Comeet Review

By | August 10, 2021

Comeet is unique because it includes all employees in the hiring process instead of just recruiters. 

This is a software tool solely dedicated to applicant tracking, with no features for onboarding new candidates. 

However, it integrates with nine human resource management platforms so transitioning data after hiring is stress-free.

Unlike some tools, Comeet has no limit on the number of users in all pricing plans, and it allows unlimited communication between recruiters and candidates. 

Comeet has extra-flexible pricing plans meant to suit businesses of all sizes and numbers of users. 

Comeet Pros and Cons


  • Ultra-focused on applicant tracking
  • Abundant third-party integrations
  • Unlimited candidate communication
  • No user limit
  • Collaborative hiring
  • Flexible pricing


  • Lack of HR and onboarding features
  • Additional cost for training
  • No free plan

How Comeet Compares to Top Applicant Tracking Software

Comeet did not make our list of The 7 Best Applicant Tracking Software, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider requesting a quote. The software is a great option for companies that include multiple employees in the hiring process, that want something hyper-focused on applicant tracking, and that don’t mind using other platforms for human resource management. 

For a more comprehensive software tool, users should look at a platform like BambooHR. BambooHR not only helps with recruiting, it guides new candidates through the entire onboarding process. Another excellent option is JazzHR. JazzHR is a highly customizable software tool with helpful features like candidate sourcing and employer branding. 

Comeet Hiring Volume and Frequency

It’s important to choose a tool that can meet your hiring capacity needs. Some companies hire only a handful of employees per year, while others are constantly bringing on several people every month. Some applicant tracking tools have limitations on hiring volume and frequency. 

Fortunately, Comeet has no limit on the number of candidates users can reach out to. The system pools in applications from sources like job boards, referrals, and company websites. Anyone who applies through these sources can be contacted. No matter what your hiring volume and frequency needs are, Comeet has you covered.

Comeet Software Type

Applicant tracking software tools cover a wide range of hiring methods, user types, features, and integrations. Some types focus on targeting recruitment and staffing agencies, while other types are geared towards in-house hiring. Some types are more comprehensive, while other types focus specifically on one task with no integrations. 

Comeet is a unique type of software because of the customers that use its platform. Many tools are only designed for hiring managers and recruiters. However, Comeet identified that 25-30% of company staff is involved in the hiring process. Therefore, its software is meant to include hiring teams, recruiters, employees, sources, and candidates onto one platform. 

Comeet assigns tasks to specific team members so events, data, and candidates aren’t forgotten about. The software also increases overall recruitment visibility internally. It uses visual workflows that increase accountability and transparency, keep team members informed, and spot bottlenecks. 

The software is automation-focused, improves time-to-hire metrics, decreases friction, and eliminates delays. It helps keep interviewers informed and keeps both parties on track. It tracks KPIs and data which helps users optimize activities and make the recruitment process more efficient. It is designed for simplicity of use, so no team members are left asking questions.

This software is hyper-focused on applicant tracking, and it integrates with several platforms to help you find candidates. With one click, users can post jobs on individual websites or set up automatic job postings. If the desired job board is not available, users can reach out to Comeet and request a partnership.

LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Indeed, Monster, and Upwork are just a few of the 25 job boards Comeet currently works with. It also partners with international boards like 51job in China, Adzuna in the U.K., and AllJobs in Israel. Users can post on sites like Remotive for remote work or Job Planner for promising young professionals. 

For attracting passive candidates who want to be discreet about finding a new job, Comeet integrates with helpful AI-powered tools. This includes Woo, a platform dedicated to finding passive job seekers. Avrio AI is another tool that uses AI chatbots to create a conversational recruiting process. It also integrates with Suit Up, a job board in the legal professions industry in Israel. 

Other integrations include partnerships with EasyHire, Spetz, and Jobma for resource and skills assessment services. For organization purposes, Comeet pairs with tools like Office 365, Exchange Online, and Google Calendar. It also has integrations with software for running background checks, showcasing opportunities, and conducting video interviews. 

Comeet is a completely customizable software. Users can create automatic referral systems, passive candidate nurturing, automated source attribution, and can edit email templates. Users can also automatically generate offers, create offer letter templates, and create evaluation scorecards. 

Comeet Human Resources Features

Certain businesses may want to purchase an applicant tracking software with HR features included. That way, tasks like managing and onboarding employees after hire are taken care of. There are products that bundle applicant tracking and human resources, but they are generally more expensive. 

Comeet is not one of these products. It is focused solely on applicant tracking, and it is not helpful for after-hire use. However, it does directly integrate with third-party human resource management software like BambooHR. The full list of HRIS integrations is below. 

  • BambooHR
  • Namely
  • Rippling
  • ADP Workforce Now
  • Bob
  • Oracle Fusion
  • Workday
  • Click Boarding
  • SAP Success Factors

While Comeet lacks HR features, the nine partner integrations are useful software tools to transition to after employees are hired. If you have the budget and prefer to have applicant tracking and human resource management on the same platform, Comeet is not for you. However, if you don’t mind using third-party HR integrations, this isn’t an issue. 

Comeet Budget

Applicant tracking software pricing varies depending on the capabilities of each. Some tools are simply presented as HR software add-ons costing as low as $0.50 per employee. More complete tools that do more than just applicant tracking can cost more than $300 per month. These tools greatly improve organizational efficiency, but every company still has a budget to stick to. 

