Mailchimp Alternatives and Competitors

By | September 9, 2022

The best Mailchimp alternative is Constant Contact because it offers the best value for most users. You can access Constant Contact’s Plus plan, worth $40, for 30 days free. 

Mailchimp is a well-known email marketing platform. It offers plenty of useful features that help small businesses grow faster. However, like any other platform, Mailchimp also has some drawbacks, which is why it didn’t make it onto our top list of email marketing services.

There are plenty of other options you can look into and choose the best-suited platform for your needs.

The Quicksprout research team carefully analyzed several email marketing platforms based on a detailed set of criteria. Here are the top 10 email marketing platforms that we recommend.

The 10 Best Platforms for Email Marketing Services

The best Mailchimp alternative is Constant Contact, as it is ideal for most users and offers overall best services. It is an easy-to-use platform ideal for beginners. You can access Constant Contact’s Plus plan, worth $40, for 30 days free

  • Constant Contact — Best overall
  • Sendinblue — Best for growing your customer base
  • MailerLite  — Best for the essentials at an affordable price
  • Omnisend —Best email and SMS marketing combo
  • Moosend — Best for ecommerce
  • AWeber — Best value for low subscriber count
  • GetResponse — Best for automated lead generation
  • HubSpot — Best for automated email marketing
  • Drip  — Best for new ecommerce businesses
  • ConvertKit — Best for influencers, bloggers, and creators
Product logos for our best Mailchimp alternatives and competitors

Constant Contact — Best Overall

Constant Contact logo

Constant Contact is the most recommended email marketing platform for most users. Experienced email marketers applaud it for its time-saving features, and new email marketers love how easy to use it is.

It offers a drag-and-drop email builder that enables you to create brand-specific emails without any coding knowledge. It equips you with various tools to add videos, polls, texts, and images to any email. Furthermore, it provides hundreds of in-built mobile optimized templates that non-techy people can easily utilize.    

Automation is another major benefit of Constant Contact. Through automation, you can easily set up welcome messages for new subscribers. Moreover, you’ll get detailed data reports about each subscriber’s preferences.

How Constant Contact Compares to Mailchimp

Both platforms offer excellent reporting and analytical tools. But maintaining an organized mailing list in Constant Contact is far easier than in Mailchimp. Mailchimp also offers customer support to premium plan subscribers only, while Constant Contact offers better and more efficient customer services to all subscribers.

Mailchimp does provide a wider variety of affordable pricing plans. On the other hand, Constant Contact provides more value and higher ROI on the money invested in its pricing plans. You can choose a suitable pricing plan through its website.

Screenshot of Constant Contact email marketing webpage
Constant Contact is a powerful email marketing tool with easy-to-use features for everyone. 

Sendinblue — Best for Growing Your Customer Base

Sendinblue logo

Sendinblue allows you to upload your content and provides you with excellent tools to successfully launch your email marketing campaign. A live chat feature is also provided to help you gain the email addresses of new people visiting your website and turn them into potential customers.

Sendinblue has plenty of unique templates that can be customized based on the needs of your business. Several simple and complex tools are available to help you build smooth workflows and grow your contact list.

It offers smooth integration of Facebook ads, retargeted ads, sign-up forms, and landing pages.

Eye-catching forms and landing pages help turn website traffic into potential customers. Embedding a form in Sendinblue is exceptionally easy because of its intuitive interface. 

How Sendinblue Compares to Mailchimp

Sendinblue and Mailchimp offer automation and workflow editing tools. However, Sendinblue allows you to customize your workflow only if you are a standard plan subscriber, and Mailchimp allows all its users to customize their workflows. Sendinblue allows you to send automatic SMS, though, while Mailchimp lacks this feature. 

Sendinblue offers unlimited contact storage options and affordable pricing plans, including free, lite, and premium plans, each costing $0, $25, and $65 a month, respectively. 

Screenshot of Sendinblue webpage to take a free test drive using their platform
Increase your customer base and grow your business by subscribing to Sendinblue.

MailerLite — Best for the Essentials at an Affordable Price

MailerLite logo

MailerLite offers all the baseline tools required for email marketing. You can easily test it because it’s free for up to 1000 subscribers. It’s a straightforward email marketing platform that allows you to start and maintain a marketing campaign without a hassle.

