Madgicx Review

By | July 28, 2021

Madgicx helps you manage ads for your business so you can reach your audience faster.

It combines seven AdTech products at a competitive price, making it an option for businesses of all sizes.

The platform can get your business results in the first two days you use it, much faster than the weeks to months many other products take.

With many artificial intelligence (AI) options, Madgicx came in first in seven out of nine categories in the G2 Reports, which goes to show how much users love it.

This article goes in-depth about Madgicx’s features, offerings, and reputation among users. 

Madgicx Pros and Cons


  • Lots of AI options
  • Intuitive mobile app
  • Quick time to value
  • Many customizable features


  • Difficult to set up
  • Steeper learning curve
  • Can’t create ads in the software itself

Madgicx Features

Madgicx has plenty of features to help you reach your audience quickly with targeted ads. With so many features, it gives you all you need to help you boost your business.

AI Audiences

Madgicx comes with AI Audiences, an audience roster with over 100 audience types to choose from. These options make sure that your ads target the right people.

Madgicx lets you blend similar audiences to reach even more people, increase your ROI, and shorten your time to value. The platform shows historical data to drive your ads based on gender, age, spending, and other factors.

You can target locations based on which ones respond best to your ads. You have targeting options based on country, as well as local targeting. You can even exclude low ROI regions, so you don’t waste time, money, or effort on ads that don’t work for your business.

Ultimately, Madgicx helps you focus only on areas that generate revenue and growth. It optimizes your ad placement to reach your audiences based on the content they consume.

You can choose to have your ads appear in your audience’s social media feed, stories, video, and even place your ads in specific areas of the page that your audience is more likely to notice.

Madgicx also pays attention to timing, so your ads appear when your audience will see them.

Ad Launcher

Madgicx lets you personalize your ads. It makes it easy to combine copy and creativity for ads that draw customers to your business.

Madgicx’s Ad Launcher unifies data based on your ads. That way, you can see how it works with different campaigns.

The content hub gives you a cohesive platform to access all your ads in one place. It keeps your campaigns organized and easy to deploy across channels.

The platform shows you which ads have the best responses from different audiences, whether by location, gender, and even funnel stages. You can choose from preset ads based on your audience or add your own ads if you have some that you’ve already had success with.

Madgicx Ad Launcher helps you figure out which social media posts get the most engagement. Once you know that, you can turn them into ads and keep getting that attention for your business.

Ads Manager

Madgicx Ads Manager shows performance data for all assets and lets you filter them as needed for your business. It makes identifying assets that don’t perform simple, so you can turn them off and focus only on what benefits your campaign. It also lets you scale your budget accordingly.

With Ads Manager 2.0, you can click assets you want to optimize and change them with one click. It also lets you adjust assets by percentage, so you don’t need to worry about the manual work or math that comes with budget adjustments.

It shows you performance trends, too, so you have all the knowledge you need to play to your business’s strengths based on what’s popular online.

Madgicx Ads Manager analyzes your ads’ performance and your overall campaign using AI technology. It looks at your ads and their specific components, like images, video, and copy, to show what changes their performance.

Ads Manager gives your marketing team a place to collaborate. Through this feature, you can see who made what changes and how those changes impact your assets. Those features make it ideal for marketing agencies that have multiple people working on the same account.

Custom Automation Tools and Tactics

Madgicx can automate your workflows using over 300 metrics that you tailor to your marketing and business needs. The platform lets you build complex and advanced automation strategies that yield unlimited results for your business.

Madgicx automatically runs and schedules ads based on when they’re likely to be most effective with your audience. It has pre-packaged automation tactics to help with that, like Surf, Stop Loss, Revive, and Sunsetting that put your ads in the right place at the right time.

Madgicx automation streamlines your campaign and makes less work for your team. Once you set up tactics, you do minimal work while still getting excellent results.

Automation rules trigger in real-time, as opposed to taking up to 30 minutes with other platforms. Overall, it makes it easy to combine human knowledge with AI technology, bringing you the best of both worlds.

Copy and Creative Insights

Madgicx insights give you all the information you need to improve your creative and ad copy. It helps you personalize your ads to your business, so you become recognizable on sight to your audience.

Madgicx identifies multiple data points, so you can see what works and what doesn’t. It even spots different components of your ad photos based on what’s in the picture.

At the same time, the platform gives you a holistic view of each ad. That view shows different areas of ad performance and how it impacts your business, from which ads use more of your budget to which ones create the most conversions.

AI creative labeling uses innovative technology, like creative learning tech and computer visioning. These features help you use creative elements that specifically drive sales.

With 360-degree creative mapping, you get insight into every area of your ads. If something is or isn’t working, you won’t miss it and can change or build upon it as needed.

Madgicx’s AI analysis analyzes your copy’s language to help you see what clicks with your audience and what to say to draw them to your website and products. It even shows which emojis enhance your content and how you can use them to leverage ads and create more eye-catching copy.

