Recooty Review

By | September 1, 2021

Recooty is the most effortless recruiting software on the market today for small businesses.

Trusted by over 4,000 big-name brands like Uber, Trello, and Paytable, Recooty is the world’s most simple recruiting tool, even for absolute beginners.

With applicant tracking, visual hiring pipelines, and customizable widgets—Recooty will help you transform your hiring system with ease. 

Recooty has everything you need to post jobs, review applications, and schedule interviews all in one place.

Recooty Pros and Cons 


  • All plans under $50 per month 
  • Simple, intuitive interface 
  • Excellent integration with job boards
  • Extensive interview scheduling capabilities


  • Not an all-in-one HR platform
  • No mobile app 
  • Lack of onboarding tools
  • Free version only works for one user 
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How Recooty Compares to Top Recruiting Software 

After reviewing dozens of recruiting software solutions, we narrowed it down to the top eight. We looked at each option to see who it’s best for, what features to consider, and how to find the best one. 

Compared to other top recruiting software on the market today, Recooty is the most simple and trusted tool for small businesses. Currently, Recooty ranks on our top list because of its ease of use and popular job board integrations. 

Recooty offers everything you need for applicant tracking and hiring processes in one intuitive interface, which is the main reason for its popularity. Recooty doesn’t overcomplicate tasks, as you can complete most actions like posting jobs or scheduling interviews with just one click of a button. 

However, Recooty isn’t an all-in-one HR solution, which is why it’s better for small businesses. Our top two picks, BreezyHr and Workable, are excellent alternatives for medium-to-enterprise businesses and/or anyone wanting a more comprehensive hiring experience. 

Recooty’s Software Type

Before you invest in any recruiting software, you need to make sure you know who will be using the software. The difference between many recruiting software solutions is that they offer different features for different needs. 

When it comes to recruiting software, there are two common solutions—there is software that caters towards in-house hiring, and then there is software for third-party agencies or recruitment firms. 

With Recooty, its software is better tailored for in-house hiring managers or small HR teams because of the tools it offers. Recooty is quite a simple software, so it only really focuses on tools like applicant tracking, interview scheduling, and job posting. 

With this in mind, we don’t consider Recooty to be an all-in-one HR solution. You don’t receive comprehensive hiring tools, like invoicing, time tracking, or employee management—which are tools that recruitment firms or hiring agencies benefit from the most. 

Even though Recooty isn’t the best option for third-party hiring agencies, it’s still an excellent option for in-house hiring for small businesses. The software is uncomplicated, and its applicant tracking system is still moderately advanced. 

You receive visual hiring pipelines to review applications, schedule interviews, and import candidates into a talent pool, all at a much faster rate. Just because it’s a more simple software does not mean that it isn’t as effective as all-in-one HR solutions. 

However, if you are looking for a more extensive recruiting software that is better for agencies, we would recommend Bullhorn. Bullhorn offers a built-in CRM for all your outsourcing needs, so you can track and manage all your candidates as simply as possible. 

Recooty’s Hiring Volume 

Figuring out your business’ hiring volume is essential for finding a successful recruiting software that works well for your needs. Recooty offers a decent number of open job postings for each pricing plan that, again, suit small business needs the best. 

A small business that hires one or two employees per year will have vastly different hiring needs than an organization or enterprise that hires between 20-40 employees per month. And the difference between these business types is why hiring volume is so important. 

As mentioned above, Recooty is the best recruiting software for small businesses, so its pricing and features will reflect this. This approach works because smaller businesses can usually opt for free or incredibly affordable software, as they don’t need a large supply of tools. 

Recooty is perfect for small business needs, with its pricing plans being scalable and affordable. For anyone with startups, the free tier offers three active job posts—which is just enough for a smaller scale, as most startups look for one or two staff at any given time.

Want to expand on your small business? No problem, as Recooty offers a scalable Pro plan for only $29 per month. You get access to 10 active job posts, which is more than enough for expansion. 

Most small businesses have a maximum number of fewer than 50 employees, so if you want to expand your business even further, Recooty gives you the option to scale up to the Ultra plan for just $49 per month. With this plan, you receive 25 active job posts, which will help you branch out a lot easier. 

However, not all small businesses are the same, and some of you might benefit from unlimited job postings. If this is the case, we would recommend BreezyHR as an alternative, as it offers unlimited postings, candidates, and candidate pools, starting at $143 per month.

Recooty’s Onboarding Tools 

Hiring and onboarding are two completely different processes when it comes to recruitment. The onboarding process refers to the action of training your new employee to make sure they understand their role in its entirety. 

Currently, the Recooty software lacks onboarding tools and processes. It does offer built-in applicant tracking features that help you get up to the onboarding process, but not past it. 

Recooty lets you bulk email all of the shortlisted candidates at once for interview scheduling. You get to specify the interview type (remote or in-person), date, time, and location for seamless interview coordination. That’s a fairly good start.