MailerLite is considered an ideal email marketing platform for small teams of professionals with no in-house IT department. Anyone with little to no knowledge of code can easily navigate and utilize the tools offered by this platform. 

The core features of MailerLite include automation tools, surveys, pop-ups, and landing pages. It also has a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to craft an impactful email. Features like A/B testing further enable you to personalize and optimize your marketing campaigns for different consumer segments.

How MailerLite Compares to Mailchimp

MailerLite is the easiest-to-use email marketing platform. It offers far more diverse and beautiful templates than Mailchimp. MailerLite’s analytics reporting dashboard is simpler than Mailchimp’s, however, which provides more elaborate reports.  

The prices of subscription plans offered by MailerLite depend on the number of subscribers that you have. For businesses with up to 1000 subscribers, it offers its services for free. However, it charges higher prices as your number of subscribers increases.

Screenshot of MailerLite webpage explaining how they keep it lite with awards for Most Implementable, Easiest Admin, Best Usability, Easiest to do Business With, and Best Email Deliverability
MailerLite is an easy-to-use email marketing platform. 

Omnisend — Best Email and SMS Marketing Combo

Omnisend logo

Omnisend is a customizable email marketing solution for ecommerce websites. Its features, like SMS, messaging, and automated emails help convert leads into customers. It enables you to connect to the maximum number of customers by offering various other features like Google Customer Match, web browser push notification, Facebook ad retargeting, and more.

Moreover, it allows you to create segmented campaigns to target specific customers in need of your services or products.

Another excellent feature offered by Omnisend is the automation of emails for expected actions that your customer might take. For example, welcome emails, cart abandonment emails, and other similar action emails.

How Omnisend Compares to Mailchimp

Omnisend offers more visually detailed templates than Mailchimp. Moreover, Mailchimp reserves most of its templates for paid plan users, while Omnisend offers its templates to all users. Omnisend also allows you to design interesting and gamified forms that catch the attention of your website visitors, while Mailchimp does not.

However, when it comes to third-party integrations, Mailchimp offers more options than Omnisend.

The pricing plan for Omnisend, unlike Mailchimp’s, depends on the number of people you send emails to. Therefore, each pricing plan can cost a different amount of money. It offers three basic plans, namely:

  • Free
  • Standard
  • Pro

Or you can start with the free plan and upgrade your plan as your business grows.

Screenshot of Omnisend webpage about their award-winning customer support, with a Stevie Award for fantastic customer support and more than 4,000 five-star reviews on Shopify
If you get stuck, Omnisend customer support is available 24/7 to help you out.

Moosend — Best for Ecommerce

Moosend logo

Moosend is another excellent email marketing platform for online business owners — new or veteran. It has all the features required to run a successful marketing campaign, like a drag-and-drop builder, a segmentation tool, and real-time data analytics reports.

Moosend employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze customers’ shopping habits. Using the accumulated data, it displays targeted ads or sends targeted emails to customers about similar other products.

How Moosend Compares to Mailchimp

Moosend provides customized reports, whereas Mailchimp doesn’t provide this feature. Moosend also provides real-time customer support and enables you to create a campaign within 5 minutes. On the other hand, Mailchimp offers limited customer support.

Another advantage of Moosend over Mailchimp is that it allows you to add two similar email addresses to two separate mailing lists, whereas Mailchimp charges you for adding a similar email address to two different mailing lists.

In terms of pricing, Moosend charges far less than Mailchimp. It offers three pricing plans, with the pro plan starting at only $9 a month.

Screenshot of Moosend Marketing Automation webpage with a diagram of how their marketing automations work
Moosend enables you to use its top features to automate and scale your business. 

AWeber — Best Value for Low Subscriber Count

AWeber logo

AWeber is a reliable and affordable email marketing service. It is a traditional platform ideal for small businesses with 500 or fewer subscribers. However, the pricing plans offered by AWeber are among the best and most reasonable plans offered by any email marketing service.  

No matter which plans you choose or how many subscribers you have, AWeber allows you to avail most of its features.

The selling point of AWeber is its email deliverability rates. It ensures that your content is optimized and reaches the maximum number of subscribers. Other features it offers include beautiful in-built templates, analytical reports, A/B testing, automation, third-party integrations, and many other useful features.

