Let’s Make $100 Per Day With CPA – $3,000 Per Month – Beginners Guide

By | October 5, 2023

Let’s Make $100 Per Day With CPA – $3,000 Per Month – Beginners Guide

Today, I’m going to teach you my CPA niche website method. I follow this method to rank my CPA websites. I’ll tell you my EXACT METHOD and how i made $3,000+ USD (Check Below Screenshots) in 30 days from one CPA website with SEO and Once you start following the exact same method, it won’t be difficult for you to earn a similar amount within a month.

As it is clear from the attached screenshots, my daily income ranges from $40 to $195 per day and I still make $100 to $500 passive income from all of my CPA websites and If you use this same method, there is no reason why you can’t earn the same amount per month.

  • CPA Niche – Game
  • Name – Fortnite
  • Main Keyword – Fortnite V Bucks Hack

You will need CPA networks to make money with this methods. I highly recommend you to Join CPABuild because they always pay on time and have best EPC (Earning Per Click) than any other popular (CPAGrip, Maxbounty, Peerfly & Adwork Media) networks.

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So Let’s Get Started…

If you have basic understanding of how to rank a website, the knowledge will prove to be helpful. Since the process of making a CPA website rank is not much different than any other niche website, following my process isn’t as challenging.

But even if you don’t have any knowledge in the area of SEO or how to improve the ranking of a website, Don’t worry. I am going to explain each aspect in detail in this post.

Here you go….

Table of Contents

Selecting a Keyword + Performing a Competition analysis for your desired keywords

The First step in the process of ranking is selecting the profitable keyword. There are different ways of choosing a keyword. Many software and services are available to make the process easy and efficient. Let us take a look at some steps to performing keyword research for a CPA website.

1. First, you have to decide the niche for which you want your site to rank. In this case, we are going to work with gaming niche as it is popular and highly convertible for CPA.

2. Find a popular game and select its keywords to rank. A simple search on Google is the first step of the keyword research. You can also use LongTailPro for keyword research because LongTailPro helps you to easily find low competitive keywords with high searches and that can get you tons of high quality online traffic of any niche.

How To Do Keyword Research For CPA Website?

I normally Search “Most Popular Games Of The Year” and then Go to Google And type :-

Name of the Game + Hack
Name of the Game + Cheats

Now, You should take a look at the Top 3 Websites ranking in Google.

Analysis & Basic Structure of These Websites

The Moz site analysis tool and some other similar software can be used to perform an in-depth website analysis. Now, let us take a look at the factors that will help you in outranking those three websites.

  1. The amount of Homepage content written on the website
  2. Backlinks pointing to the website
  3. Website’s Age

There is sufficient information that can help you in deciding whether a keyword is good for ranking or not.

Now take a look at the On-Page factors –

1. Website Content- With time, Google has started to promote content with a greater length. In case of gaming niche, check the homepage content word counts on the first website and just double that for your website. We’ll discuss this factor in detail later.

2. Website’s Backlinks – Backlinks are one of the most promising indicators that determine whether any website is an authority site, parasite page or a new niche website. However, as you gain more experience, you can easily tell just by looking at the website whether it is a big authority site or a niche website.

3. Website Age- Even though there are many ways to make a new website rank, but if an old website has a nice reputation, it is definitely an added advantage.

We are going to discuss PBNs, aged domain, parasite pages for ranking, etc. further in detail below.

Content Creation for Your CPA Website

Content creation is probably the main thing that many people struggle with. But before getting into that, we will discuss ideal website’s structure.

SILO structure – The SILO structure of a site determines the number of posts and pages on a website and their connectivity to each other.

Now Back To Content Creation – As long as you write quality content, there is nothing to worry about. Although you have to be prepared to generate huge chunks of content, almost double than your competitor.

Once you have fulfilled all the structural and content requirements, it is time to optimize the On-Page SEO of the website. Take care of this factor while preparing the content and you are good to go.

Now, once you are done, send your website to search engines for indexing. There are various pingers and paid indexers available to ping major search engines.

Submission of the sitemap and adding your site to the Google search console will escalate the indexing process and then Google will index your website within a day or two.

Wait patiently for a few days and once the site is fully indexed, begin with Off Page SEO steps.

SMO, Backlinks and Off-Page SEO

You can carry out this step either on your own but if you are not an expert, you should hire experienced sellers to get these tasks accomplished for you.