With AI analysis, you’ll know when your ads are too long. This feature helps you hit the correct length for the best effect. It also makes sure your copy gets matched with the most fitting creative stuff.

Scaling Strategies

Madgicx’s scaling strategies are designed to help you scale your business. They make the platform ideal for all business sizes, whether you’re one person or have a large team.

You can use custom automation, multivariate testing, and bid optimization together to create the optimal marketing strategy that boosts your sales and grows your business. These features combined create scaling strategies that you can alter based on your marketing campaigns. You can also focus on different features at different times to learn what works for your business.

Madgicx has a scaling checklist, so you can check off which steps you’re taking for your business. The list helps you understand whether you’re doing the most you can to improve your marketing strategy.

The scaling features also help you optimize your budget based on KPIs and goals that you design and input into the system.

Ad Care

Madgicx helps you work beyond simply putting ads out and hoping they do the job. It allows you to keep up your existing ad success, both internally and by interacting directly with your audience.

You can talk to your audience through comments using the platform. When your audience believes their thoughts mean something to your company, they’re more likely to visit your site. In other words, comments let you leave an impression before your audience even buys from you.

When you and your audience comment on your ads, it benefits your campaign. Your ads show up larger for your audience because the algorithm sees that people are interacting with them. Bigger ads mean more attention for your business.

Madgicx Ad Care helps you keep your comment section a positive place. If people unsubscribe, it doesn’t show those same people ads for future campaigns if you don’t want it to.

Madgicx helps keep people who don’t fit your audience away from your ads, reducing negative comments and helping you uphold a positive reputation for your company.

Commenting not only increases the size of your ads but draws site traffic. Posting links in the comments helps people navigate to specific pages that you want them to visit.

Madgicx Ad Care plays to social media algorithms. Facebook and Instagram both place a lot of stock in comments. When your ads get more, those platforms will show your ads to more people, leading to more engagement for your business.

Mobile App

Madgicx’s mobile app lets you keep track of your ads on the go. Its intuitive design makes it easy to see different time frames for your campaigns. You can see which ads perform best and the metrics for each one, just like on desktop.

The mobile app lets you analyze KPIs using several factors like sales, app downloads, revenue, ROAs, and more. The platform combines it into your overall campaign performance over a specified time frame.

You can see how your campaign performs in the moment with real-time results, including audience traffic. The predictive algorithm in the mobile ad launcher can help you figure out the best ads to launch next.

The Madgicx mobile app lets you switch between accounts easily. Its ease of use makes it an excellent choice for ad agencies that manage multiple accounts and want to keep track of them all seamlessly. Not all tools have a mobile app, so this is a big plus.

Madgicx Pricing and Package Options

Madgicx only offers one package, but you can scale it to fit your business. The sliding scale lets you find a price that fits your marketing budget.

Madgicx starts at $49 per month for up to $1,000 monthly spending on ads (if paying monthly). It goes up to $11,000 per month for a $3 million monthly ad spending, typically for enterprise businesses.

The company has options where you can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. When you pay annually,  you get a discount on your plan.

With annual billing, Madgicx starts at $39 per month and goes up to $8,800 per month for the most expensive—the more expensive the plan, the more significant your savings.

No matter how much you pay or how big your budget, you get the same features with your package. You can use all the features we talked about since the company doesn’t restrict you based on plans and tiers.

If you don’t have a huge marketing budget, but still need more than one account, Madgicx lets you add extras for $49 per month. Some small businesses might need this option since you only get one account unless you spend $300 per month or more on the software.

If you want to try Madgicx before you buy it, the company gives you that option. You can get a seven-day free trial with all its features to see how it works for your business.

The company says that they’ll extend the trial if you don’t see results within that period.

The downside is that most users find that Madgicx takes some time to figure out. You might end up spending the first few days just learning how to use it.

Madgicx Reputation

Madgicx has an excellent reputation. On most review platforms, Madgicx has a five-star rating from nearly every customer.

People who use the platform said they saw results as fast as the company claimed they would. They agree that the people who created the software know their stuff when it comes to getting more eyes on your ads.

Users said they could implement their ads better and faster, making their campaigns more effective. They also said the AI features streamlined that process and helped them create ads that generate revenue.

Madgicx has a fantastic customer support team, according to users. They’re always available to help resolve issues and give information on improving the platform to work for you.

Most customers only complain that the software takes time and can be challenging to learn. That doesn’t stop them from loving it once they do spend the time, though.

Otherwise, users have no complaints that kept them from using or benefitting from Madgicx.

We recommend Madgicx for anyone who wants to up their marketing game using ads. Its customizable features, insights, analysis, and adaptability get you fast results with your campaigns. 

The drawbacks of the platform really only seem to be the lack of being able to create your own ads within their system and having a steep learning curve. But once you figure out how to use it, it’s great and delivers on its promises.

Overall, the company knows what it’s doing, and its customers have experienced excellent results.

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