all of them have the learnings to take your business to the next level. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best digital marketing courses out there. 

The Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Courses

  1. The Complete Digital Marketing Course (Udemy) – Best for All-in-One Beginner Course
  2. Digital Marketing Specialist (Simplilearn) – Best for Comprehensive Learning
  3. Social Media Marketing Mastery (Udemy) – Best for Social Media Marketing
  4. SEO Essentials Certification (Moz Academy) – Best for Search Engine Optimization
  5. Email Marketing Course (ClickMinded) – Best for Email Marketing

We will take a closer look at each software’s features, benefits, and pricing below. Use this guide to find the best digital marketing course for your needs. 

#1 – The Complete Digital Marketing Course (Udemy) — Best All-in-One Beginner Course

  • Comprehensive content
  • 22.5 hours of on-demand video
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Only $149

Try for 30-days risk-free

The Complete Digital Marketing Course by Udemy is one of the most popular courses in the digital marketing space, with over 600,000 students enrolled to date. Taught by digital marketing experts Daragh Walsh and Rob Percival, this course is full of comprehensive learnings on all facets of digital marketing. 

The Complete Digital Marketing Course comprises 12 modules that thoroughly cover email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, copywriting, market research, and more. You’ll learn how to confidently develop a digital marketing strategy and create meaningful content that converts, no matter which platform you’re using. This course includes:

  • 22.5 hours of on-demand video 
  • 12 modules covering most major digital marketing topics
  • Actionable material such as projects, checklists, and quizzes covering each topic to cement your learning
  • Lifetime access to course material, including any future updates
  • Udemy Certificate of Completion for your records

This course is perfect for beginners without prior marketing experience or professionals who want to land a job in digital marketing. It’s also great for business owners who wish to brush up on their marketing skills or focus on building their business online. 

You can enroll in The Complete Digital Marketing Course today for just $149. However, Udemy is well-known for offering significant discounts or promotions on its courses, so keep an eye out for a deal!
This course also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Get started risk-free today.

#2 – Digital Marketing Specialist (Simplilearn) — Best for Comprehensive Learning

  • In-depth content
  • 200+ hours of live learning
  • Learn key digital marketing tools
  • OMCP Exam Preparation

Enroll now

If you’re looking for a comprehensive curriculum that will catapult you into a career in digital marketing, we have just the course for you. Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist course can transform you from apprentice to digital marketing to master in a few short months. 

This course is not for those wanting a brief overview of digital marketing. It’s a master-level program that comprehensively covers eight core digital marketing disciplines such as inbound marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, content, mobile marketing, email marketing, and more. 

One of the things we love most about Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist course is that it doesn’t simply cover the fundamental concepts of digital marketing but also highlights the tools required to excel in that area. We also love that you’ll put your new learnings into practice using these tools while working on real-world projects.

The course also includes:

  • Access to over 200 hours of live, interactive learning
  • Over 45 projects and case studies to work through
  • Simulation exams and quizzes to solidify your learnings
  • Downloadable workbooks and other resources 
  • Active online community
  • Monthly mentoring sessions with industry experts
  • Receive an Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) exam voucher worth $395 on completion 

You’ll pay a one-time fee of $1,499 for the Digital Marketing Specialist course, but you’ll only have access to the course material for one year, so it’s really important to make sure you’ve got the time and dedication to throw into your learning. 

Considering the course can take you from complete beginner to digital marketing master in a few short months, we’d say it’s a worthwhile investment. If you’re ready to become a digital marketing expert, enroll today.

#3 – Social Media Marketing Mastery (Udemy) — Best for Social Media Marketing

  • Social media focussed learning
  • Optimize accounts for ad success
  • Only $149
  • Lifetime access

Try for 30-days risk-free

All of the best digital marketing courses cover the basic principles of social media marketing. But if you want to truly dominate in this area, a focused social media marketing course is essential. 

Udemy’s Social Media Marketing Mastery course is a top contender in this arena. Don’t let the term “mastery” put you off. This course is suitable for absolutely anyone who wants to learn how to create ads on any social media platform. You’ll learn to master digital marketing on all the big players such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, and more.

This course will teach you how to optimize your social media accounts for ad success and how to enhance your brand using social media. You’ll learn how to grow your page’s likes and audience while also improving post engagement. 

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to determine which social media platforms are most beneficial to your business. Instead of wasting hours trying to be present on every single platform, dive deep into the ones that will bring you the most success.

This course includes:

  • 9.5 hours of on-demand video to watch at your own pace
  • 36 articles full of insightful information
  • 31 downloadable practical resources to solidify your learnings
  • Lifetime access via mobile or TV
  • Udemy Certificate of Completion ready to download

Social Media Marketing Mastery usually costs $149, but Udemy often offers incredible discounts on this course. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can get started right away.

#4 – SEO Essentials Certification (Moz Academy) — Best for Search Engine Optimization

  • Learn SEO essentials
  • 6 hours of on-demand learning
  • Apply learnings to any solution
  • 1 year of course access

Enroll today

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. The better your SEO, the more traffic you can expect to drive to your website. While most digital marketing courses briefly cover the essentials of search engine optimization, a specialized course is a must if you really want to thrive in this area.

Enter Moz Academy. In the SEO world, Moz is a household name making it the perfect teacher in this arena. Moz Academy offers easy-to-access, free SEO courses and affordable, short courses for in-depth learning. 

