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By | July 7, 2021

LegalNature is an international online legal service.

Since launching in 2010, the company has expanded its team of law, business, and technology professionals across six countries. They specialize in providing fully compliant legal products and services while offering exceptional support to customers.

LegalNature is a simple way to automate legal documents and processes at an affordable price. Individuals and businesses alike trust LegalNature for a broad scope of services.

The platform has become a popular place for anyone that needs to start a new business. Rather than paying sky-high attorney fees to launch your startup, you may want to consider LegalNature as a fast and cost-effective alternative.

Is LegalNature right for you and your business? This guide will help you decide.

Start your business with LegalNature today.

LegalNature Business Formation Services

LegalNature has an extensive list of products and services for businesses. But for the purpose of this review, we’re going to narrow our focus to their business formation packages. These services can be segmented into three major categories—LLC formation, incorporation services, and registered agent services.

Below you’ll find in-depth details about the services, packages, and pricing. We’ll even dive into real reviews from LegalNature customers. All of this information will not only help you determine if LegalNature is right for you but also which service best accommodates your needs.

LegalNature LLC Services

Using LegalNature to form your LLC is simple. Just head over to their website and choose your state to get started.

From there, you’ll have to answer some questions about the business you’re forming. These questions are very straightforward and the entire form takes less than ten minutes to complete. Based on your answers, LegalNature will prepare and file your formation documents.

In addition to the LLC articles preparation and state filing, online tracking, order reviews, and electronic document delivery are all included in your plan.

The LLC formation service starts at just $40 plus state fees (state fee varies by location). While $40 covers the base service, most LegalNature customers end up adding some extras to their plan. Let’s take a closer look at the options you’ll be presented with as you’re completing the LLC formation order online.

All new LLCs will automatically be filed with standard processing times. The number of business days it takes to form your LLC will vary based on the state you’re filing in. If you’re in a rush, LegalNature gives you the option to expedite the filing process for an extra $175.

Every LLC needs to have a registered agent. You can name LegalNature as your registered agent for $125 per year. We’ll discuss this service in greater detail later on.

If you don’t have an EIN (tax ID) yet, you’ll need to get one. Instead of going directly to the IRS and filling out extra paperwork, just add one to your LLC order with LegalNature. The EIN filing service costs $70.

Depending on your business type and industry, you may need to obtain specific licenses and permits. LegalNature can conduct the research on your behalf and let you know exactly what licenses are required in your state. The business license search service costs an additional $129.

LegalNature will continue to hit you with upsells for things like business insurance, LLC kits, and business checking accounts, but most of you can ignore these options.

Physical copies of your LLC formation documents are not included with the base LLC package. To get these documents mailed to you, it’s $20 for standard shipping and $40 for faster shipping with FedEx.

After you complete all required form fields, just sit back and relax while LegalNature handles the rest.

LegalNature also has an extensive library of business formation documents for your LLC.

LegalNature is a fast and affordable way to file your LLC online.

LegalNature Incorporation Services

LegalNature is a popular choice for anyone who needs to form a C-corp, S-corp, or nonprofit corporation. Similar to the LLC services, the incorporation process is fast, affordable, and straightforward.

In addition to the basic information like your corporation’s name and address, you’ll also provide LegalNature with details like the number of shares your company will issue.

New corporations will also need to provide the names of directors.

The base incorporation package (for all entity types) costs $39 + state fees. This package includes a statement of incorporator, preparation and filing, online tracking, electronic document delivery, unlimited phone and email support, and a free accounting consultation.

You’ll need to pay extra for things like an EIN ($70), corporate bylaws ($50), a business license search ($129), hard copy document shipping ($20), and a registered agent ($125).

However, you can get corporate bylaws, an EIN, and one year of registered agent service included in the two higher-priced packages, Essentials and Pro.

The Essentials plan also includes a banking resolution and rush filing.

Pro gives you everything in Essentials, plus expedited filing, free shipping of a hard copy of your incorporation documents, and a free year of LegalNature’s Compliance Guard.

The only negative is that you’ll always have to pay $129 for a business license search, no matter which plan you choose.

Everything can be tracked and managed from a user-friendly dashboard, which you can access from anywhere.

LegalNature is perfect for anyone needing to set up multiple corporations, too. You can easily bounce back and forth between each one to see the status and access relevant documents. Staying organized with their website is a breeze.

