Best Job Posting Sites for Employers

By | August 18, 2021

Finding the perfect candidate can be intimidating. Your job opening could have hundreds of potential candidates, and you need a way to narrow them down to a list of the best. Job posting sites solve this problem by accessing, attracting, and managing candidates during the recruitment process. There are countless job posting sites for employers, so we created a list of the top six available.

The Top 6 Best Job Posting Sites for Employers

  1. LinkedIn – Best for Social Networking
  2. Indeed – Best for Dynamic Recruiting
  3. Snagajob – Best for Hourly Jobs
  4. AngelList – Best for Startups
  5. FlexJobs – Best for Remote and Flexible Jobs
  6. Dice – Best for Tech Jobs

While some job posting sites target the entire candidate pool, others are dedicated to a specific niche market. Each of the following six sites are worth looking into, especially if one specializes in solving your specific hiring needs. 

#1 – LinkedIn — Best for Social Networking

  • Access to 750M+ users
  • LinkedIn Messenger for networking
  • Targeted ads for job posts
  • Automated disqualification emails

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LinkedIn is the best place to post a job for social networking purposes. There are 756 million people using LinkedIn. To put that in perspective, that’s more than double the entire U.S. population. Members come from over 200 countries and territories across the globe. It is also home to more than 55 million registered companies. 

Odds are you’re probably familiar with LinkedIn already. It’s different from a typical job posting site because it acts more like a social media platform. While posting jobs is a key feature, the site is way more than just that. 

It is the best place for social networking because candidates and recruiters create profiles and can interact through LinkedIn Messenger. People can use it to see mutual connections, follow their favorite companies, and stay updated on news headlines. Companies can post jobs, and candidates can search for openings to apply for. 

Posting a job on LinkedIn is done through the LinkedIn Jobs page. It is simple and lets recruiters add screening questions and automatic disqualification emails. When posting a job, recruiters can have candidates apply directly through LinkedIn or redirect them to an external careers page. 

Recruiters can enter in job description details, benefits, and skills required. For roles that need to be filled immediately, LinkedIn has an Urgent Hiring Need feature to inform applicants of time sensitivity. Recruiters can also categorize qualifications as “must-have” or “preferred”.

Posting a job is free, but choosing the free version simply means your posting shows up in the search results. For greater candidate exposure and interaction, it’s a good idea to upgrade your post to Promoted. Promoting your post will increase the number of targeted advertising candidates receive and will increase its search results ranking. 

Other benefits of promoting a job posting include a favorable placement in candidates’ job recommendations list, the ability to receive smart alerts for qualified candidates, and mobile alerts to candidates who may be a fit. 

For the best results, LinkedIn recommends you spend at least $25 per day. However, only a minimum of $6 per day is required. This can get expensive depending on your budget, but it can pay off in the long term by giving recruiters a larger pool of candidates to choose from. 

Try hiring through LinkedIn today.

#2 – Indeed — Best for Dynamic Recruiting

  • 250M+ unique users per month
  • Quadruple results w/ Job Sponsoring
  • Indeed Resume for dynamic searches
  • Pay AFTER results

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Indeed is a job posting website specifically focused on quickly filling job openings with qualified candidates. Unlike LinkedIn, Indeed users typically visit the platform only when they are searching for a new job. The platform has more than 250 million unique visitors each month. It also has multiple dynamic ways to help employers find the right candidates. 

The basic feature of Indeed from an employer’s perspective is posting jobs. Posting a job is free, but jobs can be Sponsored for more effective results. According to Indeed, Sponsored jobs are 4.5 times more likely to end in a qualified hire. Users can customize their budget for Sponsored jobs and only have to pay when results are achieved. 

In addition to posting jobs, Indeed has a product called Indeed Resume. When candidates sign up for Indeed, they have the option to create a resume directly on the website. Recruiters who sign up for Indeed Resume can search resumes with filters for job title, location, experience, availability, and more. Qualified candidates can then be quickly contacted for interviews. 

Indeed Resume users get access to roughly 16 million resumes, and half the candidates they reach out to typically respond. According to Indeed, 20% of candidates have a resume but do not apply for jobs. Indeed Resume lets recruiters reach this pool of candidates. 