Unfortunately, interview scheduling is about as helpful as Recooty gets when it comes to onboarding. Because of this drawback, most users will probably need to invest in external onboarding software to be successful in this process. 

However, some recruiting software offer all-in-one automated hiring and onboarding processes that will make your life so much easier. We would recommend Workable as an alternative for all your onboarding needs. 

To onboard employees specifically, it’s very helpful to have access to tools like e-signatures and built-in offer letters. These are just some of the tools that Recooty doesn’t offer, but Workable does. 

With Workable, you receive a wide range of offer letter templates and approval workflows, alongside the option for your new hire to sign contracts or letters with ease. E-signatures are probably the most important onboarding tool, especially for remote teams, as it takes all the hassle out of printing and sending letters back and forth. 

Workable also offers a hiring plan, so you can track and manage all onboarding duties and budgets for future candidates. 

No matter what software you choose, you will still need to pay more for advanced and comprehensive software like Workable, which starts at $99 per month. Additional HR tools will cost you in the long run, so it may be beneficial for small business users to choose a more affordable recruiting software (like Recooty) and a free onboarding tool. 

Recooty’s Employer Branding 

Although not a must-have, employer branding will help you attract potential candidates to your business and job ads. Luckily, Recooty does this well by letting you create a customized career page to further attract top-tier talent with ease. 

A fully branded career page is an easy way for potential candidates to understand your company’s aims and mission statement, all while viewing your current job openings. 

The best part about Recooty’s employer branding template is that it’s free, easy-to-use, and you don’t need to be a coding expert to create a careers page. You can get your careers page set up within minutes, just by answering a few simple questions. 

Most potential candidates want to find information on current job openings, a description of your company, and reasons why employees work there. A branded careers page is the perfect way to showcase all of this information. 

Recooty will only ask you to include your company’s logo and a description of your company with its mission, values, and employee benefits. It’s that simple! All you need to do now is post any current job openings, and your careers page is complete. 

Not only does Recooty’s customizable careers page make your brand look professional and efficient, but it also: 

  • Reduces the cost per hire 
  • Saves you time with a built-in automated job listing feature 
  • Improves candidate experience with organized job listings 
  • Efficiently identifies the best candidates with its rating and keyword feature 
  • Expands your reach with Google integration 

Just like we stated earlier, employer branding isn’t a must-have feature when looking for recruitment software. However, it is an efficient and helpful tool that Recooty does exceptionally well by allowing you to create a page that is beautifully tailored to your overall brand.

Recooty Offerings 

Recooty offers a few products related to recruiting tools that cater to small businesses. Here’s an in-depth look at two popular products from Recooty: 

Job Posting 

The most extensive product that Recooty offers are its job posting features. The job posting feature allows you to post job ads to Recooty’s wide range of job board partners for free.

With Recooty’s job posting feature, you get access to the most relevant job boards to get maximum reach for your job ads. The best part is that you also get free access to paid job boards, which saves a lot of money—especially for small businesses. 

You also get access to Google For Jobs, and you can upload job ads to your personalized website’s career page. Google For Jobs lets you automatically appear on Google search results when you publish a new job ad, with automatic indexing and optimized listing. 

When it comes to your website’s career page, Recooty lets you integrate its software into your external website for seamless job posting, so you don’t have to struggle with overcomplicated website editors. 

Not only can you post on a wide variety of job boards for free, but Recooty also offers extensive social sharing, where you can share your job ads on all major social networks. You get access to social sharing links, social media ad campaigns, and social source data. 

Some other helpful features of Recooty’s job posting include: 

  • Job board recommendations 
  • One-click order 
  • One-click job share 
  • Social recruiting campaigns 

The job posting feature is available with all Recooty pricing plans. 

Employee Posters 

Once you’ve found the perfect candidate, the next step is to make them feel welcome. And there’s no better way to do this than to create an employee poster. 

Recooty’s employee poster feature is exactly what it sounds like. You get to create a personalized employee announcement poster for all your new hires, which you can then download and share on social media. 

You get access to seven premium color templates and the option to fill in four different subsections, including employee name, designation, message, and professional headshot. 

The poster ensures that your audience can get to know your new hire, and your employee can receive an unforgettable welcome—promoting a favorable balance of positive work culture and employee care. 

The employee poster is a unique feature that not many other recruiting software solutions offer, which makes Recooty so different. 

Recooty focuses on building useful HR tools to manage all of your day-to-day hiring activities. Creating an employee poster will make sure that your business maintains a good work culture and is an excellent tool for small businesses with a small number of employees. 

Compare The Best Recruiting Providers
We reviewed dozens of recruiting providers and narrowed them down to the best options.

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Overall, Recooty is an excellent and affordable recruiting software for small businesses. 

Recooty is the most simple recruiting software on the market today. With one-click job postings, customizable career pages, and an outstanding applicant tracking system—Recooty will streamline your hiring process as efficiently as possible. 

That said, Recooty is clearly a small business solution. Companies with hundreds of employees will want to look for more robust, scalable ATS tools designed with their larger needs in mind. 

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