Links from social signals such as Facebook are a good start for off-page SEO. You can purchase them from here at a cheap price – Get 1200 Mixed Social Signals From 6 Social Media 

Keep in mind that you cannot rush with off-page SEO or it won’t look legit for Google.

Coming to the backlinks – Purchase some quality backlinks. Just like the previous step, go slow with backlinks to maintain the legitimacy of the website.

Step 1 – Get All in One Seo Strategy Package (One Time Only)
Step 2 – Blog commenting from These 2 Top Sellers Of SEOClerks.
Seller 1 – Get HQ 132 SEO Blog Comments Backlinks. (One Time Only)
Seller 2 – Get High Quality Do-Follow 100 Blog Comments Backlinks (One Time Only)
Step 3 – Get 160 DoFollow Forum Profile Backlinks To Boost Ranking (One Time Only)
Step 4 – Get 50 Niche Relevant Blog comments Backlinks (One Time Only)

It might take some time for your site to rank. Be patient in this duration. However, if you are correctly following all the steps, it is highly likely that you are going to see positive results within 30 days.

PBN Backlinks – You have to be really careful while doing PBN as it does not always go well with Google. 90/10 is the ratio I recommend for the same.

Either make them yourself or outsource the task with a good seller.

Step 5 – Manual HIGH DA & PA 30+ To 10 Dofollow PBN Backlinks

I purchase this about 2-5 times with a gap of at least 10 days. (It Depends On Competition)

Note – Google De-indexing, DMCA claims, Takedown Emails and other stuff like that can happen in the CPA Gaming and Social Media niche. If this happens to you then drop a comment below, I’ll help you to revoke your Google Manual Penalty within 10 Days Guaranteed.

How To Index Your Website’s Backlinks?

You can use a Premium indexer for indexing your backlinks Or A Tier 2 GSA Backlink Blast is also an effective solution.

Bonus Tips And Tricks for Outranking Other Websites

I am going to tell you a bonus tip that is really effective despite being simple. It is somewhat related to My Instant Ranking YouTube Method.

Let us take a look at the steps.

Once you complete all the steps mentioned above, then record your screen working on your CPA website and make a video about it. It should be similar to a step by step tutorial video. It will increase your CPA Leads conversion rates.

Step 1 – You should either create or purchase a Old YouTube Account ( Older Than 2013) to upload this video.

Step 2 – Upload that video of your website and in the comments section, provide a link to your CPA Website. You must Pin that comment once you are done. Don’t put the link in the description. You should put it only in the comments section and only after you are done, We do this step to reduce the chances of your video taken down from Youtube.

Step 3 – Finally, buy some likes, comments, and views to your videos. Refer the below-mentioned links for the same.

When you do this, your chances of making money the first-day increase. This method has always worked out well for me. A good popular keyword is a basic requirement here.

What’s The Secret Behind My Method?

The main secret of my method is “Link Diversity” and GoogleBot Loves that. This method helps your website to look natural in front of GoogleBot Eyes. If you hire these sellers or create these backlinks by yourself then you’ll have high quality diversified links for your website. For Example – You’ll have High Quality PBN links, Wiki Links, Profile Links, Do-Follow Blog Comments Links, Social Bookmarking Links, Niche Related Comments links for Relevancy and Social Signals too. After that we do “GSA Blast” to increase the power of the above links (Tier 1 Links) and for indexing.

I created this method in early 2014 and after that I successfully used this method for ClickBank, Commission Junction, Hosting Affiliates, Amazon Affiliate Website And Adsense Websites too and till now it’s still working. Now, I am teaching this method to my students to make money online.

Summarizing My Thoughts On CPA Website Ranking

WhiteHat CPA niches stay alive for a longer duration than hacking and cheating ones. After following the above steps If the ranking of your CPA website is in Top 3 in Google, you can easily make $100-$500 per day.

You should also take a look at FreeXboxLiveCodes.club Because It’s an ideal (For Theme And Content Quality) CPA website.

I hope this post turned out to be useful for you. Now all you have to do is get down to it and start making Big bucks with CPA websites. If I can earn $100+ per day with a single website, there is no reason why you cannot accomplish the same by following the above steps.

I regularly upload my latest CPA earnings videos on my Youtube Channel and I hope this will Motivate you to earn $100+ Per day with passive income.

If there’s anything you think I’ve missed – talk to me in the comments below!

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