Comeet does not provide its pricing information upfront. This is not a bad thing, but it means you will have to request a quote depending on your needs. Comeet does this because it wants to provide unique pricing tiers that are scalable depending on specific customer needs. While its plans are categorized into only three, each has flexible pricing depending on every customer. 

Comeet Lite

Comeet is offered in three different plans, beginning with Comeet Lite. Each plan offers flexible pricing depending on your specific business needs. Comeet Lite has everything needed for finding, reaching out, and hiring new employees. It allows an unlimited number of users and five admin seats. 

The plan comes with automated workflows that allow users to customize their outreach by job, candidates, or business units. It comes with notifications that are event-driven and automated. Users can use employee referral programs, post jobs on social media, and use a branded company email domains. 

This plan lets users add a chrome extension for adding LinkedIn profiles to their database with one click. The Comeet Careers API can be used to create a completely customized career page, or users can host the page separately. Its recruiting reports track KPIs, charts, and other helpful recruiting information. It also helps with GDPR and EEO compliance. 

Users can post jobs on regional, global, or niche job boards. When a candidate decides to apply, hiring managers can require screening questions so time isn’t wasted on unqualified candidates. Without logging out of Comeet, users can lock a time, view meeting room availability, and see interview participants. It also integrates with Office365 and Gmail calendars. 

Its bulk operations feature lets users categorize a group of candidates with a single action, saving time and tedious labor. Comeet Lite integrates directly with human resource management systems and lets users assign customized role-based permissions. It has security settings, macro detection, and antivirus protection to prevent security threats. 

Users can use Single Sign-On Integration to manage the user login process. The data customization feature allows hiring managers to change candidate fields and position titles. Comeet Lite also lets users export with one click into CSV format. 

Regarding support features, Comeet Lite gives users access to online chat support that usually answers within 30 minutes. Users have access to webinars and the Education Center to help them get the most out of Comeet. Hiring managers also have the option to pay extra for private one-on-one training online. 

Users can pay an additional cost to import existing records and databases into Comeet. For a one-time fee, users receive onboarding training to cover all aspects of the software. Comeet Lite comes with penetration testing, a security review, DPA and GDPR agreements, and PP and T&C agreements. The maximum liability with Comeet Lite is the annual contract amount. 

A quote must be requested for pricing information. With unlimited users, automation features, and online support, Comeet Lite does an excellent job of giving users a baseline plan for this applicant tracking software.

Comeet Ultimate

Comeet Ultimate is the mid-tier plan offered with more tools for team building. It comes with everything included in Comeet Lite plus the following features. 

It allows unlimited admin and recruiter seats instead of only five. It lets users use advanced filters to search for candidates based on things like education, skills, and experience. It comes with an automated offer approval process, workflows, and e-signature collection. Comeet Ultimate also integrates with Zoom for video interviews. 

The Comeet Insights feature gives users in-depth report and dashboard customization. Users can streamline the internal requisition approval process, and its scheduling feature puts interviews on the calendar automatically. It also has various integration options for talent networking, skills assessing, one-way interviewing, and more. 

In addition to Education Center and online chat support access, Comeet Ultimate users get phone and video support for one-on-one troubleshooting. Phone and video agents typically get back to users within one business day. Users also have the option to pay extra for on-site training and implementation help. 

Like Comeet Lite, Comeet Ultimate does not show pricing information, and a quote must be requested. Comeet Ultimate throws in some helpful additional features including automatic scheduling and added integrations. Comeet Lite already packs a ton of value, so make sure the extra features are worth it for your specific needs before upgrading. 

Comeet Enterprise

Comeet Enterprise is the final plan offered and is meant for more extensive use. It has everything included in the Comeet Lite and Ultimate plans plus the following features. 

It lets users program a daily export to keep track of important data. Users can use Comeet’s APIs to develop their own applications. For an additional cost, users can request Comeet to integrate with vendors they aren’t currently partnered with. It also gives users the ability to customize security settings, macro detection, and antivirus software. 

This plan’s phone and video support team responds within four business hours instead of one business day. Enterprise users are granted a dedicated customer service manager for support needs. Users also have the option to join periodic Executive Business Reviews (EBR) to discuss their recruiting strategy and its success. 

All legal, liability, and security features like security review, penetration testing, and maximum liability are customizable. DPA, GDPR, PP, and T&C agreements are also customizable. 

Request a quote for Comeet Enterprise pricing information. Our favorite benefit of this plan is the added support. The dedicated customer service manager and Executive Business Reviews are a great way to ensure you are using Comeet to implement a successful recruiting strategy. The ability to request additional integrations is also an added bonus. 


Comeet is a software platform that includes more than just recruiters in the hiring process. It allows unlimited communication with potential candidates, and it has no limit on the number of users allowed. Comeet is broken down into three main plans which have flexible pricing depending on the customer. It does not come with a free plan and users must pay extra for additional training. 

Comeet specializes in applicant tracking software only, but it has several integrations with third-party HR software. For a tool that includes onboarding and human resource features, BambooHR is a great option. While Comeet did not make our top picks list, it still is a suitable applicant tracking software for companies that like to include everyone in the hiring process. 

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