Interested users can purchase the Indeed Resume Standard plan for $100 per month or $960 per year. They also have the option to purchase the Professional plan for larger messaging capacity, bulk messaging abilities, and hiring insights access. This plan costs $250 per month or $2,400 per year. 

Find great candidates today by posting your job openings to Indeed.

#3 – Snagajob — Best for Hourly Jobs

  • 6M+ hourly job seekers monthly
  • One-click applications
  • Cover open shifts quickly
  • Snagajob Hire simplifies paperwork

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If you need to fill an hourly job opening, Snagajob is your best option. This site helps two-thirds of the U.S.’s hourly job workers find the right opening every year. Because it matches the right candidates with each role, recruiters using Snagajob only need half the applicants it would’ve needed without the platform. It is also used for filling in last-minute shifts quickly. 

The site has over six million monthly visitors. Some of the industries Snagajob targets are customer support, office support, healthcare, warehouse, restaurant, hospitality, and retail. Users start by posting a job with details like compensation, description, and screening questions. Once the right candidates are found, users can schedule interviews directly. 

If a company has less than 100 employees, Snagajob costs $89 per month per job post. This gives users access to pre-screening questions, one-click applications, interview scheduling, and simplified posting. Companies with more than 100 employees need to request pricing information. 

Snagajob also has a Flex product that managers can use to fill shifts. If an employee cancels at the last minute, a manager can post a shift opening through Snagajob. He or she can reach out to an individual or send out a mass notification. This can be used to reach current employees, previous workers, or Snagajob’s trusted crew. 

Snagajob Hire reduces the time it takes to fill out onboarding paperwork. It uses assessments to attract the right employees and reduce turnover by 40%. It also keeps track of alerts, audit trails, and regular updates to ensure full compliance. 

Fill out your staff by using Snagajob

#4 – AngelList — Best for Startups

  • Company profiles for attracting talent
  • Curated workers in select cities
  • Trusted by recognized startups
  • Post unlimited jobs for free

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AngelList is a job posting site specifically designed for startup companies. The website has over eight million users and more than 100,000 companies. It is trusted by top brands like Postmates, DoorDash, Peloton, Honey, and NerdWallet. It helps companies find their initial team all the way through their post-IPO employees. 

The company profile feature gives recruiters the opportunity to share their stories with potential candidates and get them excited about applying. Recruiters can include info like funding background, company culture, and the people involved. Users can also highlight benefits, perks,  and company mission to sell their brand. 

AngelList is broken down into three pricing plans. Its Starter version is free and lets users process inbound applicants, post unlimited jobs, add a company profile, and has applicant tracking integration. However, this version limits the number of candidates users can view, and recruiters only have access to 2.3 million candidates. 

AngelList Pro is the mid-tier plan. It costs $250 per user per month and has a seven-day free trial. It has everything included in AngelList Starter plus workflow tools, advanced search options, enhanced candidate profiles, and unlimited candidate access. It also has curated add-ons in select cities which include a dedicated technical sourcer and curated candidates. 

Finally, AngelList Team is for hiring candidates quickly and has flexible pricing. It does not include a free trial. This plan adds a dedicated account manager and discounted sourcing seats. It also has add-ons in select cities that include one curated hire and a fixed fee for additional curated hires. 

Scale up by hiring through AngelList.

#5 – FlexJobs — Best for Remote and Flexible Jobs

  • Virtual job fair creation
  • Dedicated account support
  • Nonprofits get 50% rebate
  • Save 25% with annual membership

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If you need a job posting site for remote, flexible, freelance, or part-time work openings, FlexJobs is the best overall. In addition to job posting, it lets users create targeted Q&As, message blasts, targeted emails, webinars, and virtual job fairs. The platform has been used by powerhouses like Amazon and Dell to find remote and part-time talent. 

FlexJobs gives companies the opportunity to promote their brand and target specific candidates. The platform offers consulting services to help with things like SEO recruitment strategies, employee onboarding, candidate assessments, team training, flex work and remote audits, managing remote teams, and more. It also connects users with thought leaders and trend data.

FlexJobs has three pricing options for employers. There is no free plan, and employers must fill out an application to ensure they are the right fit. The first plan costs $299 per month billed monthly. Users can save 20% with the second plan costing $729 per quarter billed every three months. For 25% savings, users can sign up for $2,699 per year billed annually. 

