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By | October 11, 2022

Our recommendation for the best local SEO tool is Semrush Listing Management. For QuickSprout visitors, Semrush is offering a seven-day free trial period

When marketing your business and brand on the internet, it’s an advantage to be able to source customers from almost anywhere. However, even with the possibility of far-off customers, most businesses with real-world presences still need to rely on local customers to deliver the bulk of their sales.

To improve your chances of growing and enhancing your local customer base, you want to rely on the best local SEO tools. These tools improve your positioning in search results when people are using the internet to find trusted local businesses.

The Top 6 Best Local SEO Tools

Through our research, we found six local SEO tools that give you the best chance of improving your search results from local visitors. We like Semrush Listing Management as the best local SEO software tool. Semrush is offering a seven-day free trial period for visitors who originate from Quick Sprout.

  1. Semrush Listing Management – Best overall
  2. Synup – Best for extra marketing tools
  3. Moz Local – Best for automated syncing of your information
  4. Yext – Best for managing your local reputation
  5. BrightLocal – Best for a user-friendly interface
  6. Whitespark – Best for tracking local citations
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Emphasizing local SEO should give you different results from standard SEO. Through our research and experience with these local SEO tools, we can help you figure out how to reap the greatest benefit.

Match Your Scenario to the Right Local SEO Solution

As we researched the best local SEO software solutions, we focused on tools that could provide benefits in the following scenarios.

You need to optimize your website for local search

Best option: Semrush Listing Management

Semrush helps you by auditing your website on a weekly basis, finding errors that could harm your search results.

It also gives you the opportunity to filter the people who are finding you in search by ZIP Code origination. If you want to obtain customers in certain locations, you can use this information to make sure you are hitting your targets.

Screenshot from Semrush Listing Management webpage that shows how they help to make sure your online listing beats competition
Semrush offers tools to ensure your website is optimized for local search.

Another great choice: Synup

Synup gives you tools for managing your brand’s consistency on your website and across the internet. If information about your business is inconsistent on various websites, you will struggle with local search results. Old, out-of-date information about your business is sure to hurt your search results.

If optimizing your website for local search applies to you, pay attention to:

  • Designing your website for use by mobile visitors.
  • Ensuring your website has a Google map graphic, so customers can find you.
  • Giving each physical location you have its own page on your website.

You need to manage your local citations

Best option: Whitespark

Whitespark greatly simplifies the process of finding and managing your mentions on other websites. Certainly, the information on your website will help to shape your local search results. But the information on third-party sites affects your rankings as well.

Whitespark makes sure your business’s information is consistent on all third-party sites, which enhances your trustworthiness in the eyes of visitors.

Another great choice: BrightLocal

With its easy-to-use interface, BrightLocal can help you create more local citations on third-party sites. It finds and suggests online local business directories that you may want to try to join.

Additionally, BrightLocal focuses on finding errors and inconsistencies in those third-party citations, enhancing the trust web visitors have in your brand.

If needing to manage your local citations applies to you, pay attention to:

  • Ensuring consistency on all your local citations.
  • Regularly checking your citations to ensure they are up to date.
  • Making requests to add your business to certain local directories.

You need to ensure consistent content across the internet

Best option: Moz Local

With Moz Local, all you have to do is maintain your Google My Business profile, and the service will update your profiles across the internet to reflect the new information. As your business’ data changes, this is the fastest way to make sure all third-party sites are displaying the latest information.

Other local SEO tools also work to help you maintain consistency, but Moz Local’s approach is one of the easiest ways to ensure your data is always accurate.

Another great choice: Synup

Synup will measure your information across many different websites, social media networks, and online directories, providing updates as needed.

Synup’s process goes a little farther than some of the other local SEO solutions, as it focuses on the variety of ways that your customers may interact with you and your business’s information.

If ensuring consistent content across the internet applies to you, pay attention to:

  • Ensuring backlinks accurately portray your site and content.
  • Removing duplicate pages on your website that could have slight discrepancies that harm your search results.
  • Automating the process of measuring the accuracy of your business’ data on local business directories.

You need to manage your customer reviews

Best option: Yext

Yext helps you manage your brand’s reputation throughout the internet, including the ability to help you respond to customer reviews. Yext tracks and monitors customer reviews across many different review sites, so you can respond quickly and maintain trustworthiness.