How AWeber Compares to Mailchimp

AWeber provides seamless integration with several platforms like Shopify, Etsy, PayPal, and more. You can access the template database provided by AWeber, or you can create your own HTML templates. AWeber allows Canva integration, which further makes it easier to design beautiful templates. Mailchimp’s integrations are much more limited and less seamless.

AWeber also offers you to start for free, similar to Mailchimp. However, it charges you according to the number of subscribers when you reach a specific number, ranging from $16 a month to $146 a month. 

Screenshot of AWeber web page explaining how AWeber helps you to set yourself up for success
AWeber offers plenty of professionally designed templates.

GetResponse — Best for Automated Lead Generation

GetResponse logo

GetResponse is a specialized email marketing service. Its features like autoresponders, advanced analytics, webinar software, and landing page builders help you gain more organic traffic, which you can turn into potential customers.

Autofunnel is a unique, automated, and easy-to-use tool offered by GetResponse. It allows you to create funnels. These funnels can include exit pop-ups, Facebook ads, ecommerce integration, and more. You can use these funnels to grow your list of contacts and monetize them.

How GetResponse Compares to Mailchimp

GetResponse allows you to create an unlimited number of mailing lists, whereas Mailchimp limits that based on your subscription plan. Both platforms offer plenty of features like automation, analytics reports, and more.

However, GetResponse has several features that are not found in Mailchimp, including webinars, conversion funnels, push notifications, and chat functionality.

GetResponse has separate pricing plans for individuals and companies. Mailchimp and GetResponse have a very similar price range.

Screenshot of GetResponse webpage explaining how their customer success team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
GetResponse provides exceptional marketing services that can help you succeed. 

HubSpot — Best for Automated Email Marketing

HubSpot logo

HubSpot helps you create, optimize, and personalize your emails even without any knowledge of design or code. It offers fantastic automation features ideal for all types and sizes of businesses.

Its automated workflows are one-of-a-kind that allows you to set alerts for your email subscribers and gain more organic customers. Its A/B testing tool is also top-notch and allows you to compare the performance of two different emails.

How HubSpot Compares to Mailchimp

HubSpot combines excellent marketing tools with the power of a content management system, to give you an insight into how your marketing efforts are influencing your customers. However, Mailchimp is an email marketing tool that helps you reach more audiences.

HubSpot offers some free tools. However, the subscription plans of HubSpot are pricier than Mailchimp, with the starter plan starting at $45 a month.  

Screenshot of Free HubSpot CRM webpage
HubSpot is a two-in-one platform that offers both email marketing and CRM services.

Not sure if HubSpot is the right platform for you? Read our full review of HubSpot to make an informed decision.

Drip — Best for New Ecommerce Businesses

Drip logo

Drip is ideal for new ecommerce business owners. Its goal is to provide small businesses with similar and powerful automation and segmentation tools available to large businesses.

It allows you to track customer intent and understand customer purchase behavior. Moreover, it allows you to segment new and returning visitors from your website traffic. It enables you to target the right people with lucrative offers to turn them into customers. 

How Drip Compares to Mailchimp

Mailchimp offers segmentation, but only for its premium plan users. Drip enables you to easily segment your customers based on different factors, and offers this feature to all users. Moreover, Drip is better for advanced marketing automation.

The pricing plan of Drip also depends on the number of subscribers. However, its subscription plans are pricier than Mailchimp, with the starter plan starting at $39 a month. 

Screenshot of Drip webpage explaining how they'll be your ecomm-growth copilot with button to try Drip for free
Drip is the best email marketing platform for new ecommerce businesses.

ConvertKit — Best for Influencers, Bloggers, and Creators

ConvertKit logo

ConvertKit is the perfect email marketing platform for creators of all niches, like artists, musicians, bloggers, and more. The various features offered by ConvertKit focus on increasing engagement on your landing page, membership sites, or ecommerce platform.

It also allows you to build affordable email funnels to turn casual visitors to your blogs, videos, pages, and more into customers.

How ConvertKit Compares to Mailchimp

ConvertKit is an equally popular email marketing platform to Mailchimp. Both platforms provide the option to automate emails, design marketing campaigns, and other features. Moreover, both these platforms have a similar success rate. The subscription plans offered by ConvertKit are quite affordable and start at only $9 a month for creators. 

Screenshot of ConvertKit webpage that explains how ConvertKit is the go-to marketing hub for creators to grow and monetize your audience with ease
ConvertKit is the email marketing hub for creative professionals.

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