All plans include unlimited job posts, customized employer profiles, dedicated account support, data and activity reporting, expert articles, unlimited resume searches, and the ability to submit job feeds. Verifiable B Corps and 501c3 nonprofit organizations can receive a 50% rebate on their FlexJobs subscriptions. 

Get started with hiring through FlexJobs today.

#6 – Dice — Best for Tech Jobs

  • Access to 9.7M tech profiles
  • Brand display advertising
  • Optional recruiting and sourcing services
  • Buy in bulk to save 37%

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Dice focuses only on hiring talent in the tech industry. This job posting site features 9.7 million tech profiles, 2.7 million visible resumes, and 1.3 million monthly users. It’s been used by companies like Chase, Charles Schwab, and United Health Group. It also features recruiting and sourcing services to help create a strategy for attracting top talent. 

Attracting tech talent is competitive, and Dice helps companies promote their brand to receive more applications. It offers users a free guide on brand promotion and lets recruiters use display advertising to catch the eye of qualified candidates. Users can also use employer branding campaigns, leads campaigns, and social boosts through the platform. 

After posting a job, users can track applicant data by previewing resumes, prioritizing applicants, and sharing candidate info with employees. Users can create automatic matching candidates lists, add updates, and manage job postings during the recruitment process. Recruiters can also add screening questions and reach out for job interviews.

While Dice offers tech companies a targeted approach to top candidates, it is on the expensive side. Users can post one job for $395, two jobs for $325 each, three jobs for $305 each, or buy in bulk. The bulk pricing option lets users save 37% by posting 5 to 10 jobs for $250 each. 

Bring on better tech talent by getting started with Dice today.

How to Find The Best Job Posting Site For You

Many large companies can attract talent using a top generic job posting site. However, smaller and more niche organizations may want to look into a more specialized platform. Whatever your situation, make sure to consider the following criteria before deciding where to post an opening.  

Candidate Pool

The size and type of available candidates is a critical factor with job posting sites. You must make sure you have an audience to view your job opening, or you won’t receive any qualified applications. A solid candidate pool for generic sites is in the 100 million-plus range. For more specialized sites, a candidate pool of more than a couple million is sufficient. 

If you aren’t posting on a generic site, make sure the site specializes in finding the type of employees your company is looking for. There are job posting sites for industries of all types and sizes. Sites also specialize by type of work and company growth stage. A specialized site can also help you narrow down your candidate pool to eliminate unqualified applicants. 

Post and Brand Advertising

While many sites let you post openings for free, oftentimes this is not enough to attract the top talent. Choose a site that lets you upgrade and advertise your job post to qualified candidates. This ensures that when the right candidate searches for a similar job, your opening appears at the top. This is less important for smaller and more specialized job posting sites. 

Many of the specialized sites give companies the option to promote their brand. This is an important option for startups and small businesses because they may not be well-known yet. Choosing a job posting site with brand advertising abilities lets users tell their company story and get potential candidates excited about applying. 

Applicant Screening

Applicant screening questions are a great way to disqualify candidates and save time. Choose a job posting site that gives you the option to automate deal-breaker questions. This will eliminate the need to sift through hundreds of resumes manually. An added bonus is a platform that sends automatic disqualification emails, saving you additional effort. 

Networking Abilities

Not all job posting sites have networking abilities, but it is something to consider for job posting purposes. A site like LinkedIn gives users the ability to not only view resumes, but also see mutual connections, send messages, and see what applicants are posting. If you simply need to fill a role as quickly as possible, this feature isn’t necessary.


The right job posting site can make finding the best candidates simple. Before choosing one, make sure it has a sufficient and suitable candidate pool for your needs. It’s also important to pick one that lets you promote your brand and job posting. Screening questions are a great feature for saving time, and you may want a site that has networking capabilities. 

LinkedIn is the best for social networking purposes, and Indeed gives has the most dynamic recruiting features. If your company is a startup, check out AngelList. Hourly candidates are most easily found on Snagajob, and tech companies should consider posting on Dice. FlexJobs has the best talent pool for part-time, freelance, and remote workers. 

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