Yext allows you to manage your coupons and sales offers to customers, which may be important when you are requesting past customers to leave you a review. You can offer them a coupon if they leave a review, for example.

Screenshot of Moz webpage for managing reviews
Yext helps you to Manage reviews across multiple websites with its review monitoring tools.

Another great choice: Semrush Listing Management

Semrush can help you keep an eye on your customer reviews. It can provide options for automated responses, as well as suggestions for manual responses.

Negative reviews can leave you with a damaged reputation, which can downgrade your search results. Semrush Listing Management helps you respond to these potentially harmful situations quickly.

If needing to manage your customer reviews applies to you, pay attention to:

  • Receiving notification of any negative reviews, so you can respond.
  • Adding positive customer reviews to your business’ website for display.
  • Requesting reviews from your customers after they make a purchase or use your service.

You need to improve your social media trustworthiness

Best option: Synup

Synup provides a host of marketing tools that can help you improve the trustworthiness of your brand, especially through social media. You need consistency in your business across the internet in all areas, including in social media.

Synup’s reporting feature includes information about your performance on social media, giving you the information you need to make adjustments.

Another great choice: Semrush Listing Management

With the strong data management tools found with Semrush Listing Management, you can ensure consistency for your information across all social networks. Because the Semrush local SEO tool is so versatile, it handles monitoring websites and social media sites equally well.

If improving your social media trustworthiness applies to you, pay attention to:

  • Finding tools for automatically responding to social media conversations.
  • Finding tools for sharing user-generated content on your social media sites.
  • Maintaining consistent branding and messaging across all social media networks.

Local SEO Tool Reviews

Our researchers understand the importance of using general SEO tools and local SEO tools in tandem. These tools perform different functions and generate different benefits for your business.

As we investigated the market for local SEO tools and settled on our list of the best models, we focused on how these tools work specifically for improving local SEO results.

Semrush Listing Management – Best Overall

Semrush, one of the best local SEO tools

Semrush is a keyword research tool that we highly trust, as it has a strong background in SEO and keywords. It builds on its strengths in those areas to deliver the best overall local SEO tool in Semrush Listing Management.

This tool carries a range of features that are useful to businesses seeking to improve their local search results. By not pigeonholing itself into a certain niche, Semrush Listing Management is able to serve many different kinds of businesses well.

It provides the ability to track specific keywords on a local level, ensuring you are reaching the audience you want.

What Makes Semrush Listing Management Great

Semrush Listing Management is able to track your keyword performance by ZIP Code, helping you monitor your search performance in specific localities.

Semrush local SEO dashboard
You can take a basic look at your local SEO performance for free with Semrush Listing Management.

You also can keep an eye on the performance of your local competitors through Semrush Listing Management. This information is vital for tweaking your strategy or marketing approach to counteract efforts from your competitors.

Semrush Listing Management charges $20 per month for its Basic plan and $40 per month for its Premium plan. Add-on features are available for an extra cost, such as a local listing management platform.

Synup – Best for Extra Marketing Tools

Synup, one of the best local SEO tools

Synup is a strong local SEO tool, helping you manage your profile by ensuring it is always up to date. But if you also would like help with marketing your business on the internet, Synup does a great job of meshing these two needs.

Its local SEO features are easy to manage. There isn’t a lot of complexity to these features, however, so this is not a great option for a business that needs to significantly tweak its local SEO efforts.

By keeping the SEO simple, Synup frees you up to focus on other areas of your online marketing. Synup provides significant help for you in monitoring your social media interactions and your customer reviews. This helps to generate more trustworthiness for your business’s online profile, which improves your local search results.

What Makes Synup Great

When you subscribe to Synup, it will constantly keep an eye on your information across hundreds of local search engines. Should it find inconsistencies that can harm you in local searches, it will fix them.

Synup local SEO tool new location wizard screen
If you would like to test Synup, you can register for a free trial period and a demo.

Synup also generates helpful reports, displaying the information it collects regarding web traffic and search rankings. It’s easier to figure out areas where you need to improve after viewing these reports.

To learn more about Synup’s pricing, you need to contact Synup directly.

Moz Local – Best for Automated Synching of Your Information

Moz, one of the best local SEO tools

Moz is a highly trusted company in the world of search, which gives Moz Local plenty of trust as well. Moz Local focuses on making sure all your information is consistent across the internet, which allows local customers to trust you.