Overall, they have everything you need to incorporate online.

LegalNature should definitely be considered for any business that needs to incorporate based on its low cost and simplicity.

LegalNature Registered Agent Services

Whether you’re forming an LLC or corporation, your business needs to have a registered agent. So, if you’re using LegalNature to form your business, it only makes sense to use their registered agent services as well.

As your registered agent, LegalNature helps you meet filing deadlines, avoid penalties, and comply with state requirements.

Here’s an explanation of how LegalNature’s registered agent services work:

  • They are always available during business hours to receive official correspondence on your behalf.
  • They handle document forwarding to your company.
  • Having a registered agent keeps your personal information (like your home address) private from public record.
  • You’ll receive physical and digital copies of all correspondence.
  • LegalNature provides unlimited cloud storage for documents.

The service essentially hits the mark for everything you would want or need in a registered agent. So, if your company is sued or gets sent official tax information from the government, LegalNature will receive everything on your behalf.

While you’ll always get physical copies of those documents, LegalNature also scans and uploads all correspondence to your account. So, you can immediately view time-sensitive documents from anywhere.

Signing up for the registered agent service is simple.

For those of you who are using LegalNature to form a new business, it’s as easy as checking off a box during the order process.

If you already have a business and want to name LegalNature as your new registered agent, you’ll just need to complete a short questionnaire online. They’ll complete the application on your behalf and submit it to your state for processing. You’ll receive a notification from LegalNature when the state confirms the application.

For new and existing businesses alike, the registered agent service costs $125 per year.

Anyone using LegalNature to form a business should consider adding the registered agent services regardless of the entity type. It’s something that you need to have.

Overall Pricing and Value

We’ve mentioned LegalNature’s pricing throughout this guide, but I want to take a moment to discuss the packages in greater detail.

The LLC formation service costs $40 + state fees.

With forming an LLC, your order total will likely rise due to other paid options you can add to the service. Here’s a closer look at some of the upsells and add-ons you’ll be presented with:

  • Expedited processing — $175
  • Registered agent services — $125
  • Tax ID (EIN) — $70
  • Business license and permit search — $129
  • Corporate kit — $105
  • Standard mail shipping — $20
  • FedEx shipping — $40

You’ll definitely need an EIN and registered agent, and getting them directly from LegalNature makes the most sense. Most of you can skip the other upsells on the list.

For S corporations, C corporations, and nonprofits, you’ll need to choose from one of three plans:

  • Starter — $39 + state fees
  • Essentials — $179 + state fees
  • Pro — $269 + state fees

Starter doesn’t have much more to it than preparation, filing, and an included statement of incorporator. You’d still have to spend extra in order to get an EIN, registered agent, or other key elements.

Essentials and Pro include those items, plus rush or expedited delivery (depending on which package you choose), corporate bylaws, and a banking resolution.

The final cost of your order is comparable to most formation services. I wouldn’t say it’s much higher or lower than the average.

User Experience

Using LegalNature to form your business is easy—anyone can do it.

The entire process takes just 5-10 minutes to complete. Start by choosing your entity type and state. Then just answer some simple questions about your business. LegalNature will take care of the rest.

What really makes LegalNature unique compared to other business formation companies is the user experience post-launch. After you fill out the initial forms, tracking your order and accessing crucial information from the LegalNature dashboard is a breeze.

If you’re using LegalNature as your registered agent, you’ll be able to track compliance and view correspondence from here as well. The dashboard is also ideal for staying organized if you’re forming and managing multiple businesses with LegalNature.

Additional features like business document templates are just a click away and easily accessible.

Customer Support

LegalNature’s support staff is friendly and informative. Whether you have a question about signing up or need help along the way, they are available via phone and email.

Phone support hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific. You can send them an email at any time, and they’ll get back to you ASAP during business hours.

LegalNature also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, however, it appears as though that promise only applies to legal documents. The terms don’t specifically have a refund policy for the business formation plans.

Final Verdict

Overall, we can confidently recommend LegalNature.

The platform is perfect for anyone seeking a fast and easy way to form a business. With formation plans starting at $39 to $40, it’s tough to find a better deal out there.

In terms of business formation, Legal Nature offers LLC services, incorporation services, and registered agent services. But beyond that, you can also use LegalNature for a wide range of business legal documents and templates.

Sign up for LegalNature today. You can complete a business formation order in less than ten minutes.

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