If you’re serious about learning the ropes of SEO, we’d recommend Moz’s SEO Essentials Certification. It’s a six-part course that thoroughly covers fundamental SEO learnings via on-demand, instructor-led lessons. You’ll cover topics such as keyword research, page optimization, link-building essentials, and reporting on SEO. 

By the end of this course, you can expect to develop a winning SEO strategy and apply foundational practices with confidence. The SEO Essentials Certification includes:

  • 6 hours of on-demand instructor-led training
  • Test your knowledge with exams at the conclusion of each segment
  • Actionable tasks designed to encourage you to implement your newly learned skills using Moz Pro
  • Access to course materials for one year from date of purchase
  • Official Moz Certification upon course completion

While application of the course concepts takes place inside Moz’s tools, you can apply your learnings to other solutions, too, making this course an excellent solution for anybody wanting to learn SEO. 

SEO Essentials Certification by Moz costs $595 and you can sign up here

#5 – Email Marketing Course (ClickMinded) — Best for Nailing Email Marketing

  • Learn from an expert
  • Create stunning email campaigns
  • Free updates for life
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Enroll risk-free today

Email marketing is another vital facet of digital marketing. It can help you grow your business, increase sales, and, most importantly, build solid relationships with your customers. If this sounds good to you, the ClickMinded Email Marketing Course is right up your alley.

The ClickMinded Email Marketing Course is led by Lucas Chevillard, Airbnb’s Email Strategist, who has tons of experience implementing successful email marketing and automation strategy. 

The course promises to teach you exactly how to increase sales with an email marketing strategy that’s 99% automated. It does this by covering fundamental topics such as creating stunning email campaigns while optimizing them for the greatest success. It also teaches you to segment your email list for better engagement. 

ClickMinded Email Marketing Course also includes:

  • Email automation walkthroughs
  • Tracking and deliverability
  • Quizzes at the end of each lecture
  • Downloadable slides with in-depth learning and information
  • Free updates for life
  • Email marketing certification upon completion

This course is one of the most detailed email marketing courses on the market, which is why it’s not cheap. But for $997, you’ll get unlimited lifetime access to world-class email marketing training, and we think that’s pretty darn good. 

ClickMinded is so confident that you’ll love the course that it offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Why not get started today?

How to Find The Best Digital Marketing Course For You

As you can see, there are many different aspects of digital marketing. You may initially choose to focus on just a few of them, but in today’s online world, you need to know all of them to truly succeed. 

If you’re just getting started with digital marketing, a course that briefly but adequately covers the core components will get you started on the right foot. But if you’re already working in the digital marketing world and are looking to up your knowledge in specific areas, you’ll need to focus your search a little more.

Regardless of your goals, here is the methodology we used to determine the best digital marketing courses available now. 

Learning Style

Are you someone who thrives in a classroom environment? Or do you prefer learning at your own pace? These are questions that you need to ask yourself before starting your search for the perfect course. 

People who like the extra push that an instructor gives should consider face-to-face courses. These courses are still held online, but you’ll be required to attend class at a specific time each week to go through the course content. These types of courses also give the added benefit of a collaborative community which can enhance learning for some people. 

On the other hand, people with a tight schedule or the discipline to learn alone would be better suited to self-paced learning styles. You still get to learn from the experts via on-demand video, but you can complete the curriculum at your convenience.  

To ensure your learning process is smooth, it’s important to identify which learning style is best suited to you and prioritize finding a course that can offer you that style. 

Understand Your Requirements

Another thing that is important to understand before choosing a digital marketing course is your requirements. What is the purpose of taking the course? What are you looking to learn?

For example, if you want to take your social media skills up a notch, your focus should be on finding a social media marketing course. Whereas if you want to learn more about email marketing, you’d dial in on an email marketing course. You get the gist. 

Of course, if you want to keep it broad and learn about all areas of digital marketing before you dial in on any specialties, that’s fine, too! There are tons of great courses that cover the core components of digital marketing to get you started. 

The best way to tell whether or not a course meets your requirements is by going through the course curriculum. Our hot tip: If the curriculum seems vague, the content probably is, too. 

Trainer Expertise

When you consider how easy it is to create and sell a course online these days, it’s simple to understand why trainer expertise would be an important consideration. 

Finding a course created and led by an industry expert with a proven history of experience will ensure your learning is not in vain. It will also mean that the qualification you receive upon completing the course will have more credibility with potential employers. 

You can take this consideration a step further when it comes to digital marketing courses covering specific topics. 

As we’ve emphasized today, digital marketing is an umbrella term covering many areas, such as social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, and more. Each of these areas is highly specialized, and it can take years of study and experience to become an expert in them. 

That’s why you should only take an email marketing course led by a successful email marketer, not a social media manager. Or an SEO course taught by an expert in SEO and web optimization, not a Google ads expert. You see where we’re going with this.


Overall, we found The Complete Digital Marketing Course by Udemy to be the best for most beginners. It’s comprehensive, easy to follow, and teaches digital marketing fundamentals perfect for just about any business. 

Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist has the content to take you from clueless to digital marketing expert in no time for those looking for more in-depth learning. 

But for those after more targeted learning, courses like Udemy’s Social Media Marketing Mastery and Moz’s SEO Essentials Certification would be more suitable. And if nailing email marketing is your goal, you can’t go past ClickMinded’s Email Marketing Course

No matter which course you choose, don’t forget to consider our methodology to help pinpoint the most critical factors in your digital marketing course. 

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