When you have an accurate Google My Business profile set up and ready to use, Moz Local will sync all other profiles from it. This ensures the most accurate information.

Additionally, when you make changes to your Google My Business profile, Moz Local automatically copies those changes to other profiles. Consequently, Moz Local keeps your local search results up to date and consistent, giving customers confidence in you.

What Makes Moz Local Great

In addition to ensuring your business’s information is consistent and accurate, Moz Local helps you monitor your online reviews. It displays all reviews in one place, allowing you to monitor the results and respond as needed.

Moz local SEO tool dashboard example
Moz Local gives you the chance to see your location data and local listing score for free.

Moz Local provides reports that help you pinpoint where your local customers are coming from while showing areas where you could improve.

Moz Local offers three different pricing plans, ranging from $14 per month to $33 per month.

Yext – Best for Managing Your Local Reputation

Yext, one of the best local SEO tools

We like Yext as one of the best reputation management software options for managing your local reputation. It delivers these benefits through a series of steps.

First, Yext will help you create consistency in the information found on the internet about your business. This leads to a greater level of success in all kinds of search results, including in local searches and in location-based searches.

All these steps work to enhance the reputation of your brand. Customers are more likely to trust you when you have good positioning on searches and when your information is up to date and accurate.

What Makes Yext Great

Yext delivers analytics that give you a clear idea about how you are performing in certain locations with search. You can use this information to make sure you are reaching your desired customers.

Yext local SEO tool welcome and dashboard screen
Yext allows you to run a business scan for free to determine the performance of your location listings.

When your business relies on providing special offers and coupons to potential customers, Yext can help you manage these offers. It will ensure they remain consistent and accurate as well.

Yext has multiple pricing plans, based on the number of locations you require. For a single location, prices range from $4 per week to $19 per week.

BrightLocal – Best for a User-Friendly Interface

BrightLocal, one of the best local SEO tools

BrightLocal is a highly popular local SEO tool, in large part because it delivers an interface that is easy to understand. You won’t spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to use the tool, giving you more time to focus on making changes to help your local search rankings.

One of BrightLocal’s best features is its ability to generate reports about your local SEO performance in an easily readable format. You quickly can pick out areas where you’re succeeding and areas where you need improvement.

BrightLocal also makes the process of finding discrepancies or errors in your local citations extremely easy.

What Makes BrightLocal Great

Even though BrightLocal has an easy-to-use interface, it doesn’t skimp on the quality of the features it provides. It simplifies the process of auditing your current local SEO performance, while also giving you tools to manage your overall rankings in search.

BrightLocal local SEO tool dashboard
BrightLocal offers a 14-day free trial, allowing you to test the software’s usability and features.

BrightLocal makes it easier to see exactly how your search terms are performing in specific locations near your business. You can measure search results within a few miles of your business, within several miles, within the city, and in other regions.

Customers can select among three different pricing tiers, ranging from $29 per month to $79 per month.

Whitespark – Best for Tracking Local Citations

Whitespark, one of the best local SEO tools

Your company can follow a number of strategies when working toward improving your local SEO results. Whitespark focuses on helping you discover and manage your local citations, which are any mentions of your business or its information on third-party websites.

Whitespark finds and then helps you manage these local citations, ensuring your data is consistent and accurate from site to site. Improving the consistency of the information should yield better local search engine results over time.

Should your business not have a listing in certain local directories or websites, Whitespark can help you submit your information to these sites.

What Makes Whitespark Great

When you need to keep a close eye on the performance of your competitors, Whitespark delivers help in this area. It compares your profile to your competitors, and it uses your competitors’ presence on local directories to find new opportunities for you.

Whitespark local SEO tool campaign data dashboard
Whitespark offers a few free tools that can help you measure your local SEO performance.

Whitespark offers a keyword measurement feature that determines the performance of your site versus your competitors as well.

Whitespark’s local citation finder service has a free version. For pay versions, the costs range from $39 per month to $149 per month.

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The Top Local SEO Tools in Summary

Although it is easy to focus on general search engine optimization for your website, don’t ignore local SEO results. Local SEO tools give your business a fighting chance to appear near the top of search results based on your specific location.

The best local SEO tools, led by Semrush Listing Management, provide specific features aimed at helping your local search results. Our researchers understand this area of the market well, and we know that you’ll appreciate the benefits you receive from these tools.

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